CA State Resolution - Monday, April 27, 2009


I am still concerned regarding our conversation today about the resolution passed at the CA State Convention on Saturday, the 25th of April. I relayed that I had been contacted by members of CA State and told that there were going to be mailings to my members and I was very concerned based on the past history of postcards from State to my members and extremely offensive anonymous letters full of outright lies to the same addresses. You said that there were going to be no mailings, and that Marilyn had contacted you, but only to put an article/notice about the resolution in the Postal Supervisor and that you had agreed. I was happy for the fact that there was no request for addresses and would be no mailings. You also made clear that you had no part in this resolution-contrary to what I had been told.

When you first told me about the resolution passing on Saturday, I was open to it, was aware of the many resolutions on the same topic in the Convention book and told you that I would objectively present it to my members. I told you I would have to present it in 3 meetings and notices and that we would as a branch decide-and we discussed that it would necessitate a large dues increase as well, since ours are currently so low. My plan and reasonable expectation was that this would be done in a straightforward, inclusive and professional manner-as I always do- without outside interference from NAPS HQ, CA State or others in the nation that are not privy to all of the facts.

Before anyone contacted NAPS HQ regarding this resolution, or messaging in the Postal Supervisor regarding it, I would reasonably expect the affected branch officers (Presidents) to be personally contacted-and they have not been. This demonstrates a lack of courtesy, respect and possibly other motivations. I also take issue with posting any article or notice about this resolution in the Postal Supervisor since this is something that is not normally done, it would start a precedent and I don't see any positive purpose or outcome other than divisiveness and the possible need for a rebuttal. The Postal Supervisor is not a tabloid or a place to air only parts of issues under the official guise of NAPS.

I am confident that the majority of the group passed the resolution in good faith with no agendas. As you witnessed-they were all very open and friendly with me over the time I was working the NARFE booth at the CA Convention-as they have been over the last 17 years. I have a very high regard for these individuals. I want to insure that the good will and good feelings continue and never again deteriorate into what is partially annotated in the e mail below.

This resolution was supposed to be about "unity" but it feels right now more like dis-unity, disrespect and undermining.

As I relayed to you-it is my job to anticipate and react before small concerns become large issues. I want to make sure that you are clear that I do not want any mailing lists of our branch members being provided to anyone, nor any mailings from any list to my members, that there is no notice in the Postal Supervisor about this resolution unless we are going to print all State Convention resolutions, and that NAPS HQ is not involved in what you used to refer to as a "local issue."

I am hopeful that mutual respect, open communication and inclusiveness leads the way to a fresh start and true unity.





To review our conversation this morning regarding the concerns of my delegates and I, that our upcoming NAPS National Convention reflect the dignity, respect and professionalism that will make us proud of our 100 years as an organization and not be a repeat of the Las Vegas Convention two years ago.

I realize that you were not in attendance, but for the record, to review a sampling of the events we experienced at times during the Convention while seated in the Pacific Area section:

- Chairs in only our seating area being taken and unused chairs purposely being withheld from us

- Ongoing theft of convention books, name badges, pins, and other personal items from our seating area only

- Theft of Convention issued back packs-one that included my wallet with several hundred dollars and credit cards-which after I threatened police intervention, was anonymously turned in to the Riviera Hotel by phone and left in a remote area-perfectly intact.

- Small objects such as spit balls, candy, used gum etc. being thrown at the microphone while I was speaking

- Open hostility and veiled threats by some officers which emboldened some to act out and made us feel threatened outside of the convention.

- A meeting at which racial slurs and negative innuendo was directed at me, my branch and some others in attendance-after we were specifically invited to attend.

I bring up this unspeakable and outrageous behavior that stunned us 2 years ago, so that as an organization we make sure it is not repeated. A few people with negative agendas should not be allowed to behave in this manner-it certainly provides no incentive for the unity we should all desire and be working towards.

My reasonable expectation is that this year every delegate will feel welcome to sit with their Area and be allowed express their thoughts/opinions in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism that is at the foundation of our organization.

We are looking forward to a very positive, enriching and productive Convention.