Ethics Committee


I would like to officially bring to your attention the ongoing misconduct of Pacific Area VP, Hayes Cherry and request that it be brought to the Ethics Committee.

This morning as soon as I entered the building a branch member approached me and said, "What is going on? I had thought that you were doing a great job and am surprised that you are in so much trouble...." I asked what they were talking about ...."Do you know someone called Cherry Hayes or something like that?" "He says that you need to be taken out as president because you don't do anything for the members and we should be asking what our dues are going for if we don't get any work out of you." When I said you mean Hayes Cherry-yes I know him, she continued...."He says that no one in NAPS HQ likes you and no one in your branch likes you and that you don't know anything and are no good at all-we are wasting our money if we belong to your branch or keep you in office." He apparently said many other slanderous and plain nasty statements about me as well and I am going to verify what was exactly said.

Officers need to be held to their oath of office and that means that they do not go around trying to purposely demean and slander fellow officers and bring down our NAPS organization as they try to incite others and undermine existing NAPS leadership for their personal agendas. This action obviously causes a hostile environment for me and negatively affects my reputation which I have closely guarded and reflects the highest standards, as well as my ability to lead. If this was brought to my attention then I wonder how many other individuals in NAPS Hayes has approached with this "message?"

I would expect high level NAPS officers, such as Area VP's need to be held to an even higher standard than others and in no case would/should this conduct be condoned by any officer at any level.

As it is late, and I am going to be seeing you tomorrow at the meeting/training event I will further apprise you at that time.

We have often discussed my concerns regarding the demeanor and behaviors of Hayes Cherry, especially in light of the past few years of slanderous anonymous mailings to my members, Convention hostility and theft of personal property, etc.... The more recent April, 2010 incidents at the California State Convention need also to be addressed- my purse was stolen-as now routinely happens at CA events, I was not allowed the dignity of being allowed to be in the meeting room with the other candidates and was subjected to pre-organized hostility, negative innuendo, false and purposely inciting statements by Hayes Cherry-a National Officer acting out at a State Convention-while I was on stage as a candidate for National Secretary/Treasurer as he purposely tried to humiliate me and also make me late for my plane (or give the appearance of running away.)

I must insist that this not be ignored or "promised" that it will not happen again as has occurred in the past. Our organization has much to focus on for the good of members that are relying on us and this type of behavior needs to be openly discussed and properly dealt with for the good of all.