Reporting Relationships

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Selecting Officials-

This is in reference to the Northeast Area Policy on reporting relationships.

For selections effective May 17, 2014 and later, all Selecting Officials for EAS selections, will be required to complete the attached Reporting Relationship form notification and submit to Peggy Brennan, Human Resources Generalist Principal, for the vacancy file.

These procedures will need to be followed for all EAS Selections-including laterals and downgrades.

Once you have made a tentative selection and have the next higher level/ District Manager approval- you must then have the candidate sign  the attached Reporting Relationship form and submit to Peggy immediately. If no reporting relationship is disclosed the selection process continues.

If the potentially selected candidate does disclose a reporting relationship this must be sent to Maryrose Behan, Manager Human Resources for review. If it is determined the relationship does not violate the Area Policy, Human Resources will send the attached acknowledgement form and the selected candidate will be required to sign and return to Peggy Brennan  to be part of the vacancy file.

If the reporting relationship is problematic HR will work with Selecting Official on how to proceed.

Candidates should not be advised of their official selection until all the requirements of this Policy are met.


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