Resolution Locality Pay

Resolution #

Whereas, Locality Pay has been studied at length by the Office of the Inspector General who submitted a report in February, 2014 stating that it should be utilized by the US Postal Service as a method of attracting and retaining quality employees,

Whereas, Locality Pay is currently being utilized by the Postal Service in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and some employee segments as an effective means of attracting and retaining employees to work in high cost areas,

Whereas, all other Federal Government employees currently enjoy both Locality Pay and COLA, no matter where they work,

Whereas, Branch 100, several years ago hired professionals to study Locality Pay and submit a report which showed that employees would all gain income and none would lose,

Whereas, EAS employees each year have been losing purchasing power and effectively having their wages lowered due to not having either COLA or Locality Pay,

Let it be resolved that NAPS HQ work with USPS HQ and/or the OIG to create a Locality Pay strategic plan for EAS employees and seek legislative action for implementation.

Submitted by Branch 244