PMRC/Mapping Question-Scanning






When I was look into the destinating PMRC failures for last week I noticed failures for “Missent Wrong DDU” that actually belong to another root cause. According to the example below the piece arrived at the correct station on time. In the facility Data Base the correct zip codes are designated to the Pasadena MO, so why would this failure show up as a missent instead of the carrier not scanning the piece accepted?



We are aware of this issue.  It is a flaw in the way the report sometimes selects or identifies the delivery unit.  This can happen when there are multiple offices within the same ZIPCode as is the case here.

This is something we will have to try and correct or improve on in future enhancements.




People's NPA depends on scores like this to be accurate.  Hopefully this kind of error won't affect pay for performance. If it does, fixing it before the end of the FY would make a lot of people happy.



From your request about mapping issues this week.

This is another item in mapping that affects NPA.

Please bring this up to the NAPS Executive Board for the consultative process.




Louis, Jay and Brian,

Could you please place this issue on the next Consultative Agenda?

This issue is currently negatively affecting the NPA/PFP of EAS in many districts ( Sierra Coastal/Santa Ana) that have the zip code anomaly regarding scanning mapping. I have taken a lot of time to research this issue to make sure that you have all of the facts in a manner that can just be presented.  I have a second email that is also related that I will send as well.

If HQ is aware of the issue, as the email below suggests, then adjustments should be made before the end of FY 14 so that EAS in affected districts do not have their NPA/PFP compromised.