OE and AE

Looking into the Missed OE and AE for 910 and 911 there was 7574 pieces missed for last week.  1167 had an acceptance scan, but no originating.  That’s 15% of the total missed originating.  The other pieces missed both AE and OE.

I started looking at the individual pieces and saw pieces that originate here but the first enroute is in City Of Industry .  I will need to do further research to get the sender name and address so marketing and the PMs can contact them and arrange for pickup or other solutions for us to get the pieces dropped and processed here.








This is a concrete example of what the Sierra Coastal District Manager and Senior Plant Manager were describing about not getting Originating Enroute (OE) scan credit because the ZIP territory is not correctly “mapped” for acceptance and processing.

See the email string content below.

In other parts of the USA there may not be such a large issue of mapping due to rural areas or other “buffers” between Districts.

However, in the highly developed and densely populated USPS Districts of Southern California, as in this case, customers are dropping 910-912 origin parcels in the 917xx service area (Industry PDC 917). It is suspected that other highly developed and dense metro areas across the USA may have the same issue.

To the Pasadena 910-912 customer, it is a natural days task to drop in the 917xx service area because that is where they may drive at the end of their work day or do much business.

However, the origin address is in the Pasadena 910-912 origin ZIPs.

As you can see in the email, if the parcels in question were dropped at Santa Clarita PDC 91383 which services the 910-916, 932, 933 and 935 origin ZIPs Monday – Friday and also services the LA District and other ZIPs (930, 931 and 934) of Sierra Coastal on our Saturday AMP, all of that is “mapped” for proper OE scanning.

It is the ZIPs and Districts immediately adjacent to Sierra Coastal that are not mapped. Please note that Los Angeles District is immediately adjacent to Sierra Coastal and is mapped…..but we do cancel all of their mail on Saturdays.


Larry Engler