Non Career Converting to Career - 90 day wait to use A/L


This is an FYI about Non Career Employees converting to Career Employees and how it effects their annual leave.

This is an FYI…

The Accounting Help Desk, the IT Help Desk and HQ Payroll have all recently experienced an increased number of calls concerning employees that had Annual Leave entered by the supervisor where the employee was not paid that Annual Leave.

In nearly all those instances the employee was not entitled to the Annual Leave due to the fact the employee was a new hire or was recently converted from non-career (D/A 58-0 or 8X-X) to career.

When an employee is hired or converts to career he/she has a 90 day wait prior to being allowed to use Annual Leave. The newly converted employee may begin using Annual Leave in the Pay Period after his/her 90th day. See ELM 512.313.

All questions concerning ELM 512.313 should be directed to local Labor.


HQ Payroll