eRMS Update - Personal Absence coding in eRMS will begin June 1, 2016

eRMS Update

March 23, 2016

Personal Absence coding in eRMS

ELM 519.7 allows for certain non-bargaining unit employees to take paid time off for personal absences without requiring the use of leave. It is not charged as annual leave, sick leave, or any other paid leave category. Currently, entries are tracked manually as eRMS does not have a method of recording and monitoring this type of absence.

eRMS is now being configured to allow for entry of these absences on the Leave Management screen. Effective Wednesday, June 01, 2016, two new hours/reason code combinations will be available for use. Regular Personal Absence will be coded 000-14 and FMLA protected Personal Absence will be coded 014-90*. The new codes will be available on the “List of Valid Leave Type”, only for the employees who are eligible for Personal Absences. These Personal Absence entries will be displayed on both the employee’s PS Form 3971 – Request for or Notification of Absence and PS Form 3972 – Leave Year Absence Analysis. As with all entries, if the Personal Absence is not entered in eRMS, it will not display on the PS Form 3972.

*This eRMS update will allow FMLA protected personal absences to count toward an employee’s FMLA year-to-date total.