Senators reintroduce bill to strengthen postal workers rights

Congratulations on making the Morning Report.

Thanks for being instrumental in moving this legislation forward-I hope it makes it to the finish line.

I know that all the Sales professionals that have fought for MSPB rights over the years are heartened. I wish Sue Knost, who is now deceased, could see that NAPS finally made MSPB for all EAS a stand-alone issue and recognizes the importance of MSPB rights, especially for this critical group of employees that control a significant part of USPS current and future finances.

Also-Thanks Louis for using that quote about fraud, waste and abuse-exactly right! If they need an example then you can show how the demeanor and attitude of Sales HQ dramatically changed once Victoria Davilla from Sales was able to get her case into MSPB and the huge fight they put up to stop her…..

Thanks again,



Mr. Alley,

FYI…this new bill and Mary’s comments takes me back to my 2009 MSPB challenge and the insurmountable odds we faced back then…I will always be indebted to Mary for suggesting to “apply to MSPB anyway…let THEM turn you down” and to you for the outstanding job you did to bring about this ‘miracle of sorts’ ….regaining my job and my dignity.


Does the bill include sales employees?


Mr. Alley,

Yes, it included all EAS employees (Sales has close to 1,000 EAS employees).

As you know, current law only allows MSPB jurisdiction to USPS EAS employees who are veterans or who supervise others, leaving an ever-growing pools of EAS employees at the mercy of the kangaroo court known as “ 650 Process”. So if passed, non-supervisory Sales employees will be under MSPB.

It was partly because of the problems in Sales with it’s large number of employees without MSPB rights which Mary Burkhard kept bringing to NAPS attention, that helped convince NAPS President Louis Atkins and the NAPS lobbyist, Mr. Bruce Moyer, to pursue a stand-alone bill this year.

In previous years NAPS had attached it as a rider to the various bills that are still pending out there ( all seeking to correct the current financial fiasco costed by the 2001 law that requires advance retirees’ health care costs, which remains controversial and I wouldn’t hold my breath on those).

You know better than anyone that USPS Sales employees have no “real court” in the 650 option. I know from experience that this has created an environment that gives that department carte blanche to do whatever without oversight or accountability (who will be silly enough to speak out when your job can be taken without the access to a proper court).

Yet, while this bill will be important to the employee’s basic rights, the main premise to stress in this Republican-dominated House is the bill’s importance in the avoidance of government abuse, fraud and mismanagement that occurs once it’s known that actions will be scrutinized by an independent court like MSPB. Without MSPB jurisdiction, there is no real protection of basic rights for employees who speak out, but more importantly, at least to the current legislature, this lack of outside oversight, creates an environment that encourages fraud and abuse.

I hope you don’t mind, but I am forwarding your inquiry to NAPS president Louis Atkins in case he might need to reach out to you as a lawyer with much experience representing USPS employees. You could be a resource to NAPS concerning your experience with the processes and the changes in attitude once MSPB oversight is present.

Just making the connection between you and Mr. Atkins in support of this very important bill…as Mary said in the comments to Louis, getting this bill to the finish line is the goal.

Victoria Davila, 713-835-2375