FY 2016 PFP Administrative & Mitigation Rules for Sales Employees

Subject: FY 2016 PFP Administrative & Mitigation Rules for Sales Employees


Can you send me the written FY2016 PFP Administrative and Mitigation Rules EAS Sales employees are covered under? I received correspondence from a Sales employee claiming the Sales PFP process is different than the rest of the USPS HQ and Field reporting employees.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my request.

Thank you.

Brian J. Wagner

National President

National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS)


Brian –

EAS Sales employees are USPS HQ reporting employees. Therefore, they follow the Pay-for-Performance Program Evaluation Rules for Headquarters and Headquarters Related Non-Bargaining, Non-Executive Employees instead of the Field Unit Mitigation Process. There is no other PFP process specifically for Sales.

Attached are the FY2016 PFP rules for HQ employees. Scroll to page 7 to find the official language for the Recourse process. Also, when you get to page 7 and read the part where the rule states when the Recourse process starts, remember that overall performance ratings are usually finalized in December.

Let me know if you have questions.





Attached are the FY2016 PFP Rules for USPS HQ reporting EAS. This applies to Sales employees. These are the rules that are followed. If you are told something different verbally, I would refer that person or persons to this document.

I also attached the PFP Pay Matrix from 2015 which is the same for FY2016. PFP pay starts in box 4 at 2%.

I hope this information helps clarify how USPS HQ reporting EAS receive their PFP. Of course, this is different than field EAS.

My position is if there is going to be a PFP system, all EAS are under one pay program and rules.

Please advise. Thanks.

Brian J. Wagner

NAPS National President

Please Download the attached Files at the link provided below. Thank you.