Postal Pulse Survey Results - Admin 3 FY 2017

Greetings Postal Leaders,

The Postal Pulse survey results will be available no later than noon (EST) today via Gallup On Line. For those with access, in addition to receiving an email directly from Gallup with the link, you may also use the link below.

As this is our third administration of the Postal Pulse survey and we begin to establish trends, there are a few national highlights to point out:

- Overall participation rate increased to 292,294 employees (49%)

- National Grand Mean increased to 3.25

- The increase in percentage engaged represents 23,000 more employees now engaged from Admin 1

- Number of top quartile teams increased to 549 (up 134%)

- Non-bargaining engagement achieved top quartile organizational growth (up .29 since Admin 1)

- Since Admin 1 all crafts have now made meaningful change on multiple elements of engagement

- Teams of leaders who attended the “Creating An Engaging Workplace” training achieved 60% greater Grand Mean improvement

Thank you individually and collectively for the steady progress we continue to make. Establishing the meaningful conversations, building the relationships, action planning and follow through will ensure continuous improvement. Ultimately, every postal employee benefits, as do our customers.

Please use the link to review your survey results and share them with your team via the State of the Team Conversation (SOTC).

Thanks again,

Kelvin L. Williams

Executive Director, Employee Engagement