New MSPB Guide to the Merit System Principles

Although we all know that Scialla and Associates take care of our MSPB needs, this guide is an interesting read and points out certain agency requirements and Do's/Dont's

As part of MSPB’s mission to protect the Merit System Principles (MSPs) and promote an effective Federal workforce free of Prohibited Personnel Practices, we have developed a very brief, user-friendly guide to the MSPs titled The Merit System Principles: Keys to Managing the Federal Workforce. This 16 page booklet contains information condensed from the 2016 report, The Merit System Principles: Guiding the Fair and Effective Management of the Federal Workforce.

Our goal with this guide is to raise awareness about the MSPs. We also encourage readers to seek advice from their agency’s human resources experts to ensure that they are acting in accord with the MSPs.

We designed the guide to help Federal employees (particularly leaders and managers who are new to the Federal civil service) to better understand the values and requirements of the Federal merit systems. Therefore, the guide focuses on why the MSPs are important and how to support them by presenting topics such as: highlights from the history of the Federal civil service; Q&As regarding the MSPs; an overview of each MSP, including examples of recommended actions to take and avoid, as well as references for additional information.

You can follow the links above to the MSP guide and the related MSP report or access them on our Studies page at