Board Memo 005-18 - Update Filling EAS Vacancies

Executive Board,

NAPS asked questions regarding the attached Jan. 3, 2018 USPS correspondence related to the USPS expediting the filling of specific vacant EAS supervisor positions and the suspension of Exam 642. Below are NAPS questions and subsequent USPS answers in red.

Note: USPS HQ has informed NAPS that the following seven (7) USPS Districts, due to the larger vacancy rates in those Districts, will allow for non-competitive laterals for a period of 10 days effective Jan. 8, 2018, before posting internally and externally. Please notify your members in these specific USPS Districts of the limited non-competitive lateral opportunity.

  • Richmond
  • Northern OH
  • Greater IN
  • Albany
  • Sacramento
  • Louisiana
  • Northland

NAPS: How long will the suspension of Examination 642 last? USPS answer: Suspension of Exam 642 is undetermined. NAPS: How many EAS vacancies are there per each EAS position referenced in your January 3, 2018 letter?

USPS answer in percentage at this time:

  • Supervisor, Customer Services - 7.8%
  • Supervisor, Distribution Operations - 6.7%
  • Supervisor, Maintenance Operations - 5.6%
  • Supervisor, Transportation Operations - 8.6%

NAPS: Upon closing of an internal posting, the last paragraph in the attached states that HRSSC will automatically post the respective EAS position externally. Therefore, NAPS understands the USPS action is to have both internal and external applicants applying for the same position at the same time.

Does the USPS plan to post externally prior to an internal selection being made? If yes, what is the USPS rationale for having internal and external postings competing against one another?

USPS answer: No, internal and external applicants will not be applying for the same position at the same time. There will be a centralized review committee at each District reviewing applicants. A review of internal applicants and decisions on those applications will be reached before any external applications are reviewed or even seen. The purpose of an external posting upon closing of an internal posting is to expedite the process.

If no, how many days after an internal posting has closed will a selecting official have to make a final decision on selecting on an internal applicant before the USPS decides to post the EAS vacancy externally?

USPS answer: The selecting official will have 7-10 days to conduct interviews and make selections. External postings will be posted upon the closing of internal postings. See above.

NAPS: Besides accepting lateral requests, will the USPS allow for EAS voluntary downgrades to the respective EAS vacancies?

USPS answer: Yes, voluntary downgrades can be requested per current policy during the lateral process timeline.

Please share with your members.

Thank you.

NAPS Headquarters

Please download the attached file at the link provided below. Thank you.