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Mary Alice Burkhard - NAPS Branch 244 President

Mary Alice Burkhard - NAPS Branch 244 President

The following articles have a response from Mary Alice Burkhard.

  1. Call to order 1:00 PM October 22, 2017 by Chairman of the Board Tim Ford

  2. Invocation Jaime Elizondo, Texas Area VP

  3. Pledge of Allegiance Led by Mideast Area VP Hans Aglidian

  4. Sergeant at Arms Cotton Belt Area VP Shri Green and Capitol Atlantic Area VP Richard Green as selected by President Wagner

  5. Roll call Mulidore - All 25 Board members present

  6. Welcome Wagner, Butts, Mulidore

Brian: Welcomed the Executive Board and thanked them for their commitment and dedication to represent the NAPS organization not just at Board Meetings but throughout the years. Brian thanked Ivan and Chuck for their ongoing leadership and counsel. Per Brian, during the Board meeting we will hear from the PMG, COO, CHRO, VP Labor Relations and VP of Sales & Customer Relations. Please keep questions nationally based and make sure any issue that is brought up has already been through the District and Area levels first. Brian reinstituted the EB Constitution & Bylaws Committee to review possible National Convention Resolutions to be discussed at our 2018 Spring Board Meeting. A major decision of this Board meeting is to select a new DDF Provider. This is a team effort, let’s be productive and respectful to each other during this Board meeting as we continue to move our NAPS organization positively forward and for the better. On a personal note, Brian thanked the entire Executive Board for all their thoughts and prayers on the recent passing of a young man that Carol and I considered a son. Though cancer took his life at 42, it never took his will to fight to the end, to beat the cancer.

Ivan: Ivan welcomed the Board to town for the Fall meeting, glad for their safe arrivals. There is a busy week ahead, and we must do the best for our members. Ivan told the Board how grateful he is for the opportunity to serve the membership at NAPS HQ, and also thanked the Board for their thoughts and prayers on the passing of his mother.

Chuck: Welcomed the Board to the meeting as well, also indicating that this was a consequential Board meeting, with many important issues to be discussed and settled. Chuck discussed the new naps.org website, as well as the new banking relationship with Signature Federal Credit Union. Leasing information for NAPS HQ was briefly discussed, but will be more closely examined during the report of our property manager, Stoladi company.

  1. Adoption of Agenda and Program: Motion by C Johnson, 2nd by T Roma ... passed on voice vote.

  2. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting Submitted by C Mulidore C Johnson made a recommendation to suspend reading of the previous Board meeting minutes, 2nd by K Trayer. Passed on voice vote. J Warden made a recommendation to accept the minutes of the previous Board meeting as presented, 2nd by T Needham. Passed on voice vote.

  3. Chairman’s Report Chairman Ford welcomed the Board back to Alexandria for the Fall 2017 Board meeting, and explained the rules and protocol of the Board meeting. Chairman Ford also said NAPS is a family, and even when we disagree on issues, we always come together at the end of the day, just like family does.

  4. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report Mulidore

    A. NAPSInvestments,Assets&BalanceSheet

    As of June 1, 2017, NAPS investments totaled $13,734,573.58. On September 30, 2017 NAPS investments totaled $14,025,201.18 This is a 2018 Fiscal year-to-date increase of $290,627.60 or 2.1%.

    Total NAPS assets at end of its Quarter 4 (May 31, 2017) were
    $ 18,364,328.83. NAPS’ Quarter 4 “Revenues less Expenses” was ($162,167.61). This was reflected in the Secretary Treasurer’s Financial Report published in the October 2017 Postal Supervisor.

    As of October 2, 2017, the NAPS General Fund consisting of our PNC Checking and PNC Money Market accounts was $33,709.71 and $2,057.31, respectively; totaling $35,767.02. As NAPS is in process transitioning to Signature Federal Credit Union, the Signature FCU Checking account balance on October 2, 2017 was $255,944.80 and the Signature FCU Money Market account was $50, 989 for a total of $306,933.80. The grand total in all accounts as of October 2, 2017 was $342,700.82.

    NAPS also recently underwent its annual financial audit, as conducted by Cohn/Reznick LLP. A copy of the audit was given to all the Board members. Most importantly, there were no findings issued against NAPS HQ.

    B. NAPSLogoTrademark

    NAPS filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on February 20, 2017, to trademark two NAPS logos, the most recognized red/white circle logo, as well as the modern looking logo used at LTS. This is an effort by NAPS to have control over who or what entities utilize the logos for various purposes. We are currently awaiting the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks to issue the Notice of Allowance, the final step in the process.

    Part of this process was to update NPI registration in the state of Delaware, which had lapsed, and will soon be transferred to Virginia, and to register NAPS an entity in the state of Virginia, which has now occurred.

C. NAPSPropertyInc.

As of October 1, 2017, the NAPS building is 100% leased. The former Ladas and Parry space on the lobby level is now occupied by LRB under a long-term lease. NAPS is not receiving regular Owner Distributions through FY 2018 due to projected maintenance, tenant improvements, and potential lost revenue through unrenewed leases.

D. Web & Social Media Report

As of Oct 1, 2017, NAPS HQ Social Media results are as follows:

o NAPSHQ2U has 6551 members receiving the online newsletter with an average “open rate” of 31%. Approximately, 33% of those opening NAPSHQ2U view the issue on their computers while the remaining 67% viewed NAPSHQ2U on their mobile devices.

o NAPS Facebook “Likes” are 1,622.

o NAPS has 459 Twitter followers E. Membership

As of the August 2017 DCO (reflecting DCO membership through PP16 and PP17) NAPS had 27,064 members (25,748 active and 1,316 associates, 95% and 5%, respectively). Total membership from a year ago, (PP16 and PP17 2016) was 26,528 (25,144 active and 1384 associate); an overall total SPLY increase of 536 members or 2%.

As of the August 2017 DCO, the total number of active EAS non-members was 9,675. This number is based on the USPS payroll files of non-member EAS, who are coded non-postmasters. Based on current membership totals, there are approximately 27.3% non-members. To date, the NAPS September 2015 Membership Drive has generated 371 new members. NAPS continues to encourage membership growth by providing sponsors of new members a $25 NAPS check.

The latest NAPS HQ Membership Drive launched in mid-January 2017 has currently generated, as of August 1, 2017, 291 new members generating $26,481 in new annual per capita dues. There is no sponsorship award.

Local and state branches continue to receive their NAPS Non-Member and Change Summary Reports along with their DCO Report and their Mail Report on a monthly basis.

11. Disciplinary Defense Fund
Scialla DDF Report: Per Charlie Scialla, it has been a busy 6 months.

5 cases won at MSPB, 5 cases lost at MSPB, and 37 cases settled. Discussion about DDF cases, the process to file, process and hear the case. 650 hearings vs MSPB cases. Too many TACS and sexual harassment cases.

Bruce Moyer Legal Pay Talks Update Bruce Moyer and the Resident Officers gave the Board an update on the current state of pay talks. Ongoing litigation was also discussed.

  1. SPAC Report, and Legislative Update Butts, Moyer, Maddocks

    Update given by Executive VP Butts, Legislative Counsel Bruce Moyer, and SPAC manager Katie Maddocks on SPAC participation and spending in 2018 congressional races.

    From Jan 2017 thru Oct 20, spent $121,000 from SPAC. As of Oct 20, 2017, $237,300 in SPAC war chest.

    Legislation budget reconciliation requires 51 Senate votes, this is the path for tax reform. Budget resolution passing requires committees to flesh out the details. Able to move from original $160 billion in cuts to $32 billion ... Senate cuts for federal employees were $0. House will accept the Senate budget resolution, avoiding a conference.

    Postal reform stalled ...

  2. Sheri Davies, Conference Direct

    Update on LTS for 2018, as well as National Convention planning update. Also discussed was potential sites for the 2022 National Convention, which delegates will decide at the 2018 convention.

  3. Old business - None

  4. New business Hiring of new DDF provider. National President Wagner gave the Board instructions on the vote for the new DDF provider. The candidates were Al Lum, and Glenn Smith. The vote conducted was by secret ballot, with a committee of 5 Board members responsible for counting and validating the voting. Al Lum was selected by the Board to be the new DDF provider effective January 1, 2018.

    David Williams COO Oct 23, 2017

    Thanks to everyone for representing the leadership team. Lot going on hurricanes and wildfires challenges are a credit to the leadership team across the country stories about customers that in midst of dramatic impacts to their lives are so happy to see the post office there, processing and delivering mail. The front-line leadership team is the backbone of the leadership team.

    Evaluating NPA due to impact of natural disasters

    Priorities Development of people and keeping them safe, Service, Efficiencies to keep mail affordable

    1. Development Still seeking to fill front line jobs, vacancy rate at 6.3%

    2. NSP-Getclassesstartedandcompleted,needNAPShelpgettingnewsupervisors through the classes. Need leadership team filled out and trained.

    3. Service 3 to 5 day 1st class mail is biggest opportunity. So far, across the board, all indicators are above last year. Need help with scanning, big opportunity. Surface visibility must improve to help identify transportation issues.

D. Schedules to match workload lost 5.7 billion pieces of market dominant mail piece volume ... operational footprint is bigger than necessary to support it .... too many machines, 2/3 of mail processing employees were in wrong schedules. Projections are to lose another 3.2 billion pieces this year.

  1. Cannot operate in “status quo” mode – changing many schedules, not doing this to upset family life, but to drive efficiencies and stay viable into the future. F1 scheduler, and models are pretty good, not perfect, but a good starting point. Equipment plans must match operating plans.

  2. Customer Service 15% of F4 employees in the wrong schedule, which are based on e1994’s ... have to make changes. Must be responsible to our customers and stakeholders.

  3. Must drive service efficiencies, develop our people


  1. Vehicles no vehicles yet for peak

    Response VMFs are involved in developing the strategy, and deploying the vehicles accordingly.

  2. Controllable Income is 0 through August 2017 it is 20% of NPA, equates to 12% of everyone’s composite.

    Response – 2 parts, cost and revenue ... commercial revenue took nosedive in Feb 2017. Political mail drove income last year. Volume softened in winter, late spring. Wide variance in plants “match” rate – some below 10%, some over 90%. . these are schedules that “match” the workload. Much resistance to the schedules changes at all levels of the organization, possible driven by fear of change and failure.

    3 customers had biggest chunk of volume loss on marketing side

    Act on all engagement programs-

  3. Safety at forefront of most recent natural disasters, managers given “professional autonomy” to make best decisions - Williams

  4. Operational Window Change Success or failure?

    Response Mixed results. It allowed USPS to right size number of facilities; it has been adjusted and tweaked as volume has changed. Reduced number of machines, changed transportation schedules, success in dynamic routing optimization of transportation.

  5. Communication Poor to field in terms of time to adjust new schedules, sometimes as little as a few days. As craft schedules change, EAS schedules must as well.

    Response Need to move quickly, but must better communicate. Have Board members let me know those places where notice was to change schedules in 1-2 days.

  1. 5500 out of money in NPA? Response numbers not finalized yet, corporate at 4.0 ... mitigation conversations underway. Unknown yet. ...However, there are no “banked” hours at HQ.

  2. Vacancy rate at 6.3%, possible higher due to details --- backfilled by details Response Validating detail authorizations, from Operations standpoint must eliminate as many details as possible

  3. How can NAPS help with scheduling?

    Response – Explain the “why” ... big workload reductions...continue to operate in an affordable manner, huge volume and revenue losses. Models are not perfect; we need leadership inputs into the models.

  4. Contractor failures hurting service in terms of measurement and transportation. Improve THS contractor placarding into plants.

    Response trips on time reflect some failures, such as contractor failures, so the goal is not 100% ... automating the 5500 process, based on geo-fencing, process now too cumbersome.

  5. Sunday Amazon staffing EAS not being given days off due to staffing shortages in field

    Response- SWC process underway to evaluate this process, to right size the EAS staffing

    Doug Tulino VP of Labor Relations

FY 2018 will be a difficult year, projected to loss another 4 billion pieces of mail volume.

Legislation is a difficult issue, postal reform set back in part due to resignation of our committee chairman Jason Chaffetz. Unlikely a standalone postal bill can pass due to political climate, may need a postal relief bill attached to another bill.

Pricing regimen currently tied to CPI price cap .. may need to change pricing tied to CPI, maybe attached to some other scheme.

Internal decisions to improve/change the structure of the organization, right size.

Pay talks underway now with EAS; collective bargaining will begin in February with rural carriers’ union.


  1. Some Areas requesting FOIA to get information

    Response –Shouldn’t need to do that from a postal entity in a response to a request for information on representation ... especially if the information was relied upon in creation of the action given to the member.

  2. Clerk jobs in Labor Relations, why?

Response APWU challenged USPS in arbitration, post office ordered to create 362 clerk jobs, decision was made to create this positions in HR. Clerks working in sensitive areas will be required to sign an agreement understanding they work around sensitive information.

  1. Following the contract in terms of SDO usage ...

    Response Tool to assist in overtime scheduling out there, however grievance payouts have not changed. Yet supervisors are told to not use SDOs ... Will use data to document this to senior leadership to reduce grievance payouts, currently at approx. $25 million per year.

  2. Accenture – Contractors involved in PDI’s?
    Response -PDIs will be between the EAS and the employees immediate Manager.

  3. Engagement How to Improve the Workplace?

    Response -if people are treated the right way, scores and productivity in all areas will improve.

7. Sales Is Sales separate from other EAS?
Sales is under the same requirements as all EAS employees

Cliff Rucker, VP Sales

Deliver world class customer experience, commercial customers his priority. Enterprise Customer Care (ECC) 4 call centers nationwide.
Grown package business by 58% in last 5 years.

10 million more calls into call center over 2016. About 35% of customers have said they have gone to a competitor due to poor service from USPS. Trying to improve service due to rising call volume and need for customer support.

Large customer concern by no one answering phones at local office, however #1 issue by customers is where is my package? (single piece package lookup) Only 53% of customers indicate they are satisfied with SPLU process, compared to 74 % at UPS or FedEx.

Trying to fix call center issues by changing system look up for missing packages by using artificial intelligence and GPS data.

Improvements in BSN network as well.


Scanning Issues?

Response: Arrival at unit scan will now generate message to customers, not from UPS and FedEx

Controllable Income; same message from Dave Williams

Response- did not forecast and see trends that indicated loss of 5.3 billion mailpieces in 2017. Everyone owns revenue and the customer experience ...

RAC (Reasonable Accommodations Committee) committees taking over 30 days, why?

Response - Responses for Sales employees should not take longer than 2 weeks.

LA call center is only one that handles international calls ... working to digitize process to resolve paperwork issues, hoping to improve workload issues around international complaints.

Need better quality leads from the field in terms of employee leads Accenture?
Response -Sales uses them for various issues.

Jeff Williamson, CHRO

NPA will not publish end of year results this week, evaluating mitigation due to storms, reevaluating total revenue, retail revenue in areas with large amounts of closures. Will not be any cell movement at national level, but will see significant improvement in some districts. Once that is completed mitigation for local issues will be opened up. Mitigation will not count weekends this year, will not go out on a Friday afternoon as last year mitigation is an online process HQ can see the process ongoing.

Normally mitigation on the corporate side is not done, due to storm and fire impact it will be done this year at the national level, and also for the districts since the impacts would have been felt there as well.

Corporate score is hovering around 4
2018 NPA
waiting to wrap up, NAPS submitted to USPS our input on 2018 Comment from Board member - Contractor failures driving late trips

Engagement USPS should make engagement not just a program, but a daily part of who we are as an organization. Strong correlation between engagement and safety... Post office will start to use data provide by Gallup to improve performance, safety, other metrics.

Megan Brennan PMG New FY but same focus ... State of the Business:

Financials for FY 2017 accelerated decline in mail volume. Lost 5.5 billion pieces of mail in 2017 so cannot maintain the same infrastructure as before with that volume loss ... we must realign schedules to operational needs. Presort is 65% of 1st class volume, and the accelerated decline in that was unexpected. Been since 2012 since we last saw volume declines this large. Will continue to focus on package sortation equipment. These trends are expected to continue. FY ended with controllable loss and a net loss.

$6.9 billion in total costs so payment was withheld for unfunded retiree costs etc ... without legislation we cannot continue to default on these liabilities. Healthcare and tax reform have taken the attention of Congress, but USPS still needs legislation. Projecting 2.5% decline in volume, possibly 146 billion

Testing machines that process 60,000 pieces per hour


  1. Amazon still partnering?

    Response - Amazon is our largest customer but are supplementing through their own means. USPS does not foresee losing Amazon as a partner, growth should continue.

  2. New vehicles?
    new Promaster vehicles being deployed Next Gen vehicle being tested
    Off the shelf vehicles

  3. VERA?
    Not at this time.

Pricing – waiting on pricing structure from the review ... remains to see what type of price cap is necessary. Before PAEA USPS had pricing authority, now as result of the law pricing is tied to CPI.

Some issues with other countries using postal network to ship opioids to US. Working with other posts worldwide, and Customs agencies to address the influx of opioids into America. The STOP Act is an effort to force the USPS to use data to detect this at the border, imposing fees and penalties if effort is not working. Would need funds to pay for this, and the impact on the Postal Service.

Self-driving vehicles more to follow, as this technology develops.

Dillard Financial Solutions

A presentation was made by Dillard Financial Solutions to the Board for the purpose of entering into a financial partnership with NAPS.

Consultative Meeting

Bruce Nicholson, Phong Quang and Janet Peterson represented USPS. The consultative agenda was previously submitted to the Board.


October Consultative Meeting Agenda w/ NAPS Executive Board

NAPS is requesting answers to the following questions involving the Sales unit.

  1. NAPS would like to know who is the group Accenture? (Addressed by VP Sales Cliff Rucker during his presentation to the Board indicating Sales uses Accenture for a variety of functions)

  2. NAPS would also like to know what is their role in the Postal Service as it pertains to Sales. (Same as question #1)

  3. NAPS would like to know where the group Accenture falls in the Leadership structure of the USPS?

  4. NAPS would like to know who is Kevin Helmer and what is his employment status with the USPS? (Per Mr. Rucker, Kevin Helmer works within the Business Customer Intelligence group)

  5. NAPS would also like to know what his role is as an HR Labor Liaison?

  6. NAPS is requesting a copy of the Standard Position Description for the job title HR Labor Liaison, Sales.

  7. NAPS would also like a copy of the internal job posting for this position. NAPS would like a description of Mr. Helmer’s role in Sales? (Not provided)

  8. NAPS would also like to know why Mr. Helmers communicates from outside of the USPS firewall from an AOL email address? (It is permitted as a contractor for him to communicate from an AOL email address)

  9. NAPS has received correspondence from Mr. Helmer that states;

    "My name is Kevin Helmer, and I work as an HR liaison for field sales and HQ in the sales arena. I wanted to let you know our Labor Manager, Mr. Sgro is out of the office and will return the end of this week. "

  10. NAPS is requesting a copy of the Standard Position Description for the job title Labor Manager, Sales. NAPS would also like a copy of the internal job posting for this position. NAPS would like to know why does Mr. Sgro or

Mr. Helmer sit in on most if not all PDI's or I&I's for Sales employees? (Per Mr. Rucker this practice will cease immediately)

Response: Normally, an investigative interview of employees covered under the provisions of ELM 650 should occur between the employee and that employee's immediate supervisor or manager. There may be occasional situations where it would be inappropriate for an employee's supervisor or manager to conduct the investigative interview. The employee may request representation during these investigative interviews if the employee has a reasonable belief disciplinary action may ensue. NY Area VP J Warden inquired whether this policy would pertain outside of Sales in all functions, the response was yes. Warden then asked if during an OIG investigation should someone other than the OIG being sitting in taking notes. Specifically, H.R. or someone from Labor Relations? The response from USPS representatives was “why would anyone want to sit inand he doesn't believe the OIG would allow it.

  1. 0917-02  NAPS has received concerns from the Northwest Area in districts such as Portland, Seattle, and Montana of POOM restructuring. NAPS would like to be consulted on Organizational Changes that are impacting EAS employees in these area's

    Response: HQ Organizational Design team is unaware of a Manager Post Office Operations restructuring and this should be directed to the Western Area.

    A decision letter was provided to NAPS on October 5 advising of the Postal Service’s decision to upgrade the MPOO EAS-22 position to an EAS-23. Revisions were also made to the position descriptions of the MPOO EAS-23 and 25 to ensure that they reflect the roles and responsibilities of the positions. This upgrade in level may result in realignment by Districts of post offices assigned to some MPOO positions.

  2. 0917-03  NAPS received correspondence dated August 15, 2017, from Alan Moore concerning revisions to the position of Postal Police Officer. NAPS would like to know who will be assuming the duties and responsibility of the following requirements;

    NAPS does not find the provided summary of changes to be in line with the changes made. NAPS also contends that explanation of some changes are not listed at all.

    1. Performs a variety of duties pertaining to the security of postal buildings, personnel, property, mail and mail in transit in support of the postal security program.

    2. Performs a variety of duties pertaining to the security of postal buildings, personal property, mail, and mail in transit.

    3. ...exercises standard care required by the Inspection Service on firearms and... Maintains assigned firearms in good condition.

  1. No requirement to maintain a daily log of orders and basic information for the security force.

  2. No requirement to answer the office telephone and responds to reports and inquiries.

  3. No requirement to maintain order and safeguard the facility, property, and personnel, ensures the application of security measures in mail handling areas.

  4. No requirement to force personnel, responds to emergencies and other conditions, including burglaries and hold-ups, requiring immediate attention.

  5. No requirement to control access to ... building at an assigned post... Requiring identification.

  6. No requirement to testify in court on law violation within assigned authority...

  7. Supervised by Security Supervisor, Security Supervisor in Charge, or Security Officer-in-Charge.

  8. No requirement for the extensive training course which includes qualification in the use of firearms.

  9. No requirement to be minimum physically able to effectively perform the duties of the position.

  10. Applicants no longer need to possess a valid driver’s license issued in the state in which they reside.

  11. No Requirements for a security clearance.

  12. No Requirements to be fingerprinted.

  13. Nominimumage.

  14. ApplicantsneednotbeUSCitizen.

  15. Applicantsneednotpassdrugscreeningtest.

NAPS is requesting that the duties of the position of Postal Police Officer be delineated between PPO EAS and PPO Craft. NAPS further ask that the duties and responsibilities found in Standard Position Description for POSTAL POLICE OFFICER Y-06, OCCUPATION CODE: 2335-24XX, continue to be maintained as the SPD for PPO EAS employees.

Response: Janet Peterson, LR Specialist Policy and Programs who also administers the contract with the Postal Police Officers Association (PPOA) addressed the Board on this issue. USPS stated that only changes were made to the bargaining unit position, Postal Police Officer, not the Supervisor, Postal Police.

1017-01 USPS HQ has continuously requested and required NAPS advocates to engage issues at the USPS local level to seek resolve. NAPS advocates have attempted for months to engage the Leadership in Northlands and Dakotas district on an

issue with Sunday Amazon operations. As you see from the attached email string that leadership has stopped communicating with NAPS on this very serious issue.

Engaged communications must be a two-way street if the USPS is going to reflect itself in a more positive manner against other companies that it is rated within the Postal Pulse survey that is conducted by Gallup.

NAPS is requesting engagement retraining be scheduled for Northlands and Dakotas district leadership.

Response: We don’t recognize this request to be consistent within the meaning of Title 39 1004. This should be directed to the Western Area. In addition, after reviewing the email string provided, we noted several messages showing communication between local management and local NAPS representative.

  1. 1017-02  Phased Retirement is a human resources tool that allows full-time employees to work part-time schedules while beginning to draw retirement benefits. This tool allows managers to better provide unique mentoring opportunities for employees while increasing access to the decades of institutional knowledge and experience that retirees can provide.

    NAPS views this initiative as a forward-thinking policy that would allow the USPS to continue its efforts to deliver service that is effective, efficient, and supportive of USPS growth.

    NAPS would like to know if there is some active consideration of applying this program to the USPS? If not, what are the reasons for not considering it?

    Response: The Postal Service examined this program closely and determined that it would not implement the program at that time due to the complexity of our operation. Our employee organizations were notified of this decision in June 2015 followed by an announcement in Postal Bulletin 22419 (7-9-2-15).

    OPM had indicated that it would continue to evaluate the phased-retirement program and that it may revise the phased-retirement regulations in the future. Should OPM revise the regulations, the Postal Service will carefully consider those revisions and will reevaluate whether to implement the program.

  2. 1017-03  With the devastation of back to back hurricanes that caused wreckage to Postal operations in the East, South, and Caribbean, NAPS would like to know what level of remediation will be provided for the negative impacts these natural disasters had on the service of the USPS? This is to include facilities that had to take on operations from impacted area.

    Response: The following is standard language found in the Field Unit Mitigation Reference Guide outlining qualifications for Unit Level Mitigation consideration.

The Installation head may request unit mitigation when the mitigating factor is a significant occurrence beyond a unit’s control.

The initial request for consideration must describe the situation that caused an adverse impact on the unit indicator(s) and resulted in a lower overall performance rating as well as the efforts made to offset the occurrence.

The criteria for determining whether an event qualifies as a mitigating factor are listed below:

  1. The occurrence caused a negative result in one or more of the unit indicators

  2. It was not already mitigated in NPA

  3. It negatively affected the NPA composite summary by at least one cell.

  4. The occurrence was beyond the unit’s control

  5. That the unit made efforts to offset the occurrence that impacted the unit indicator, and what those efforts were

The downward change in the NPA composite summary result in a lower PFP overall performance rating

  1. 1017-04  NAPS received the CFS Master Site List that identifies EAS that will be impacted by the CFS and PARS organization change.

    NAPS is requesting to know the RIF avoidance timeline for this Organizational Change? NAPS would like to know what cross-training opportunities are being afforded to the potentially impacted EAS? NAPS is requesting current EAS vacancies within a 50-mile radius of the impacted facility.

    Response: The Postal Service provided a briefing to NAPS on August 31 regarding the Mechanized Forwarding System (MFS) pilot.

    The MFS initiative is still being tested, therefore implementation of this system is undetermined. Upon completion of the pilot, if it is determined that MFS will be implemented, and if that implementation may result in impacts to non-bargaining employees in CFS, then we will discuss those impacts with NAPS.

  2. 1017-05  NAPS is requesting to know the following as it applies to NPA 2017;

    1. How many EAS are not “in the money” for NPA 2017?

    2. Has the reserve bank been spread to those impacted NPA groups?

    3. What is the make up the reserve bank (money, work hours...)?


1. As of August 2017, there is an estimated 6,242 EAS employees that are projected in less than Box 3.

  1. Yes, all funds set aside in the HQ Field Service wide account for FY2017 have been issued to the field

  2. The HQ Field Service wide account contains dollars for both Salaries & Benefits, and Non-Personnel expense items.

1017-06 NAPS has been informed that EAS employees in the Western Area were mandated to complete an eIDP if the employee was not in a cell block 6. NAPS would like to know what mitigation will be given to EAS would do not reach cell block six due to not getting the support from their managers required by the eIDP?

Response: NAPS should direct this question to the applicable installation or District that allegedly issued this mandate and escalate to the Western Area, if necessary.

Karen Young The Postal Supervisor

The Board was given an update on the Postal Supervisor magazine by Karen Young, editor of the magazine.

Executive Board Committee Reports

SWC The SWCs Work Study that began on March 2, 2017 concluded on September 1, 2017. We received some good data from some of the Offices/Stations. Unfortunately, not from all. Numerous site visits were conducted by N.A.P.S. Northeast Regional V.P. Tommy Roma and I which there were mixed findings. Ms. Carissa Surprise from the Northeast Area also headed a team that performed site visits which entailed following and documenting the supervisor throughout their work day which validated the data being submitted on the daily work sheets. Some of the sites the supervisors were very engaged in this process where others did not perform any of the daily work sheets. On June 20, 2017 a re-grouping meeting was held in New York at the New York District Office. All sites involved in the work study were asked to send a representative along with the respective District Managers. Mr. Doug Tulino, V.P. of Labor Relations and Mr. Ed Phelan Northeast Area V.P. were also in attendance and informed the group of the importance of this study.

A meeting was to be held with Mr. Tulino, Mr. Phelan, Mr. Roma and I to discuss the data that had been collected to ascertain the direction to proceed. Unfortunately, with the recent incident affecting operations in the Caribbean which is part of the Northeast Area schedules of all presently do not coincide but we do anticipate a meeting in the very near future. Once the meeting is held and a direction is determined, the findings will be shared with all members of the SWCs Committee and the Resident Officers.

One direction we will be looking at is the possibility of establishing a non-traditional supervisor position. The position will alleviate the burden of Sunday coverage and assist with rest day coverage in some offices/stations.

Since the inception of the SWCs Committee supervisory positions have been established nationwide. Positions were added based on the agreement to count employees working in

R.M.P.O.s with the parent office/station with the remainder being calculated on additional craft staffing. The issue we are confronted with now is craft staffing is being reduced based on Route & Count Inspections and Function 4 Reviews.

James G. Warden
SWCs Committee Chairman N.A.P.S.

Training Reviewed Officers Training Manual, seeking to reduce the size and make it more user friendly. The Training committee noted that while the current manual is very explicit, it may be too long and unwieldy for effective use by NAPS members. Some ideas include a quick reference cover page for each chapter, streamlining and combining chapters to reduce redundancy. Also, the new DDF provider must be inserted into Chapter 11 once selected. Finally, adding a link to Postal manuals may allow officers in the field an easier point of reference.

Legislative Update on legislative priorities and goals by Western Area VP Marilyn Walton are presented with each committee member presenting an individual report:

Ivan Butts, National Executive Vice President

  1. I have continued to move the NAPS legislative agenda forward and sought support for numerous Pro-Postal pieces of legislation such as;

    1. H Res. 15 Maintaining 6-day delivery

    2. H Res. 31 Return to Service Standards as of July 1, 2012

    3. H.R.760 Postal Service Financial Improvement Act of 2017

    4. S.873 TSP Modernization Act of 2017

    5. H.R.3031 TSP Modernization Act of 2017

    6. H.R.756 Postal Service Reform Act of 2017

  2. Also worked on speaking against legislations that could prove harmful to Postal employees.

    1. S.372 STOP Act of 2017

    2. H.R.1057 STOP Act of 2017

    3. H.R.3257 Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act

    4. H.R.3200 Taxpayer-Funded Pension Disclosure Act

  3. The focus for NAPS Legislation has shifted to addressing the current proposed budget as stated by Louis. This budget is particularly mean spirited towards Federal employees.

  1. The 2018 budget will punish the public servants who have dedicated their lives to serve our nation.

  2. The federal workforce has already contributed $182 billion towards deficit reduction since 2011 through a three-year pay freeze, reduced pay increases, unpaid furlough days due to sequestration, and two increases in retirement contributions for new hires, without any additional benefit.

  3. The budget will enact an increase of 1 percent in retirement contributions for those in the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) phased over a period of several years.

  4. Replace the current high three average salary to calculate retirement annuities with a five-year salary baseline.

  5. Eliminate the cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) to current and future FERS employees

  6. Reduce the COLA for CSRS employees by 0.5 percent.

  7. Eliminate the FERS annuity supplement for eligible employees.

  8. The House budget specifically proposes reducing the rate of return to the Thrift Savings Plan's G fund. Such a change would make the G Fund virtually worthless from an investment standpoint for TSP participants who are saving for retirement, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board reported in July.

Met with Senator Jon Tester’s office to address letter sent by the senator that suggested that Supervisors be terminated for the failure to properly document delayed mail volumes. NAPS’ disappointment with this position was expressed. The office stated that the Senator was fully aware that the burden of this failure rested with USPS leadership. NAPS successfully frame the delay mail issue as continued fall out form Plant Consolidations, whereas now facilities do not have the processing capabilities to process the mail on hand. NAPS also related the question, how could the USPS continue to report to legislators declining mail volumes that warranted facility closes, while maintaining 2 Billion pieces of delayed mail.

Katie will provide the Board with the SPAC update as will Bruce speak on Legislation. Below in the unveiling of the 2018 SPAC Drive for 5 pins:

Marilyn Walton, Western Region VP, Legislative Committee Chairperson:

  1. Currently the California Legislative Coalition Communication directors

  2. The coalition is working on a Disaster Relief Bill for Postal Workers. The need for this type of state legislation has been magnified by the recent three powerful and devastating Hurricanes, and the massive California Wild fires. This assembly bill would help to fund Postal employees who volunteer assisting with these disasters. While there are some special leave policies there needs to fund that would not put the burden on the employees!

  3. The Coalition is laser focus on targeting California Legislators that are anti-labor, postal and federal workers. Seven California Legislators have been identified and the organizations are working on this issue.

  4. We are currently working on our 2018 Annual Coalition event in Sacramento in conjunction with the other Man Agent Association, NARFE and all the Postal Unions and Federal Employees unions.

  5. Continue to publish a monthly blog which includes monthly updates on Legislation and promotion of signing up for SPAC contributions

  6. Travel to several conventions, training session and NAPS events and promoted Legislation involvement and provided information of the need to NAPS members to contribute to SPAC.

  7. With the help of Ivan and Kathie could sponsor two groups the California Fundraisers in September. Mike Thompson, (D) 5th District Annual BBQ, ten members from East Bay Branch 127 attended. Also, fundraiser for Ami Bera (D) 7th District sponsored ten members from Sacramento District Branch 77 and Central Valley Branch 197.

Jimmy Warden, New York Area VP

This past summer Tommy, Jamaal Muhammad (President of Branch 68) and I visited Congressman Dan Donovan R-NY of Staten Island regarding HR 756. We could have him sign on as a co-sponsor.

In early September Branch 202 attended a fund raiser for Kathleen Rice D-NY of Long Island. I was unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

We (Tommy, Greg, Hans and I) just held a training seminar this past weekend for the Northeast Region. We could have it in Upstate N.Y. at a place which gave us a reasonable cost. This being said we did not charge a registration fee. We requested in place of a registration fee each attendee donate to SPAC. For each $10.00 they donated to SPAC we gave them a raffle

ticket. Tommy, Hans, Greg and I bought the raffle prizes which also included a free all-inclusive weekend for two at the same place. We raised $7,140.00 for SPAC. Ivan spoke at the seminar giving a great presentation on both the Legislative front as well as SPAC.

At the training seminar I just stated, a member of Branch 100 recommended that why don't we (NAPS)possiblystartreachingouttothemoderateRepublicansfortheirsupportonissues. Ivan had sent me the list for the Northeast area which I sent out to my email list asking Branches to try and meet with those respective representatives.


Louis Atkins, NAPS Immediate Past President

  1. NAPS members are very concern about the possibility of Congress passing legislation that would cut their benefit at the same time make them pay more. October 5, the House of Representatives passed a budget resolution that directed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to cut $32 billion from programs under its jurisdiction. These cuts were not identified but the only programs that provides such savings are CSRS, FERS, TSP, and FEHBP. These cuts could take many forms: retiree COLA cuts, raising the employee FERS contributions, changing the formula for calculating CSRS and FERS benefits, reducing the earnings of the TSP G-Fund, increasing retiree FEHBP premium contributions, and eliminating the FERS supplement for pre-65 annuitants. A record of the actual votes can be linked through the House Clerk's Website.

  2. The Senate is presently considering its own budget resolution, which, yet, does not have a bill number, nor does it currently include instructions to cut federal and postal employee and retiree benefits. The Senate is likely to vote on its own budget during the week of October 16. It is important for all our members to let their U.S. Senators know to oppose adding any reconciliation instructions to cut federal and postal employee health and retirement benefits.

  3. House. Res. 71 doesn’t have the force of law, it does sets the stage for an Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act that would have the force of law and could radically modify member health retirement programs, resulting in benefit cuts. Obviously, this administration and Congress is quite different. So, members should be prepared for battle.

Kevin Trayer, Michiana Area VP Legislative activities:

I still think efforts should be focused at the local level. Also, it seems many legislators are resigning or not seeking re-election.

I am encouraging State Legislative officers to keep an eye out for local events to attend and help raise more SPAC funds.

I recently worked with Ivan and Katie to get tickets to a fund raiser for Brenda Lawrence, Branch 23 officers attended this affair and publish information in the Postal Supervisor magazine.

Bob Quinlan, Southern Region Area VP Legislative Report:

Over the summer my legislative activities have been to visit Congressman Webster’s office in my district. Congressman Webster is not a supporter of the Postal Service but I keep trying. I sent in the last Legislative update from Bruck hopefully that will at least allow him to support the government workers.

In our efforts to raise money for SPAC is during our State Convention in Georgia, Florida raised a total of $23,000. We conducted a silent auction SPAC raffle, a walkathon and 50/50 with every Branch meeting thought the state during the year.

Ethics No Report

Postmaster Recognition of new membership opportunities, make Postmaster recruitment an ongoing process. Messaging to Postmasters as to “why NAPS?” ...

Membership responsibility of all Board members, attend career conferences, new supervisor training classes, Postmaster essentials classes and daily engagement with non-members.

PFP Advisory Review of NAPS proposals to improve NPA for FY 2018.

Duties and Responsibilities The Committee presented the Board with a revised Duties and Responsibilities Guide for FY 2018.

Jim Stokes, Stoladi Mgmt Update

Update on NAPS HQ building 100% leased, with several additional tenant renewals in FY 2018. This will drive tenant improvement costs up, even as normal maintenance is on-going. The vacancy rate in Alexandria is approximately 12%. Construction costs are up, tenant improvements now above $35 per square foot. Stoladi has on site property manager for NAPS HQ, plus a senior engineer.

Stacey Herndon PNC Investments
Gave the Board an update on NAPS investments, portfolio, and investment strategies.

LTS Update

Dates of 2018 LTS are March 11 thru 14, 2018. Registration will be via the NAPS website at www.naps.org. Due to the unavailability of Arlington National Cemetery for our traditional wreath laying on the Sunday of LTS, it has been rescheduled for Wednesday March

National Convention Update

Dates of the 2018 National Convention at Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Ct are August 6- 10, 2018. Registration will be via the naps website, www.naps.org.


Recommendation 1 Executive VP / Legislative Assistant be allowed to attend regional / area training seminars to assist with SPAC donations and signing up new contributors. Their expenses would be charged to NAPS HQ. Recommendation made by Kevin Trayer; seconded by Craig Johnson.

Recommendation failed on voice vote.

Recommendation 2 Area VP or Regional VP for each area / region have their expenses paid for the 2018 LTS Wreath laying (not to exceed $1,000) by NAPS HQ to help support their members. Recommendation made by Dan Mooney; seconded by Kevin Trayer.

Recommendation passed on voice vote.

Motion 1 Motion to allow the NAPS Resident Officers to enter into contract discussions with Dillard Financial Solutions to establish a financial partnership between the organizations. Motion made by Chuck Mulidore; seconded by Tommy Roma.

Motion passed 10/24/17. Voting: Yes (17) Wagner, Butts, Mulidore, Roma, Green, R., Johnson, Walton, Warden, Murphy, Aglidian, Needham, Trayer, Moreno, Mooney, Green, B., McCracken, and Cherry. No (7) Griffin, Rowel, Quinlan, Green, S., Elizondo, Pashinski, Atkins. Not Voting Ford, Board Chairman.

Spring 2018 Executive Board Meeting - The 2018 Spring Executive Board meeting will be held March 14-17, 2018 at NAPS HQ.

Good of the Association President Wagner thanked the Board for their diligence during the Fall Board meeting, and working for the betterment of the membership.

Executive VP Ivan thanked the Board for meeting the SPAC challenge

Chairman Ford thanked the board for a smooth, productive meeting.

16. Closing Prayer led by Eastern Region VP Richard Green

17. Adjournment - Motion to adjourn by K Trayer, 2nd by Cornel Rowel Motion passed on voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Mulidore

NAPS National Secretary-Treasurer 

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in President 537

There is some good information in here that I have put in bold print that can be used to better represent our members and also to help educate some of our district leadership regarding what Megan Brennan, and top USPS leadership (is Day 2 of the meeting) tell us at these meetings. Having it in writing makes all the difference when you want to help EAS.

Co-Presidents Sean Accord and Toni Leonardi both went over convention agenda and status of the merger at this 1st UPMA convention-attendance down-need to strive to get more involved as actives. PMG and others will be here on Tuesday instead of today. Some elections this year and presidential one is next year-2 candidates announced. Term limits cause rotation off board. Now 3 year term limit. 4 cities running for 2019 convention and will each make a presentation.


**Bob Levi-Legislative rep-presentation:

-spoke about President Trump approval numbers and other non-postal info he shared-negative trivia about Trump.


-Only 2 members on Board of governors-Ron Stroman and Megan Brennan-no presidential appointees yet.


-Went over budget-reconciliation is reconciling the law to match the budget. Limited pool of money to cut from.


-***6% of our salary is at risk with this budget-This Year we cannot rely on a presidential veto of the 2018 House Budget Resolutions but many in -House in both parties don't support it. Will likely see many changes and deletions.


-High 5 would not be retroactive, but would be for new retirees-January 2018. see picture of slide.


-We have allies in law enforcement and air traffic controllers who would also be hit hard. This is for the entire federal community.


**We are focusing right now on budget resolutions that are expected to save Billions-expect action in September-end of September is the deadline.


***Postal optimism-Bob Levi thinks the legislation will move forward.


See slide of key elements-


Need to Address:


-Retiree pre-funding-without it the USPS would have been in the black


-Refund FERS surplus-USPS needs a refund


-Innovation & products-need to have these opportunities


-Rate fairness-need more flexibility in rates


PostPlan Moratorium-unique to UPMA-don't want anymore reclassifications or evaluations-especially EAS 18 offices.



HR 756 Postal Reform Act 2017: The most controversial part is Medicare integration-he emphasized is only for those over 65 -so not all retirees. 77% of current Medicare eligible retirees are already in medicare-23% elected not to enroll-he says many as they get older want to get into Medicare for what they feel would be virtually no health costs.


***The only want for the postal service to reap benefits is for all to be in Medicare so that the postal service has no more pre funding requirement.

-He says all employees would get lower health care costs due to this-

-Bill reduces the Board of Governors to 5 not 9 as it now is. (all member terms have expired and no presidential replacements so now it is only Megan and Ron Stroman)

-Universal Services Safeguards are most important for rural mail service-small post offices.

***No mention of MSPB.

Bill Is currently out of Oversight and Govt. reform committee and into Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce-would then go to house floor.

Major tweaking is going on right now around Medicare integration-would exclude Tri Care-military part-Trey Gowdy of S Carolina is now Chairman. October target.



**Postmasters and Managers Political Fund-exceeded expectations-especially without a forum or leadership conference.

New pins were created for our organization that reflects cumulative pins from NAPUS and The League.

"Don't like politics but I do like legislation."



**Richard Hui-e-learning now on UPMA website

All can get into website-the log on is the 4 digit number in your magazine plus first 2 letters of your last name.



**Hartley Alley-UPMA lawyer

-Spoke about his past-came to law late in life-been to supreme court and multiple complex cases-UPMA completely different-1996 first USPS cases.


-Alley admires people who have stuck with a career and are long time serving government employees. Wants to be sure that we are glad he represented them.



Discussed Hotels for 2019 convention do presentations-Shawn Whistn-Moheghen Sun in Connecticut- $149 a night

Signature Credit Union-CEO Rebecca Cuddy-used to be NAPUS credit union-working for the rights of our fellow members.




***David Ravenelle-UPMA National Director -

"Every Postal employee has the right to dignity and respect and the right to compensation that is transparent, fair and realistic and our members are the reason we advocate. We are the solution and the conduit for change-we can grow our organization together."


Presented the Star Chapter Award-effective leadership is the key-self nominated-legislative, genuine, activity that supports of 5 characteristics of a successful chapter. Will be 400 members-

Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Texas, S Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, N Carolina, Iowa.


***First National Chapter of the Year-winning behaviors-membership-5 activities to hold and gain membership-9 activities and participation at Career Awareness, etc...Alabama won


*Baltimore Convention presentation-2019-are direct flights from LAX via Alaska and American-$149-$189-all rooms in 1 hotel-10 min from airport.


*Atlanta Postal Credit Union-presentation-Chuck Head-25,000 members-large.



1:30 <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/4789> 


***Break out afternoon meetings-CA Pacific Area meeting:


Communicate w MPOO and team if not going to get some tasks completed. They are just trying to hold their people accountable and communicate-no one gets on you if you let them know-just get it done by someone-is a team effort.

-If it is on a list-those are the ones to get done.

-If have conflicting things to do then have MPOO prioritize-


+++We are exempt from any telecoms if you have something going or have a customer in the lobby or other issues-

-We are not sitting at desks and computers doing nothing-


Went over all relationships with District Managers-should be having regular meetings.

Some things are now last minute requests-an issue she is taking up with Larry Munoz-



***Candidate for President next year-Richard-gets 3 minutes to present-vision-what do I stand for -what is my drive-


            -passion/ integrity/people PIP-want to do it for the right reasons.


            -The president works for you-you have every right to know what I do every day-




            -What good is a title if you do nothing-I am available everywhere to talk to you and get things accomplished for you.



Jackie-Pacific Area Coordinator-will meet soon with Larry Munoz she already met and brought up better training-tell people to come to the convention-


            **I spoke about the best district-Sierra Coastal-Greg Wolny-progress in NPA and even more serious business nature of meetings now, which is good. Wolnyisms.


            **Charles Hearne (LA) spoke about getting members to attend career conference meetings-he signed up 38 people-going to San Diego next week-we need to get young folk involved because some retirees are going away.


++State Convention-Buena Park in April 2018-First Timers are comped. Will add a line about that to the registration sheet and about vegetarian meals. Also acknowledge veterans on the sheet for follow up.-Will do a direct mailing a month out.


***Candidate for President-Dan Hines-PM in Min-3 minutes to address each break out group


-He has had the opportunity to attend some meetings where he started to understand the issues that brought us together and are different


-He will do everything in his power to build membership-we must bring value to the members we have-need to offer events that get people involved in training and get involved at all-to increase their interest in the organization.

-Build up membership-what it means to them in their life-He will do his best to get to the CA convention next year.

-They need to respect our time-what we have to do-


Jackie continued working with group to**create Q's for Larry-NPA-how many EAS, Plan, Engagement,


+Election for Pacific Are Coordinator-Jackie -nominated Mary Fines-nominated by Charles-Declined -Jackie by acclamation.


+Shawn, co-president came in-will be at Palm Springs career awareness.



***Adverse Action class-Hartley Alley-UPMA lawyer

-no matter how hopeless a case looks-don't give up. Many times the other side makes mistakes or does not take it as seriously as you. Sometimes we win cases on procedural error or because the USPS did not give the EAS due process.

-Always take good notes-they may prove the letter issued is incorrect.

-Hartley does discovery and takes depositions.

-Everybody should be able to take a case through the process. -Fight all discipline-can turn out to be a problem.

-Anyone can be set up for discipline,

-You should mitigate everything.

-Never take a polygraph test.

-Sometimes they do not administer an agreement in good faith-need to push back.

-Comments regarding so many senior EAS getting discipline-some thoughts that trying to get out people making more money.


Most disciplinary Issues:


e travel issues, sharing pass words, taking per diem when not entitled, safety reports, theft cases, kiting money orders, stealing registry money, misuse of postal credit card, sex, hiring relatives, money stolen from cash drawers, using clerk passwords to access POS drawers. (sometimes they arrest postal employees for small amounts of money) not reporting serious accidents, (others brought up accidents that are your fault, falsifying clock rings, falsifying scans.)


-Sometimes they give you short notice and you are barely able to make it but try to meet with member before anyway. This time is important.

-if FF is over the phone due to large district-like Alaska-you need to have the client with you.

-Try not to have it over the phone-only for huge territory-you also need to take breaks after you prep them-never allow them to answer without a witness.

-**How much time do you have to wait for a rep? Like if say tomorrow <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/8904>  at 9

-Hartley says you need to stand firm as to when you as a rep are available and that if they cause you issues then this usually goes against them later.

-There is nothing that is so urgent that anyone needs to do a FF right away.

-Take very good notes from the interview. Contemporaneous notes-need to be the same day. Keep member from talking faster than you are writing, you can also just say-you have answered the question.

-**If are constrained from full participation in FF-Write to them-that you had legitimate questions and you have now hindered my ability to properly represent that EAS.


-**Having others in the room is only used as an intimidation procedure-having others in meeting-say for notes or as a witness is OK.


**Hartley says do not let anyone give written statements -not required to sign anything,

**Sending labor manager out to do FF's is OK-but the real chain of command must be followed for discipline.



++If you think it is going to be a removal or downgrade then make sure to tell people to come up with the money-borrow from family, etc,$3,000 or $6,000.

+++562.2-has to do with members without MSPB rights-it is new to us-let us know.


If not a member then sign them up-just not eligible for legal representation for a year.


Harley-after FF-if going to be witnesses involved-do not contact the witnesses and ask them anything about it.

-If think person will be walked out-make sure have emails of evidence.


**Be careful about getting someone to write witness statements-write the statement for them-and say if this is accurate could you sign it or if not what needs changed.


*Request to amend your electronic eopf. form 8000? on Blue Page-goes to mgr. LR and HR mgr.


**Stale-issues from in the past-starts to look ridiculous.Stand alone items. Just trying to hurt people when dredge from the past for discipline.



*Main Session: Multiple presentations for membership and legislative awards.

Kalahari Resort-presentation from Ohio for national convention-$150/nite



+++Brian Wagner-National President of NAPS


I am very honored to be here-I was here last year. We have so much in common-the rivalry is all with common goals-


Pay and benefits-NALC just settled contract-we are next to discuss pay-"if we are held to a higher standard then we need to be paid at a higher standard." (PMG and COO sitting in the room)


"We are all here for a common goal to be sure the lives of our members are better off."


Three most important things:


1-Title 39-pay of EAS needs to be comparable to private sector.


2-We need to have a pay differential.


3-The pay and benefits need to be good enough that they will attract the next generation of leaders


I applaud what you are doing here for your members-we need leaders. I travel and read a lot-"Leaders Eat Last"-great book on leadership.


Whatever you do-continue to be that leader-thank you for inviting me.


*Scholarship Program-awards


***Megan Brennan-PMG Presentation


Thank you for the opportunity to be here-congratulations on your first UPMA convention-that is a credit to your organization-You persevered-you collaborated and combined it is a credit to you.


**It is important that this organization thrive-we rely on you and your leadership.

-Thank you for the activities and the results from Business connect-you are an extension of our sales force-you identify solutions for our small and middle size customer.


-Showed slide regarding mail volume decline-accelerating more than expected-business is penalizing customers for mail-want digital-pre sort mail way down.


-First Class pays our Postal bills-periodicals-we read on line more and more now


We have a double digit growth in package vouume-but-250% needed in increase to make up that letter volume that we have lost.


mail mix-Priority Mail growth has continued but has slowed


            +++Parcel select is growing-but 3 customers only-Amazon, UPS and FedEx-all three are committed to bringing the volume back-re direct back to themselves


            We are going to try and make it more difficult for them to re direct with new contracts


            Increase in mobile shopping-she has ordered and gets all e information.


+++Service and competitive price point is the key for customer choice-Value proposition


            +++29% decline since 2007 in mail volume and package volume added is still low


            **We need the right product on the right trip and continue to make changes and adjustments


            +++We can slow the diversion but can't stop it-the Postal Service will be last mile


            ++Solvable with Legislation-due to long term legacy costs that need to be addressed.


            +++I thank UPMA-you have done an excellent job in advocating for our organization-those trips to Capitol Hill matter-every American is our customer-that resonates-


            You have done a tremendous job in advocating.


            **Right now we are doing 10 year pricing review-pricing methodology review-for us it is not working-we don't have sufficient revenue to cover costs-the gap is growing due to the price cap.


            **What we have is not workable for a company that has a universal service obligations and competition in every category.

We need to continue our advocacy with PRC also.


*It is critically important for us to get legislation-only want to return to financial sure footing and be viable in the future.


            $28B in new revenue and cost savings


            Thursday have Q 3 financial-$2.1B loss in volume


            Need to look for areas we can grow and slow the diversion


            Customers want instant access.


            ***We are best positioned to own the last mile-


            +++4 Pillars-our core objectives and the foundation of service


            1-Deliver a world class experience.-simplified-solutions (DMM simplifications) and a premiere experience- Innovate to deliver value for business mailers.


            2-Innovate to deliver value-informed delivery, shipping innovations, mail innovations.


            We need to promote informed delivery with our employees and our customers


            "Down time is now screen time”-we need to recognize we need a strategy-Informed Delivery is that strategy. We have 4M users so far-just enabled for parcels also.


            -Moving to Predictive Delivery***we need the sales team to get the large customers and mailers to use this and get us to 200M-we will start sharing more info on informed delivery.


3-Invest in our future-informed visibly, infrastructure investments and vehicle investments (we have been replacing some but this fall we have prototypes this fall with multiple suppliers and some alternate energy types-testing for ergonomics, safety and operating efficiencies-will be a multi-year process. We will continue to make smart investments


            4-Equip, Engage and Empower USPS Employees


            ****The intent is that you are not tethered to your desk-not that you have to be reading emails and texts all the time-just a means of communication so you can reach people.


            ****We need to move with pace-but the most important thing is employee engagement-

            Our work matters, or efforts are visible and we are noticed for our work.


            “Thank you-while we are challenged-there is a way forward-up to this organization to ensure the long term viability.”



            Taking questions:


            1-Informed delivery-needs better adverting and also PCC-need to have more postmasters and employees aware of-


            *****Dave and I just met with national PCC advisory committee-national PCC week 3rd week of Sept-need to get more postal involved-who better to interact with these customers-they are the ones that make the mail work and provide value-PCCs should become an extension of business connect.



            2-As Legislative chair I am wondering what you perceive as the day we run out of money?


            Part of the challenge is when you talk to public officials and show financial gaps they don't see the urgency because there is no disruption of mail-we will always deliver mail, pay our employees and our suppliers. We are going to decide what retirement payments we are going to make. We will take very means possible to conserve cash-we are not able to borrow.


            Be assured we will continue to deliver the mail but we can't pay all the bills due in September, 2017.


            ****"We need to be far more aggressive with consolidation efforts on the plant side-we will reposition transplanted employees."




            3-EAS 18 offices-last year you gave us good news-this year we are told remapping?


            My commitment for a year was not reevaluating EAS 18's-not discussing that now.


            4-Many postal programs do not move over to our phones-


            A-we are working on improving them-it is sub optimized not to have the aps on the phone.



            ++5-Thanks for employee engagement-problem is that we push it down to our employees in Colorado but not being treated this way-


            A-Every part of our organization not in lock step-we need to make sure the POOMs, PM's and DM's have the training  and I understand what you are saying-don't you have a new DM?



            +++6-We are working 10-11-12 hours a day-I want to be with my family and have VPN so I can do some of the work at home instead of at the office.


            ****A-"My priority is my family and then work-I want you to all do the same-I don't want you working from home-I think we need to address the workload and the expectation-I don't want you working 10-11 or 12 hours a day on any day.



            ***7-A/L restrictions by MPOO for holidays and December -


A-There are no black out days for EAS A/L-Send your 3971 to me right away!

-Identifying future leaders has to be a priority-we need to treat our EAS well

(this is not for those that have too much annual and are in a use it or lose it status-should have used earlier in year-not everyone can be off)



            8-What can we do to ensure employee safety-issue to drivers from outside


            We need to keep access points locked and contained-operating window has changed with night drops.



            9-shortage of LLV's and training of CCA's-Rural Academy could be better


            A-if you don't have LLV's then why using them-Rural Academy is better than it was.


            **Many of these things are not worthy our time here-this forum is not for local issues.

**When we are at these meetings need to address local issue locally and national here.



            10-OPM issues


            A-we are working at a level where we get things done-give your info



            11-Possibility to end FERS supplement? How soon? Do I need to retire soon?

A-Clearly if that bill passes it impacts all federal employees not just postal-there is strong opposition against the bill-not just parts. You need to make an informed decision about it and let your public officials know.



12-We have postmasters and managers delivering mail because we have a cap on CCA hiring-only possible way to get it delivered if you have employees out ill-takes 4 months.


A-+++I don't want you out delivering mail. The onboarding process should not take 4 months-we have the ability do it do faster (Western-Hawkeye district) Should be sharing employees-MPOO-


13-Alaska-I have been approached by 30+ year employees and when retire get no recognition or goodbye


A-Agree-last week email from 43 year employee-that is not right-we are trying to ensure we are getting those milestones-looking for 55 year pins etc.

We need to make sure that HR department knows-but if they-some employees don't want them- then have to honor that as well. We have a responsibility to recognize people.



14-We heard that excessing will stop-

A-I mentioned earlier about consolidation in plants-if job vacant 28 days notifications-why many pushed back to February-we are trying to be sure employees have landing-spots when we do the excessing. Management associations will be a part of this.


+++15-N Carolina-All of our parcel volume is between 4-7-we have to keep PSE's below 36 hours and have restrictions to getting the work done.


We need to look at the workload and staffing-you should be getting help from neighboring offices. Need to share resources.



+++16-Peak season-will we have access to extra vehicles?

A-Yes-but depending on workload-we will end the year with less mail and will end next year with less mail. Most come under evaluated time-need to use that. Last year we hired over 37,000 extra workers-we may not do that this year-cost of training and onboarding. During Dec. unscheduled sick leave goes down-more come to work.



+++17-Are you looking at using retirees other than peak season-knowledge?


Yes-we have been doing that for rural count and inspections-looking for ways to leverage that and use them more-less problems and less training needed.




Under staffing-competition for vacancies-competing with seasoned 17's-we never used to do that-we used to have ASP that had stages-


            1-agree must fill the vacancies-3,000 EAS vacancies

2-all for training and developing them-


Repositioning-if getting more laterals then not getting vacancies filled


+++We need to attend career conferences if interested in changing positions and encourage interested employees to do the same.



19-UPS-large packages as less than 10% of package mix-during holidays driven by consumers


All carriers are going to be at capacity in December and Fed Ex and UPS use us as overflow.



20-Career Awareness involvement of top officers-should allow off-but could not-


A-        To let you attend-We should be looking at having "pool" clerks from other offices



+++21-Mandated use of A3 incentivized me to retire early-we had to do them for every place we were under standard. Took 6 hours each. I left. Not the purpose of LSS or A3-they are to identify where need improvement-this was punitive and a punishment-it should have been a team and not individualized.


A-A 3’s not intended to be punitive-thanks for your service but sorry you retired-come up here later and we will do a selfie and post it. Should have had assistance and not taken a long time-in the field they take my words and take them out of context.


++++We need to take to heart that none of these efforts are made to be punitive-need to learn-call that person that can assist-also  we need to make sure employees are recognized-after 36 years everyone deserves better.



22-Tenness-bringing in new RC spots with no Rural Academy training-


A-We want safety and no one out without training-we need to pause and make sure all are properly trained. Do not use employees until trained.



23-EAS 19 postmaster-is that a new position?


A-I am not involved-that is a pay talk discussion.(Tony said it was)



+++++”Please note-I heard everything said- there will be action and follow up on everything we noted. “

            +++++”Do not assume we know things or that your DM knows-Please let us know of your concerns and what is going on. Tell us-we may not know.”



National Harbor Maryland presentation-Gaylord-$159/night + perks

Clara McCullar-Co President of Retirees-off in October 2017.



“Need to work for a cause-lead all toward right path while keeping them safe. You may never know the good you accomplish by just doing the right thing, honesty, Integrity, compassion, trustworthy, fair-core traits of any effective good leader-strong positive values are a must in our lives.”


Being actively involved is the key-knowledge and involvement is strength-encouraging each-other and talking to our lawmakers is strength.


We all have talents to share.


Read passages regarding-If doing life over-I would take fewer things seriously and take more chances-travel lighter and enjoy more of life.



Dave Williams-COO


            Leads the continuous improvement of the USPS and loves LSS, Employee Engagement and employees!


            **Thank you for the role you play and the value you bring to the USPS-you are a valuable part of our leadership team.


Our most important job as leaders is to make sure they go home safely.” Smart business moment. 30 fatalities this year. Hazards lead to fatalities.


Dave told the story of his father who passed early due to an industrial brick-laying accident when he was 6-out of 10 children. Mom was 28 years old-“so it tugs at my heart about safety.” Why I am so passionate that we are doing everything that we can-to be sure this does not happen to our employees. Seat Belts are the most important part of safety.


            ***If person in the back seat is not wearing a seat belt those in the front are 5x more likely to be a fatality in an accident.

**”Thanks for the great performance. We only exist for our customers.”


Our postmasters are important-role to provide great customer experience and value.


“We set all-time highs for service in marketing mail, periodicals, parcel select and scanning performance. This is a testimony to the great leadership you provide.”


I am passionate for how we continuously improve-we know all can even get better.

***”The comment about the A3 is my fault-I asked for them as a tool-(made face) a tool for us to get better-not a punishment or what we impose to try to get to people.”



**We have to get even better-we are minus-4B pieces of mail volume we relied on lost in one year-next year we expect to lose 4B more pieces-8 B total! Lose about $300M of revenue due to this.


1/2 of everything (money) we bring in for 1st Class goes to our infrastructure-marketing mail is down too.


Decline of letters and flats and more parcels-caught us off guard-this means negative revenue from what we were expecting.


****I am now extremely focused on making sure we are driving efficiencies-and our workload. Scheduling and staffing-changes being implemented since March.



Need to have scheduling and staffing changes to do more parcels and not letters like we used to do.


50% of our F4 have wrong days and the wrong start times-can you imagine?


Mail processing is 70%-in plants many have wrong schedules and days for OT –it will not be where it needs to be. Wrong days off too. 1/3 of total OT is due to wrong day off.


Wrong starting times-they should match arrival of workload-


***”44% of OT due to wrong schedules-would be irresponsible to continue this way- we need to adjust schedules.”



October 1st <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/25808>  new FY-need a running head start-Need to make sure the operational footprint matches the revenue.


Customer experience-everything is going to rise and fall on the customer experience.


            ***Amazon, UPS and Fed Ex will move when get a better customer experience.



***NPA-3.95 corporately-I want to be at 6.0


++3 indicators that can move in next 52 days-marketing mail and periodicals-if get a 92 on time.

In Q3 we did it and just need to continue and move up one cell

-scanning-can move up one more cell

-Just moved up a cell on parcel select

-Accident rate-at 15.43-really good gains possible-focus on the hazards and top accident causes. Dog bites, falls, heat related accidents and lifting.



***Will be above a 4.0 on NPA if do these-we have momentum going into September.


**“I was getting writer’s cramp taking notes on your questions to Megan.-I want to answer some myself-“:



1-***Treatment of postmasters-we are all leaders in this organization-employee engagement starts with engaged leadership-it starts with me-we need more engagement from EAS at all levels-engaged employees are enthused about their work and this is a leadership issue.



2-***MPOO-creating a whole new training course for them-have some training but not specific to them-they need to be taught core leadership principals that are missing.


3-Looking at staffing levels and # of people that report to our MPOOS-but need to lay out the leadership principals to all leaders-what we expect.


4-We are repositioning vehicles and excessing some that cost us more to keep on the road than they are worth-we are storing some for peak season and we will lease new ones.


5-**Excessing will be in February


6-***A3's-not meant to punish-my fault-I requested them and when I do that, it snowballs-in ways I did not intend.


7-We have committed to reducing telecoms-telling them to engage better but not to waste peoples time.


8-I have come to learn that my 15 min telecom becomes a 1 hr. with the DM and then goes up from there.


9-***Need to get rid of non-value added work.


            Q & A


Q1-Carrier Academy-not done in 8 hours because no vehicles


A-we have a 3% buffer for operational maintenance-email me what office you are in-vehicles belong to HQ not district now so Kevin McAdams wlll work on that.-email me you’re your issues to [email protected]



Q2-We need Postmaster trained in how to handle CDS carriers-keep out of trouble

A-It goes beyond CDS-there is an opportunity for us to close the knowledge gap.


Need to answer the office phones and be responsible to the operation.



Q3-Rule change in middle of our season-budgets-


A-I have committed to fair budgets for our offices so we can open our doors. We should have enough  budget at acceptable efficiency levels. Apparently there are 67 different (number of districts) ways to do it and so now taking them to HQ to tweak. Last budget adjustments for EAS 20 and 21 offices will take place next Monday <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28536> and be reflected in flash Sept 5th. <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28574>



Q4-Methodology for marketing and operations-scheduling


A-Scheduling staffing is an operations function-I meet with Area Marketing managers-I talk about eCCs and now am changing my message because we have 2 separate groups going down separate paths-need to go thru variations to be successful.



Q5-Offices being mandated to go in and capture 20% of routes open-creates carriers out till 8pm-9pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28956>  because not using CCAs.

All Goes against TOE-told to do something because it is hurting their NPA.


***A-It is my job to make sure we have great leadership in the field-pivot is about 10% to capture under time. Need to look at start time for CCAs-too early or too late. Want carriers off street by 1800 so not on overtime. Need to capture under time-some districts must be trying for more than 10%-we should not be doing it if it is costing us money.


Q6-How do we right size the workload if we don't have as much control?


A-Need to reposition employees when have too many of one type of employee-look at our operational footprint.



Q7-Is any justification for clerks going to be looked at before they are excessed?


A-Yes-we look at things individually. We don't have a F4 national model. Much is locally determined-up to your district leadership-we need to get a better model for pool clerk operations.



Q8-Standardized packaging-red, green, etc.


A-Great idea-will give you credit.

Q9-Texas-custodial duties in RMPO-doing custodial duties


A-Just got an arbitration on that and will see how we need to implement that award-we will do whatever we have to do to comply.



“Thank for your questions and listening to me-it is only with your leadership we are doing so  well and I am so proud to be a part of your leadership team.”



Various presentations and announcements.


CA meeting 5-6 pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/30312>  in Charles room 570-vote on site 2019, legislation, dinner tickets for Wednesday, etc. Pizza-


Group of ~700 Delegates on Louisville Harbor Sunset Cruise 8-10:30pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/30421>





Jeff Williamson-Chief Human Resources <tel:202-268-2028>  and Executive VP USPS



-Went over the new tools and employee engagement I am easy to reach-call me<tel:202-268-2028> -



Q & A With Jeff:   


Q1-Employee Engagement was great but needs to be fulfilled-we have EAS out on stress and that is not something we need to deal with-we need to see change and accountability.


A-I could not agree more-that is why we are doing that-the fabric -are there people that are underperforming? But we do not treat them poorly-we mentor and coach- have people call me<tel:202-268-2028> have to do better? Yes, but there is a way to treat people correctly-the amount of stress and pressure that is on everybody-I would not work for a boss that treats me like that, We are working really hard to address this-you need to let us know who-call us.


It is unacceptable and none of us condone it-we have a long way to go-

If there is someone out there not doing what they need to be doing we will address it-it does not start at the top-just because we say it, it will not just happen-It is unit by unit and we have to do a better job. Josh will help you too. (was from someone in his Eastern Area and Josh was in the room)


The units that are in the top quartile-400 units that are as good at engaging their employees-that number doubled between the first and third surveys.

If any of you have a specific issue-call me- tel:202-268-2028



Q-What is the future of PMR's-they seem to be the forgotten stepchildren


A-I don't know-we have small units across the country-no one should be forgotten.

The commitment is we are going to go full end-some are purposeful and necessary because that is the only tie the community has-even though they produce no revenue to cover costs.


**I think sometimes we worry too much about legislation-we can try new products and what are they going to do-we worry and hold ourselves back sometimes with worry (“This is why I go last to speak and my boss is not here and doesn't hear what I say.”)



Q-Issue-"you don't have to worry about what we do-you up end my credit card if I don't take a class-an on line class-you have no idea what I do and why we don't take a class but you take away use privileges if we don’t take the class-I think you are disrespectful and a dictator.


A-**I agree-I did not want my comments to sound like a dictator or disrespectful-I apologize-we are trying to balance the needs of the business and the responsibility. But there are very few things we ask you to do that do not have a business need.

-We will look at those specific issues. We will evaluate it.



Q-PPPO postmaster promised equalization of our pay-don't forget


A-This will come up in pay talks-I have not forgotten about you.


Q-Care program-


A-We are going to take everything we have and end up together-some components were more mature than others.


If you are given work and not given instructions then call us-it just shows how inefficient we are-it has nothing to do with will-it is that the systems are so darn hard.


***I am not just saying things because I am up here-call me-I gave out my number-we will get you the resources-I am sorry you were struggling.



Q-Identifying where PTF's are and e reassign issues-there needs to be more transparency because as postmasters we need to know where they are on the list-and so do the employees-now is after day 21.


A-I could not agree more-I have had those issues-a clerk in my home post office.


***We have hidden behind the idea that HR info is sensitive-not all of it is-we in HR need to be more transparent. It is a combination of the system and how we train our employees.

Q-I am one of 462 offices that received your letter-engagement-

We have gone down in responses-I can no longer manage my office.


A-“I commend you-for being there-it shows you communicate.”



Q-Why are my employees being disciplined by managers that don't take the initiative-engagement?


A-Engagement is only partial-if the system fails you then is reflected there-


**Do your employees trust you? Do you trust your employees? It is about trust-If you don't believe we are doing things with the right intent.


**Engagement is about empowering employees-without empowerment is not good.


If this answer is not what you need then call me.



“Thank you, thank you, thank you-as we watch the agency evolve-remember you are the ones that make it happen.”

****“Empower you and I give you the ability to be the best you can be-you are the heart and soul of the organization.”


Write me, call me-I get a lot of them from you.



**Site selection results-Connecticut-2019


Editors awards-Publications-cover design, use of feature article, human interest article and use of photos.





Josh Colin-Eastern AVP-



Discussed Q's brought up from his area-




***In Quarter 1 HQ saw what we hadn't planned for-the revenue picture had shifted-we had planned a positive net income but even though parcel volume was still growing-letters and flats dropped-JP Morgan-banking, ATT-Direct TV and L Brand-Victoria’s Secret, Bed Bath and Beyond-all decided to get out of the mail all at one time-80% of Eastern volume disappeared-2B pieces of mail-we came out of December and looked at revenue and volume and performance. After Christmas-we saw mostly on rural side carriers leaving late and back late-we asked why-we had to look since volume was really down.

***Sometimes our MPOOs and other managers are over passionate and over-zealous leaders -sometimes push things down wrong-things should be based on an individual basis anyway.


You have come to Eastern-what keeps me up at night is the people piece-I care about People.


            ***Employee engagement is not the flavor of the month. Engagement and culture do not always align-you have to keep engaging all the time it does not stop-just like here-you came together as one organization this year because you realized change has to come.



***We are going to become a parcel delivery company-not letters and flats-if those do not come back.


I deal with data-Engagement to me is never anything new-it will take 5 years to see changes. I used to have an afro-it was different when I got into management-I believe in engagement-people can change.


***Sometimes the reason for why we do something has not been explained fully-we need to explain the why-not just because I say so. If you don't know why-the message is not really clear. We need to take the time to do this. An important part of Engagement is explaining why we request employees to do things-not just because we are boss and say so.


You always have to be respectful-There are 10 districts in Eastern-North is unhappy, south is happy-you need to know how to reach people-you have to go to career conferences-it is an investment.


We are most likely going to be a package delivery company-but we don't know if we have priced it right to be profitable. Packages are going to grow. Retail is disappearing.


e-commerce has taken over. We have to be efficient at what we do.


Went over Sunday delivery-huge cost-


Reviewed Eastern Area tools-took cumbersome tools and improved on them and have shared our work with all other areas. (7 total)



SEAT-Stationary Event Analysis Tool-we need to get the carriers back.


-We have to give everybody training on this-Southern Area is now getting on board.


New tool shows each Eastern Area District listed by day-without doing anything complicated you can see when the carrier is standing still-no pings- no scans-and the dollar value of the idle time-unless there is an apartment building you should be pinging-carriers-they are paid to be in motion other than 2 breaks and a 30 minute lunch-they are paid to be in motion-this is our brand.


***Now we have that number for every district and every employee. $14,000/day at 50% capture rate is a positive NPA.


For city and rural routes-the growth is in rural but city routes expand more.


**The things headquarters puts out (tools/programs) are not always user friendly. We are going to push this to desktop so you can see the data and then delete it.



***Package volume is down due to Amazon pulling out some areas where they are delivering-they are identifying where they can do it-they believe our network is not sustainable-even though we are doing our job, change will pass us by.



When we drill down-we will pull out data that shows the time carriers are trying to take from us.


Dims and rims takes a long time and is difficult-this new program eliminates that-can see stationary time of each carrier. This is not HQ-this is Eastern Area. We are sharing this with Southern-we have to put together a training package so that we can have engagement conversation with the employee-required statements and required exhibits.


Remember-Behavior drives engagement.


***”Thank you for all you do-Without you and your dedication we would not be where we are today.”



Bob Levi-UPMA convention donation record-$13,120 so far this morning.


Election of officers-are every year for active and retired-term limits and ensure all not off at same time. What we do best is working for our membership.


See election vote slides.


Star Chapter Awards-


Speeches from outgoing termed out (Some 2 years from past and now One Three year term) officers. All co-officers but active member president which will be next year for a 3 year term. 2 announced so far. (co-presidents for retirees are also off the board)


-All said it had been an honor and privilege to serve and grew to respect every member of the executive board, mostly through respectful disagreements, since that is how you engage and get to know people.


-We have passion and dedication-how many have been in touch with office while on A/L this week?-stand up-all did-annual leave is not the same for postmasters as it is for craft-(used to have convention leave)



-Speeches from winners and losers-all said all who ran were very good candidates who would represent you well. Ran respectful but vigorous campaigns-with style and grace

Installation of auxiliary officers-(all retired) see pic-work for postmasters and managers to support them.



Installation of Newly elected area coordinators-November 1st take office-purpose and goal-to improve working conditions of members. Remain vigilant to members needs and represent UPMA to the best of my ability.



Installation of Board-working for the welfare of the members.



2 announced candidates for president next year spoke about themselves and what they plan to do-nothing more important than the welfare of each individual member.



Dan Heins for President 2018-introducer says-he listens to the concern of members and acts in their best interest, when say is going to do something-integrity-does it-knowledge of UPMA and helps-possesses skills to guide as well as lead-



-We are 2 organizations coming together on shores of Ohio River-both have different styles and traditions but all want for the good of each member.


He will focus on training and career development-he has initiated an online learning center-will continue with that tradition-education.


Will bring financial accountability, having been sec /tres. has unique understanding of where money comes from and how we manage the money entrusted to us-transparency important-should be spending money for what is important-prioritize for the membership.


-Membership-give value and meaning to the members we currently have as well as get more-work with groups to serve best at the chapter level-face to face time with those members, word of mouth keeps people.


-Representation-one of the most important things that we do-we should have representatives that work with our state chapter reps to find ways to educate them when they do get in trouble.


-Legislation-pending will be legislation that will affect us-retired and active-need to always be vigilant on legislative front.


-I will encourage unity and foster common goals-create an organization of value for all of us-committed to make you proud and sail into the future.



Richard Hui-no introducer




Good afternoon-ask for your vote so I can become the next national president –originated from Hong Kong-at 17-Boston University majored in economics. Knows value of hard work and diligence.


-Married w children and become letter carrier and supv. Etc. to postmaster.


-When electing look at quality, passion, drive and determination-if you do not do things in correct way you are heading for issues--I have inspiration and drive-all the titles and accomplishments I have on paper are meaningless-we need to work-members need to see it-so many members not getting time off, leaving early for retirement, this is wrong and hurts me.


-I have PIP-Passion-Integrity/transparency and People-represent the way it is supposed to be done-correctly.



Shawn Accord-gave review of events from Friday <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/41872>  on-


-Shawn spoke about the respect they have for Megan-she has always followed through with anything she has said she would.

-Some postmasters were getting excessing letters and some districts were not following policy and we would be paying millions of dollars so that has been halting until February.


****Cell phone program-request was not from our organization-not from postmasters to spend all that money on something you wonder why.....most did not want or need and is extra work.


-Family First-not work-this is where we need to be-and Megan reinforced it.


-First Timer thanks

- Recognize the national convention Kentucky chapter and raffle award winners from booths etc.

-Closing-patriotic song-sung by talented PM of New Jersey



Networking evening and Banquet entertainment/dinner

Continue reading
in President 549

There is some good information in here that I have put in bold print that can be used to better represent our members and also to help educate some of our district leadership regarding what Megan Brennan, and top USPS leadership (is Day 2 of the meeting) tell us at these meetings. Having it in writing makes all the difference when you want to help EAS.

Seminar began with a prayer for an atmosphere of cooperation and kindness for all.

CO/WY  A/ District Manager-Kevin Romero

Thanked all for what they do-encouraged to mentor and pass on knowledge before you leave.

Thanks for what you do every day-what you do helps make this organization run.

Patricia Jackson-Kelley-Nat'l President for the Auxiliary-Shared accomplishments:

Improved website, monthly financial report, support of SPAC, Attended 100th anniversary of New Jersey State, Met w/ some congressional offices in CA.

Greg Graves-USPS Western Area VP

Went over some of the US history that is explained in the national anthem and how fortunate history was that they prevailed. Life could be totally different here if others had won. Never take life and what we have for granted.

Management makes a difference and I am one of your strongest advocates. Tested self- managed units in the past-there was insanity-anything went-hours skyrocketed. Management makes a difference.

We need to figure out how we can give the most support to those on the front line-supervisors and move the organization forward.

The financial condition of the USPS right now is different-First Class volume continues to decline.

January, 2017 started one of the worst periods ever in our history and the steep decline in mail/flat volume has continued since them-the tunnel has collapsed ahead.

We have restrictions because we have contracts-but we need to cut back-

Our current productivity is not going to get us there-we now need to over communicate-as leaders we have to create hope-we are a $60B business and will hold at that-our infrastructure is $70B.

Working on legislation is key-

Postal Pulse survey is coming up-get everyone to fill out the survey and to tell the truth-that gives us a map to be better.

Our problem is that we have unions that don't trust us-based on what we did with the information in the past. (USPS used it in pay negotiations to the detriment of their members) We learned a hard lesson and will never do that again.

We are stronger when we are able to give our opinion. No one will compromise confidentiality.

Safety-should not be a number on a compensable target. People are important-safety is about bringing people home healthy each day.

Larry Munoz-USPS A/Pacific Area VP

We are holding Career Conferences every Sunday to encourage, find and develop new leaders. We are blessed with talented people-we have economists and lawyers.

Attendance is good-if you want to be developed and have other career opportunities you should attend one.

My commitment to you is to fill all EAS vacancies in Pacific Area-help us expedite those interviews and get all filled before peak season.

**Engagement-where we are in the surveys-We in Pacific Area have trained 4100 on engagement training. Almost all done. Exceptional training.

A lot of work needs to be done-this is a number one priority for me in Pacific Area-if all engaged then our task is easier.


**My goal and commitment is for everyone to get an NPA this year and next year.

I am a strong supporter of NAPS and still pay my NAPS dues.

Went over large sale in Pacific-LA: Greatest Of All Time-GOAT-this company specializes in high profile used shoes from celebrities-was using FedEx and UPS-due to leads got new revenue.

Our priority is to develop people and develop future leaders.

I am very proud of our relationship.

Brian Wagner, NAPS President

It is important that we have our leaders here to listen to us.

This is a great opportunity and great program. Thanks for being here.

Our officers are dedicated-we are great!

I was at the UPMA 1st convention in Louisville where our first convention was.

Ice cream of day is butterscotch.

Loretta Toliver-USPS Manger USPS Employee Engagement Programs

We are teaching 1.5 day classes to improve the work environment in all units-developing the possibilities within each person.

Engagement is how we do what we do every day-is not an add-on to our workload-it is tweaking working with others so we do it well.

Engagement does not trump our mission. Engagement is a way to carry out our mission.

The last program lasted 17 years as VOE

1994-the VO survey asked if are you satisfied with your pay-so when negotiations came then the union leadership was told this. Unions boycotted it even after done.

We need to be talking to these employees too and getting them to fill it out-part of engagement is having conversations-

Originally the ambassador’s job has been cut back due to finances-but 60% of attendees have said they have used it.

Most ask when their boss will be given the training.

Focus on that which is under your control.

Pacific Area completed Ambassador training for all EAS for Engagement

CEW-Bargaining unit employees are now getting the same training.

Another class taught by ambassadors is coming to help.

Looking for people that want to be a part of this-Coaching for Positive Relationships-

People want to be acknowledged on a personal level-

"If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life-"we want employees to want to come to work and love their job.

Engagement of the Year-We want to make sure that if there is someone who has done something fabulous-we want to acknowledge them.

EMVP-Engagement Most Valuable Player-peer to peer recognition

Certified Engaged Team-469 of them

***We have directors of Employee Engagement-positions not details-is not a flavor-it is not going away. It is a culture change. Does not have to take a long time as some say.

Coach on how to build better relationships

Q7-that is the most provocative question-do not believe their opinions count-people are 59% more engaged if they feel their opinion counts.

Engagement does not trump mission-for example- maybe can't put up curtains

****Engagement is a part of our future-is now part of classes and e Career KSA's and interview questions.

*****Questions are raised regarding promotions of those who do not manage through elements of engagement. People ask how they get promoted.

Q6-there is someone at work who encourages my development.

Every single one of us is motivated by something different.

Respect is something we can give-do not have to be well liked every day-like a family-

Q 1-Ralph Petty-took survey and has results

A-Some of us have worked for tyrants-

Some people can't talk because there are bosses in the room.

Accountability has turned into a negative because associated with discipline but it is really just about a conversation and trying to assist.

Q-HQ employees not told about and not taking the engagement courses-

A-we advertise every week-people should look at Kelvin Williams weekly emails to the field-

was mandatory-now recommended-and because of one person no one knows it exists.

Q-Few here knew what you were talking about and shows we are not engaged-so how can we use it and filter it down-it looks like they just want the numbers from the craft and not EAS-

A-We see it too-the ones that won't give the class because it is too expensive-some want to do it through beatings-

We should not be seeing emails that say-"get this report in by noon or see me in my office at 1."-we share those with Dave Williams in HQ for follow up.

Engagement is not a thing-it is our way of life for the future-like other companies.

Q-Sarah-where is the accountability?

Is there a way to send it up the ladder when we see discrepancies?

Yes-there is a feedback mechanism

Q-Supervisors have less time to interact with employees in the office-can try on the street-too many reports and no time.

A-we are also working on the telecom issue-it takes up all of our day.

Q-you said Engagement will be part of vacancy announcements?

Yes-and engagement drives safety.

640,000 employees- 40,000 are EAS=330,000 are managed by a disengaged manager

Q-Comment on us taking the initiative in driving engagement even if our manager is not engaged.

Q-Myrna-We have to do more with that engagement ourselves-need to take the time to have meetings with our district manager, our POOMs, etc. We need to speak up about it as leaders. It is not about taking the class-if your managers are not leading by these principals the we need to have the courage to stand up.We have a voice as leaders and must use it-our opinion matters.

A-agree-it is up to local leadership and individuals to stand up

Q-Louis-what we have is not working and we need to change the environment-our postal leaders live engagement and many have changed their thought process to respect this-it is the people underneath them. We need to see how much we have been engaged with -true leaders care about people and not just the numbers-if we promoted better and not just on numbers.

Q-Hayes-When you walk on the floor and see things should pick things up-but mostly we should let people have access to us and not ask for appointments or coming into the office.

Q-I agree with the philosophy but I see mgt does not care-I have been told it is my job to find vehicles, employees, etc.Issues not being solved.

A-yes-no one wants our jobs-do not want to step up-

Q-engagement is working in his plant-do little things and lead by example-it will make life easier. Once start implementing things get better.

Engagement is a way to get the mission done.


We have been steadily increasing our commitment to SPAC financially.

Thanks for what you help do-it helps get all of us to political events-we in the field have a tremendous impact. For each person going is seen as 10 votes-if send 10 is seen as 100 votes.

These are the kinds of deceptions we are trying to battle with.

Gave out awards for SPAC for month of July, 2017.

Some legislators have skewed ideas about the USPS.-showed video clip of Senator Rand Paul.

Vendors all spoke-re what they do and are offering.

Joseph Bruce-USPS Manager Human Resources HQ-

Responsible for the hiring and selection process-“I am the guy you can yell at

I am in charge of testing and Shared Services Department.”

Brought in eCareer to take over for 991-now eCareer is not technologically there-

all of our Human resources systems have hit their time line. I am here today to give you a preview of what we have planned for the future to replace eCareer.

**USPS has partnered with Cornerstone On Demand to replace all the separate HR systems all into one suite. Will be able to get information and make selections much more efficiently.

**CSOD Module.

We will replace LMS system to provide better training and interconnect with records-will let you know your training and information.

Recruiting, On Boarding, Learning, Performance, Compensation, Succession, Connect, Reporting

***It will identify skills and allow us to move you up in the organization after identified.

It will have a closed social media system.

Will be able to provide mobile capability for hiring.

Unified skills bank-so we can see if employees have skills we were not aware of and will assist us in getting them into details.

Integration with social media and allow quicker hiring.

Result-Should hire the best employees that we can and vet them-all in a reduced timespan.

130,000 hired since October-

Q-on hiring re can't tell them how many hours and what working

A-Yes-working on that

Q-Cost of living in certain areas not conducive to hiring-.$17 does not cut it.

A-yes, these are problems we are trying to work through.

***Q-Hays-The way people talk to you no matter what their capacity is-some telecoms are beat down sessions-talk to in disrespectful manner because they are our superior. This is a culture that is unacceptable. I encourage those of you to speak up.

Yes-people should not be allowed to bully and disrespect-things cannot change in a day but we hear it still-need to identify who these mangers are.

Q-Bridget-the messages we hear is causing our people to leave.-engagement not happening.

We encourage leadership to take personal things in account-we do have operational issues but we should have a culture where it is minimal.

***Q-retention-I am looking at benefit for next 30 years but retention is looking at today-not 30 years. I am getting messages that I need to keep employees.

We need to do our best to get employees to succeed-if you have helped-then it is OK to let them go. We have people that write to me that after 3 years they left-all need training that they deserve. We are looking for 30 year employees. We should be making efforts to make sure all employees succeed-

***they are our failure if they leave because we did not train them or assist them.

Q-should not have put retention on NPA

Q-It takes more effort with Millennials-they have no work ethic-they want to challenge you, don't abide by rules and regulations

We are hiring in people that are a challenge to retain.

A-we are updating the test-bringing in people from the HQ level

Q-All rural route office-bring in as RC and leave to be CCA's-is this hurting our numbers with retention even though staying in organization.

Will have to take a look at it.

Q-Maintenance training-have hurt it so bad I can't retain them

A-See me after

Q-F1 shows our PSE's working just a few hours-how can retain

A-can't tell you what we are doing but we will look at that.

****Larry Munoz pledged this morning to fill all Pacific Area EAS vacancies-1500 EAS 17 positions nationally-vacant. We are making sure we get as many internal employees as we can and if go outside will go to the veterans. We should be mentoring to try and get them even though there are challenges right now. Next week we are sending mailings to bargaining employees to fill the positions.

EAP and Western Region Legal

Kimberly Ray-OIG

Jewel Taylor-Legal for OIG to detect waste, fraud and abuse.

No Fear Act-trained annually on-

It is the responsibility of every supervisor to ensure and promote an environment that is unfearful.

Went over EEO and Reasonable Accommodation

See slides

***Official time-allow them Official time to put together the case etc. and respond

Want to be sure employees are trained.

USPS Office of OIG Special Inquiries Division-Workplace Environment

20 employees for nation

***Workplace should be stress-free and adversity free work environment.

Work with district HR managers-

**EAP unit

EAP-spare us the power point-

Free short time intervention counseling and free leadership coaching direction (low utilized service to identify deficits and encourage strengths.)

Each group of sessions goes 2-6 months-each incident starts a new group of sessions.

This can cost $100-$160 for 45 minutes for a therapeutic hour

***Brian Odom Western Region Office-he is the lawyer for Western

I defend you as a manager against employee claim or OSHA

I was asked to discuss hostile work environment and harassment since Pacific Area requested that as a need.

If give craft employee orders and they will not comply-we need to learn to talk to employees whether we like it or not-employees will be difficult-

 They want to make you sweat.-over 99% of our employees are hard working

You must be consistent when handling employees-

Good, solid hard workers-

We are held to a different standard than craft employees.

Should be patient, let employees know how are supposed to be doing things, we can control how we act.

Documentation-can send yourself an email-

Maintain confidentiality.

Q-Request for a number to call and there is no return phone call.

A-is on handout

Q-Problem is that we hired a new staff


Q-Higher standards-however if we had more support-harassing and intimidating them-craft making more than us-

A-I agree 100% with that-if we build good solid cases-because it is what it is-for me it is a drawing a line in the sand-I believe in employee engagement-can't turn it on a dime-that message has not worked its way down through the ranks of management.

Q-What if you have an EAP guy that needs EAP-he comes to talk about his issues

a-I will address the individual

If any employees at all there should be a chain of command.

Call the 1-800 number-

Q-What recourse do supervisors have when people are filing bogus EEO's against us?

A-the way is to win them-if feel not based on anything legitimate.

It is our job to be managers and defend those claims-

***Dennis Del Pizzo-Medicare Part B Health Insurance Specialist-

Teach us: Medicare and how it operates as people approach retirement so we can assist our members

Medicare=Health insurance for 65 and older or if have certain diseases.

4 parts-see slides

At 65-Part A & B are most common

For Federal employees we have options and choices and unless legislation takes them away you have a choice.

Explain Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage

Dillard presentation-Dan

(Outside during vendors-Lengthy discussion with Bruce and John from HQ re issues-see pics of 5 of us)


Attorney-Tom Muther


Represent in disciplinary adverse actions and administrative complaints.


Focused on federal employment law since 1985.


When representing-less is more-give up little information.


His firm will have you as a retainer client and then help you respond


The proposal letter is the most important letter you will see-they have to lay it out.


**Everything has to be in there-proposal letter-they can't add more later.


They must give you a copy of their evidence-not just see it.


**Our agency (USPS) is extraordinarily bad at this-they don't provide the evidence-they must provide all if you ask for it.


It helps you provide a due process argument that is helpful down the road.


Ask for an extension-if they openly refuse then can use it later.


Arguments you can use:

The charge

Due process

Penalty arguments


MSPB has become more of a rubber stamp for penalties unless there is disparate treatment.


***He explained well how if the case revolves around NAPS representation etc. then it is NAPS that must defend and make arguments-not a judge or official forum argument.


You need to be able to tell the employee if he has no real defense and will lose-not doing the individual any good if you tell them you can do something that is not likely.


Resigning before they fire you is a better bet.


Make the client write the letter since they know their job and case.


When you write incorrect information or information on how to make a better case against the employee then you are not helping them.

If the agency already has made up their mind and there is nothing you are going to write in that letter that will change their mind.


If you have an affirmative defense or mitigating factors that are unknown to the agency then you need to note it.


He is not a fan of oral replies-since give up information-


Currently not a full sitting MSPB board-so there is no quick appeal process now-was taking 6 months-now could take 3 years-in limbo forever.


Douglas Factors-most important is if there are mitigating circumstances that explain the actions.


Q (Hays) Board is backlogged-so does the employee still stay on the roles the entire time?

A-If win-the judge orders that they be paid on interim relief pending appeal-f lose then out of work pending the appeal.

You are out of work pending the appeal.-you are out of luck until awarded.


Q-12 mos. in a position before MSPB-if took downgrade-not getting 12 months.

A-If are veteran then get it-but if not then do not have those appeal rights.


Q-can take to district court?

A-never seen it.


Q-(Hays)For clarity-go to an administrative position for 1 year and go back to supervisory-not entitled to MSPB.

A-Yes-that is correct.



A-No-Would be  mixed case. Can file one or another.


Q-650 and EEO they will hear the job action first.

A-Yes-NAPS does not do mixed cases.


Q-Decision letter states that the employee has MSPB rights but they don't?

A-an agency cannot confer MSP rrights on employees that don't have it-their mistake does not give you rights.


Engagement in the USPS-Patty Hansen-Engagement Ambassador

Pacific Area should be proud of what they have done-had 4,222 completed for EAS.


Retirees can come in and see how the classes are-just reach out and say they want to attend.


This is also being offered to craft employees


The state of manager engagement-

The initial roll out did not do what we expected.


Did Ambassador program work?


Many say why bother filling it out because nothing will get done anyway-no one listens.


Jeff in HQ says Engagement will not be on your NPA because it affects your performance. We want to hear the truth-Not like old VOE where had to be positive.

The only way we can make some changes is from hearing from our people.


As compared to the rest of businesses USPS is still not doing well, but it is up.


Sierra Coastal district has created meaningful change in scores-also Alaska.


****EAS 17 supervisors are still the least engaged across all elements.


Employees that go through the course have 60% increase in productivity.


Should have recognition every week where nothing but good things are said.


Should also encourage other employees.


Best friend at work -least answered question-if have one less likely to call in sick.


***65% of USPS employees are currently eligible to retire now or in near future. We need to train the new leaders to utilize engagement in the future.


Negotiation Skills-John Aceves


5 skills:


Compromise, De-emphasis-what is most important, Retreat, Enforcement, Direct Approach


***If we are going to write the rules-then we should enforce them as NAPS representatives-example-choice of representative


Listening, speaking, writing and timing-skill sets we should have.


Face to face meetings are most important-can see body language and possible rolling of the eyes, etc.


-Some people are being promoted to high level positions but they do not have the qualities we would expect in a manager.

-Do not pre judge.

-Do not speak when you are angry.


-Verify, verify what you write.


Engagement question-There is someone at work who encourages my development

My supervisor, or someone at work seems to care about me

I receive regular complements


****According to Gallup-a manager most important role is to engage the hearts, minds and talents of his or her people.

****Megan says managers should engage and empower employees to bring their best selves to work every day.

***Hold those accountable who hold you accountable.



Chuck Roberts-Generations: Exploring Our Bias


****Maslow Hierarchy of Needs


We all have safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs-see slides.


We can use this to how our boss wants us to do things.


**We judge others by clothes, etc.

-value systems are started to be created early by 5-by 10-90% of values are set-by 20 all done--takes hard work to change.

-value integrity character, sacrifice, respect and family.


Key events and rise and fall of birth rate-define generations


Most of group in class was baby boomer-defined by hard work, long hours, optimistic,  collaborative, dedication to the job, workaholic. They were first to start to change American politics, technology, etc.


Generation X wants to work less/fewer hours, title means less, wants balance in job, wants home life, less dedicated or loyal to employer.


Generation Y-short attention span, live for today, want monetary gains, have confidence, want personal balance, developing solutions to problems is important to them.


***Western Region Training Seminar Legislative update: Ivan Butts


Legislation on table-2018 will be a challenge because we have a lot of our champions up for re-election-we need to get behind them and support them.


Resolution 15-to maintain 6 day delivery

Resolution 31-Return to Service Standards as of July 1, 2012-standards decreased after OWC.

S.371 and HR 1057-Stop Act of 2017-regarding opioids in the mail-but contains legislation-rooted in Fed Ex and UPS to get us out of the package business. We would need new technology and would impose new charges-would drive shippers away. All we need to do is work with those countries. NAPS not in support of.

HR 760-Postal Service should be allowed to reinvest revenue generated or saved to pay off debt-it is also in other bill.

HR 3257-To make all federal employees at will employees-(like the 7500 we have without MSPB rights).Against this.

HR 3200-taxpayer funded pension disclosure act-a confidentiality issue-we are against.

S873-TSP Modernization Act-to give access and give flexibility.


HR-756-Postal Reform legislation-been trying since 2006 to get it-we support it-will stop us from reporting those quarterly losses.

“This bill adds MSPB rights-for 7500 employees -would change the culture of Sales HQ employees.”


Medicare integration-biggest piece of contention in this legislation.


Meeting with your District Leadership


***Went over having monthly district meetings-

-go in organized with what was discussed in your local meeting-

-Be organized if more than 1 with you to speak

-Allow them to answer

-No threats

-Stick to timeline

-Prioritize items and only have enough to get all resolved within the time scheduled

-Take written notes so there is clarity on what discussed.-keep these-Brian goes and finds notes from years ago.

-Share the minutes with your membership.



Sacramento has monthly meetings-need to have dialogue between NAPS and the district-do not go over their head. It is incumbent on us to deal with things at the lowest levels so as not to embarrass our district and let them solve the issue quickly.


National Officers presentation-

Chuck and Brian-branch officer duties and responsibilities



-leads by example-always professional

-Directs and controls the meeting

-Sets the tone and maintains order

-Establish the agenda and pace of agenda items

-Introduce speakers and have a bio


-President must know the by-laws and constitution of branch/national-and by-laws


-Must have a quorum-make sure meeting it-some branches can't get 5 members


-Stay within the order of business


-Set up committees


-***The branch president is charged with representation and creating relationships with management within the district and area. See slides on each responsibility.


Minutes are very important-see slides


Record retention is 7 years


Q-members in a non-pay status-

A-Get carried as a member and are charged $3.50/per pay period. Can take them off the rolls or will pay per capita. If take off the rolls then are representing a non-member.


Q-How notify?

Send a certified letter for dues-if refuse to pay then send NAPS HQ a letter to take off-only exception is if they are on active duty in the military.


Q-Branch treasurer-asked how money comes for distribution list. Need info how money audited

A get outside audit


Q-How do you do yearly audit?

A-Can do with a committee with people not affiliated with the treasurer or outside audit.


Q-When branches merge what happens to the money?

A-Need an audit of other branch and can't spend the money-



- told us about PNC bank-he fired them and partnered with Signature credit union-they had to restructure to accommodate a group as large as ours-Louis is on the board.

-New website-hired group working on this for many months-found a group that did them for associations-still under construction-from Canada

Will be better user friendly and mobile friendly and can do registrations on it.


Membership-good news-as of June-have 1314 associates and 25793 regular members-whole bunch of people members of NAPS with so many new promotions.

Out at career conferences-and have membership drive going on.


Year to date-1781 new members across the country-429 are from Western Region-

109 rocky Mountain

221 Pacific area new members-top number


TSP presentation-rules and regulations


Officer Q & A


"This is your time to take your best shot."-Marilyn


Brian-Pay talks


Q-Marilyn Jones-Br 39-Pres-LA-lots of cases of sexual harassment-happening all over not just LA-the new PSE's and CCA's are sharing information on how to get paid through this claim-members are out pending investigations-we are not saying our members are not guilty-just information that needs shared.

A-Can't tell them not to file if feel sexually harassed. No one should be taking a CCA to lunch or in their car-should be professional. Brian wants what we have.


***Q-SWC Committee-status

We were doing it in the northeast to see what supervisors are doing on a daily basis-Jimmy Warden, Tommy Roma are working on it-it does not look promising-we had hoped to get details on what was going on with the day of a supervisor but our own members did not provide the information


Q-not what i am talking about-we have extra workload-this was supposed to be done by our members

A-Then who was providing oversight? They did not follow up-maybe we need to bring it up to other places.

People want to be on committees but they don't follow through.

SWCs is a broken model-what the USPS continues to want from supervisors-too much in too little time.


Q-How far on the list is this?

We may need to think outside the box on how we approach this with the USPS

We need staffing-it needs to be separate from pay talks.


Q-Members come back asking about RIF's and early outs

A-people google stuff-find 2013 article-(was Dillard according to HQ)

Dave Williams said 70% of the staffing schedules are wrong-but does not mean RIF-

People are taking fake news and making real news

They are always looking at something different.


Q-Pay talks?

A-NALC ratified contract-by Sept 21 NAPS and UPMA have to get a pay package-they have a general idea what our issues are. They must meet 3 statutory requirements

1-comparable to the private sector-supervisor similar

2-differential in pay for supervisor-5% differential -a judge ruled should be 20% but was overturned by USPS-many disparities. Some districts will only give you 3% and we want 5%-we are trying to close the gap-in business is much less differential in pay-make sure people want to put in for job-many want to go back to craft or downgrade.

3-Entice qualified employees

Told Jeff Williamson last week-Engagement is not working and the fact that we are losing money right now should not affect it.

They want to keep NPA and even put other Feds on it-


Q-Concerned about manipulating discipline and the way people are getting discipline-goes on the books as suspension. NAPS should push back-

A-we should watch what we wish for-they would still use as progressive-should try to mitigate down to nothing.

Vince did that so that managers would not be embarrassed by being out.


Q-Shareholders meeting-get opinion on meetings-do we have anyone there?

A-we are not in favor of sitting there and having the union saying things about managers and the USPS agreeing-we don't want to sit there.

****We don't want anyone saying anyone is a liar-they need to be put on notice-

Should be requesting a NAPS only consultative meeting. Megan would support separate meetings.


***Q-What would be NAPS recourse on jobs that are posted and least qualified gets hired

level 18-6 month employee got job.

A-Best suited not best qualified is the rule-need to question the selecting official.

We are posting now and if no one gets them will be posted to the outside-we will end up with the supervisor at McDonalds-


Q-mine-Postal phones-keep messaging professional-don't use for non-postal even though is allowed-not to be tethered to boss-is supposed to be for our personal use-UPMA meeting this came up that the phones were not requested by League or NAPUS and have had more negative than positive impact on EAS.


Q-promotion procedures-need to be revised

A-they have been made as near to postal policy as possible-we need to revise these-it is a government operation-


Q-How do I get SPAC credit for raffles?

A-You only get half the credit but there is a form-


Q-How do I not get my SPAC pin?

A-We can put you on a list. We send them out.


Brian said we have an outstanding executive board-

Marilyn thanked all and then did the Auxiliary raffle


Continue reading
in President 468

Good info here

-discussed USPS plans for the near future-such as: 3 D printers in maintenance for parts, walk out routes converted to bicycles, employee engagement-is really about making things better for employees, DRT team will be career position, need more support EAS in district offices, Doug Tulino kept saying to treat people the way you want to be treated, and discussed pay differentials, Phelan told us about new vehicles- will likely be from European sources, etc…

Doug Tulino part was the most valuable and Ed Phelan a close second. See all the Q & A they got. Mail volume is down to summer levels early-a problem, Vacancies are to be filled right away….they know we need to make up for the pay all EAS lost with the 4 year no raise in recent past, etc. will discuss in pay talks, etc.-

They all acknowledged the importance of NAPS and of our roles in the field.

Our 3 resident officers and other VP’s also gave us lots of info and there was some other training……all the information is in these minutes that many have been asking me for…..Northeast Area NAPS always does an outstanding job of getting meaningful Postal executives-who are honest and open with us- to their events! (180 degrees from what we historically get in Pacific/Western….)

Lisa Ojeda, District Manager Caribbean District We have more to do with less-take advantage of training such as this and anything in your district-this is the future of the USPS. She invited all to her training seminars coming up if we can make it. It is important to get as much training as you can.

Elvin Mercado-DM of Triboro-I recognize and truly respect NAPS and the people you represent. I think of you more as representatives for the people out there. I talk to the managers you represent-it is a tough job. It takes a lot of time to do right and knowledge.

Generational differences are important. We have to deal with workplace issues day in and day out. Our EAS are trying day to day just to get the work done, new programs, not only new technology. How is management and naps going to partner?

We all could utilize the Life coaching program sponsored by EAP-do not allow the stigma to stop you-

We hear about employee engagement-I think it is turning into a phrase or a flavor of the day-but employee engagement will get us there-we are going to live and die by the workforce out there-it is about communication as to what we have to do and what our mission is-do not have to be best friends. We can communicate better and be more helpful to each-other. I separate the Postal Pulse survey from Employee engagement-one is just data. We need to do better with employee engagement.

Our survey has increased response rate-so now we need to come through for them and react to the information we are given.

In your local meetings make sure to explain that the data is not to make us work faster, etc-it is more for our customers to see what we are doing-it is not to be a watchdog or big brother.

This is a great company-it has done so much for us. Those here retired stand-acknowledge the combined knowledge.

We have to work with our employees and remove obstacles for success.

Q & A-

Q-Employee Engagement training-some employees don't want to be engaged. The start is to find the needs of the employees-Where is the higher level engagement?

A-It started with the top USPS officers 2 years ago-Williams, Brennan-

We are overworking people-60-70 hours per week-that is wrong.

Q-Engagement training-should start with hiring process=sometimes we have not hired right-

A-the Postal Service needs to do better on what our applicant pool wants-some only want part day work, etc. They want more pay, less work and to live their life.

Q-better training for DRT team-many are not best qualified

A-We have recognized this-will be part of Tulino-this is going to be a full time career position that will be the advocate for management/EAS

Q-Keeping employees/new hires

A-The Challenge is it is not in keeping with postal regulations-the HR people tell them they will work with schedules and then when in office that can't be done.

I think now you will see significant changes in hiring in next year or so-applicant pool will be much easier and will be more competitive.

Q-outside hiring that is not open to EAS-some applicants are not selected and then goes to outside.

A-is posted for 60 days and no applicants-but why that way? This will be followed up-much discussion

Q-Telecons-etc.-where is the time to engage the staff?

It is up to the individual to make time and manage our time better. It is a skill to find time and work around in the changing world. We have to use our lead clerks and CCA's better-when supervisors say they have no time I ask what are all these employees doing that should be assisting in the work? Use your resources-CCA, PSE, lead clerks.

A-Tommy says we are addressing now what supervisors are doing in new LSS study re SWCS.

Brian Wagner-We have a great team in HQ-Postal HQ shows respect and they are here-do not disregard NAPS-are working with us. You will be represented well in pay talks.

Doug Tulino-Gave us a run down on what going on in USPS

1-legislation-is driving what we do-the financial pinch is causing our jobs to be more difficult.

Health care is affecting our balance sheet-we need to fix it within the umbrella of the federal health employee program. 75% already do it voluntarily-it is a balance sheet issue-need to be able to provide healthcare to retirees-mandate Medicare-save USPS money-should be this year. It will make a difference in our jobs. This was discussed at Legislative by him to those 500 in attendance 2 weeks ago.

2-pricing 10 year review-we need a price increase. We have lived under a cap to CPI and it makes no sense-it deflates the amount of revenue we can collect and how we price our products. Our strategy is to get rid of the cap-it did not work or allow us to cover our costs.

3-NALC negotiations-they have been a valued partner and have given us a group of employees where we are able to be more flexible and profitable. I am optimistic it will get done in the next couple of weeks. Just a couple of issues left.

4-EAS Pay consultations-have had preliminary consultations with Brian and (joint )presidents of the other one-UPMA.

5-Employee Engagement-labor relations group usually leads in the scores-before and now-my philosophy is to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I give people the latitude and the freedom to do the responsibilities. People are given the space and positive attitude to get things done. Treat people the right way and things will happen positively. Employee engagement is currently still not accepted by the craft due to longstanding issue with using the survey against them in pay talks years ago-a huge mistake on the part of the USPS. I am now going to work with the engagement people and unions to slowly change this. It will take time.

Q-Pressure in the field, etc.

A-We are going to start fixing things-see if the organization is willing to work on compliance-looking at hot spots where people are being forced-back by 5, no OT, etc. we spend $32M per year fixing overtime and paying out the money. Hurts us in many ways not to treat employees right.

mine-Q-Most here represent in II and mediations-elm 650 states this work is on the clock-are we merely noble volunteers?-some act as if we are voluntarily inserting ourselves into something of value for our NAPS organization and not for the USPS-is it not on clock but need to make up the work-.follow up-not trying to trick-Q-650 ELM-benefit or value of Investigative Interviews and mediations-to USPS-or are we inserting ourselves into it and are “noble volunteers”-is it counted as Postal work?

A-There is a significant value to have experienced people and those that know the people's and USPS's real needs/what is really occurring, -We need brilliant people that know what they are doing-In my opinion they are doing work-it is work that is valuable to the Postal Service. It needs to be done by someone. It is essential, we need experience and knowledge of rules and regulations to do it-they are best…

Q-204B hours-w/ Sunday work-Sunday Amazon delivery-working long hours

A-Establish a better way of hiring

54% attrition rate for CCA's

We can't keep working people the way we are.

Q-lacking staffing in local services, etc.

A-We are looking at staffing at the district level after so many consolidations at the district level-even in labor not correct staffing-need to align the staffing levels with what happened in consolidations.

Q-Employee engagement-pay differentials

A-Will See if the formula in the elm is leading to the best result-

That 4 year stretch we had regarding pay-we did not get a pay increase-that is something you never make up-hurt retirement-hut EAS badly, we may be able to do something in pay consultations to help with that.

Q-old ASP program was the way to go-weekly testing and mentoring and final test before promoted. Now is backwards. We end up disciplining them  because not enough training.

A-He is not sure why the strategic direction changed-agreed that ASP was a good program.

Q-Maintenance issue-skilled people being detailed to a job that they could not apply for and get.

A-giving people a detail in a different functional area grounds you in the organization and makes you see that the world does not revolve around any one group or function-gives you a more rounded view of the organization. I am a firm believer in giving people details in many different things-it is a balance-we have to give people opportunities.

Q-training-we don't get what we need-no budget

A-we have now been training everyone-should be regular-this was a mistake not to train in past due to USPS problems or lack of budget.

Q-No one should be held back because they do or do not have experience-our job as leaders is to promote and the Postal Service is about providing opportunity to get ahead.

A failure on leaderships part.

Q-Postal legislation will help our budget?

A-Medicare integration Part B-necessary

(at break-Ivan-told us that they talk engagement but don't all walk it-need to remove some PCES since they serve at will-when they are not doing the right thing.)

Q-Maintenance staffing-INDC-

A-when made 2014 deal with APWU- we saved $200M per year-we said we would do the routine cleaning we were supposed to do (but were supposed to have a crew to assist) We have not lived up to our end of the bargain. We go months without doing the cleaning we should-and then play games and clean the bathrooms, etc. all at once-that is not credible and we are going to get that fixed,

Q-Engagement-for real?

A-you will get results if you treat people the way you would like to be treated. If you treat them well you will get the results back.

-Also-You can't expect to do the job if you do not have the right staffing.

****Doug Tulino’s father was the business agent for NALC. Doug also stated that the **USPS is not making NPA this year-in trouble-losing on hours. Scorecard for February just came out this morning. Doug says we will be seeing a big push to see where the hours are and how being used, etc.

***My Q-EAS pay scale within grade-disparity-mid 2015 mid-point promotional pay-which is good-has caused anomalies with  EAS with 12 years experience many times now paid less than those with 1 month experience in the same job. Causing ethical issues and morale issues as some make deals to go down for a few pay periods and then go back in another office to their original level. Hurts USPS and all don't get same "deals."

A-This is being acknowledged and will be addressed during pay talks-going down and then up-he considers it not just unethical but immoral to do those deals, no matter if best qualified or not etc...

Caused by the 4 years of no pay-they will discuss in pay talks. It is acknowledged as a problem and will be addressed.

Elvin Mercado-Triboro District Manager-NAPS member-discuss EAS pay scales-go over NPA -where to find it and how to understand it.

*NPA is the only way we get compensated as an EAS. All managers should be trying to get their EAS into cell 6 to make up for the years of no pay.

We are keeping track of each EAS and where they are and showing them what they can do to change NPA. How compare to other districts.

***For each manager the goal should be to get everyone to a cell 6-

Q-FMLA does not count toward employee availability on the scorecard.

A-Many were also coded incorrectly.

Q-why is NPA not updated sooner-scorecard so slow-so we can't see where we are.

A-excellent question-agree-if we have info right away. But managers do have the data and the goals. Also-NAPS was not in agreement with some of them in September 2016 and so pushed back during consultative process and it delayed the roll out to the field.

Q-what is the mission statement of the Postal Service?

A-To provide the best service that we can. What does the customer expect of us?World class service should be something we do every day. Always provide the best service to the customer.

Q-NPA-EAS raises are based on performance and our craft employees are not. There is something wrong with a system where ours are based on performance but they get theirs anyway. They also get set, COLA and overtime for every minute-

A-to a certain extent we control our destiny-the craft does not. We Have to hold them accountable to the 2% raise they get.

As EAS we are held to a higher standard.

Jim Warden-

Most EAS do not knowhow to pull NPA-need to learn

**Lots of issues in the field still now with the improper use of government credit card.

**Other issue is cell phones-texting employees inappropriately-Example-"How did it go  today? " "I will make it up to you." Late night ones. Then later some craft claim sexual harassment by the supervisor. Do not be texting craft after hours. Watch what put in writing if choose to do this. These are usually saved.

Ivan Butts-Postal Reform update:

Darrell Isa is back to the committee and is supporting this bi-partisan bill.

Medicare integration is key for the Postal Service-

Need to engage the House Ways and Means Committee where this bill #HR 756 now is. Engage the House Energy and Commerce Committee as well.

There is an important reason for home district meetings with your legislators-it is many times easier to meet with them at home than in DC due to numerous recesses, holidays and other time away from DC.

90% are reelected no matter what.

Ivan says that he and Katie attend these meetings as managers of a PAC-when we meet with them then that could mean votes so the legislator will likely pay more attention to the local individual.

We need to get back to a Postal Service that does not have to report every quarter that it is loosing billions of dollars....gives erroneous impression and under this new administration could mean drastic measures are implemented. The entire issue is complex and not well understood by legislators when we show we are losing $Billions.

Went over other bills S 362 and 1022 re FMLA etc.. The Challenge is to have a system that is not used and abused.

MSPB legislation for the 7500 EAS without it and law enforcement officer retirement are also addressed in this legislation.

S. 372-re drugs and compliance-we are not supporting due to the burden being placed on Postal Service-$2.2B to update equipment just to be in compliance.

SPAC-multiple ways to donate and win some of the donated prizes. We came slightly short from previous year-maybe due to the fact that the doors at Legislative were not locked until we got enough donations like we did the year before.

My question-MSPB legislation -when will this be implemented after it passes (apparent it will pass)? Do the officers have anything in place to educate the field regarding this change? There is usually a divide between what the USPS says and what NAPS says and that is a job at stake. We have this issue at least once a week in Sales right now.

A- Will be immediately but not retroactive-could be January. Yes, through "NAPS to U", magazine and social media. Will also try and educate USPS.

Ed Phelan-Northeast Area Vice President-USPS

Went over recent large snow storm last week-for first time some offices closed and the multiple issues that led to the decision to close offices. Snow Day-decision was left up to district managers and postmasters due to the climatic differences in areas. Shut all down even for carriers that wanted to  stay out and deliver. We need to figure out what is right by the end of the year due to the impact.

**Mail volume has kind of bottomed out right now and we are trying to figure it out.

The whole country got a negative adjustment but we need to make sure everybody is at cell 6.

**The market has been growing but with all the changes some mailers are not mailing-we are at summertime volume now in March. Packages continue to have a ripple effect. The flats are down to the point we are looking at taking some sorters out.

SWCS-working on-have team

Our program has made some levels go up and look like they  qualify for a supervisor-we don't have the coverage for all the Amazon stuff.

**In the next week we are working with Target and they are going to set up same day delivery so the retail stores can compete-it will start in the Northeast.

Checking to see if the standard work model reflects all the work-asking "what are you requested to do every day that is Non value added (waste of time)" ? and we are putting it together.

***The timing is not good to add employees now due to what is going on-mail volume trends-this has the company concerned and we end up going to draconian measures to stop what is going on-doing route inspections and proving what we think that the carriers have more fixed office time than they have office time. There is time to be gained from carriers right now.

**We do have complement models now-matching goods to people.

We are going to be moving some equipment around to deal with parcel volume.

Looking at getting Stanford, Connecticut plant re-opened and repurposed the place and stabilized the management staff there.

**Looking at getting 3D printers for maintenance because it is so difficult to get parts,

Investing in take away systems to dump mail and send it on a feeder system so we don't need so many mail handlers dumping.

The carriers are telling us they have all this work-for the most part they don't- need to at least get them back at their street time.

We are concerned about this vehicle buy and now the money will be tight and so we need the Postal Legislation to free up some cash flow to make our jobs easier.

We are going to invest some money and invest in social media equipment and utilize postmasters with low work offices to do this and turn around some of this.(18's)

***We can't cry over it- we need to figure out what to do about it.

We have lost so many cases to APWU due to supervisors doing some work.

Accidents/performance in field-there is a camera on every corner-it is good and bad-gets on social media too. Can hurt our brand by making us look bad.

***We are trying to get legislation so we don't want to push too much-We have everyone on the same page on it-this will not make us solvent because we still owe lots of money but we are funded better than anyone else.

The only thing Congress in the past could agree on was naming a Post Office.

It was good that it (legislation) did not pass in the lame duck session with amendments that could have been devastating.

***I fully support NAPS and what each of you does for the Post Office.


***We have to make the budget and there may be some belt tightening. Any ideas?- I am here. Florida came to him at Postal Forum and had some solutions that have been implemented.

**Direct mail used to be the cheaper channel but it is not now-

**We have a lot of security and theft issues so be careful-at the end of the day it is about safety and security-with the CCA's-they sometimes see it is money to the next paycheck-not a lifetime job-some have sold arrow keys for $1,000 to $10,000 each. Phishing-fishing- devices are also big and need to retrofit the boxes w slits, etc.

**CA having the same issues as Northeast re theft, etc..

We are struggling with the Priority due to growth-we are also struggling to get drivers.

**We are looking for integrity in everything that we do-make sure scans are accurate and reflect what really is going on.

***Informed Delivery-concern is that we are seeing people stealing bundles of mail that the customer is expecting. We need the right people in the right jobs.

Q-on LLV's-not enough-how soon before we get the right hand vehicles?

A-we got the Pro Masters as a go between for those that had few right hand deliveries.

For new ones-Testing will be a year-we have 3 companies working with us on right hand drive vehicles-they are all from Europe and do not meet our safety standards. If we can use these off the shelf vehicles the vendors may be able to upgrade them and that will cut some time off to get them to the field. We are currently building testing grounds for them to see what they will need.

-Q-negative Yelp and social media

A-Social media-need to use EAS 18 postmasters who have limited workload compared to others. Reach out and find out which 18s can help us out.

Agreement for 18's-Does not say 3 hours per day-we need to do better with that. We need to staff them with the clerks they need.

Q-delivery delayed option

A I will deal w/ snow storm-if we failed on a delivery we failed no matter if it was snow.

Delivery delayed eCC calls going into the call center-18,000 calls per day on "where is my package."

*** Just do the right thing-scan the proper scan if we fail the customer-we need to be honest with ourselves.

Q-18 postmaster-Saturday is not funded and so 204B makes us not make the cell and concerns about reducing the route cases.

A-the average route to way have about 125 pieces of mail-1 foot-slightly more.

Packages are growing so much we need room for them in the office---we will eventually have rolling shelves that will be capable of letting them take the parcels to the vehicle. Don't do anything crazy-email me if there is something.

-There is a task force to see what we can do with buildings/facilities and look to the future.

We pay $20M/yr. in land lease to be at JFK even though we built the building-we are looking now to see how we can by-pass this.

Q-staffing-recent route adjustments-what next? Supervisor?

A-The SWC did not reflect accurately and the LSS task force is working on it.

**No one is trying to take supervisors away-that is the last thing we want to do-craft needs to be supervised.

(on break-Tommy Roma-asked me about a sales issue-re letter about HQ Sales he received. Will be showing to HQ)

**Discuss 4/10 w Ed Phelan-he said do anyway without Dean-have Larry Munoz on board-waiting for team to start-he will champion-

*We can directly email him for what we should be considering and focusing on. He thinks it is also good for plant to eliminate T time and for field am/pm supervisor issues, etc.. Mentioned Kerry Wolny idea of reward for EAS in  large offices to encourage applications.

Blue Cross talk-re advantages over others-they are one of the regular financial sponsors of this and Northeast Area events.

Group Q & A-

Q-Ed Phalen-replacing walk out-changing these routes-bicycles-getting rid of satchel carts-in high crime areas-need more relay boxes. High crime and our mail is getting stolen because it is out and available. We have a process.

Q-Coney Island station was recently motorized?

A-Also working to get them to use City Bike to and from to be smarter about what we do.

Q-Isn't it a safety issue? Busses close.

A-No-there are bike lanes-

Q-I have 70 year old carriers-can't ride bikes all day-

A-NALC is arguing this-but the person filing grievance rides their bike to work daily.

We will continue to let people bid out of routes not safe for them and on to others.

We are not able to do things the same way. We have to look at things differently.

The revenue pie is shrinking and we need to be more strategic. Not a fit for all.

Q-If we can’t keep doing things the same way then why don't we do something about what we can change? For Example-Monday is the heaviest day and has been forever-why not incentivize mailers to mail on other days?

A-Phelan-The problem now is mailers want incentive and we are bleeding right now. Can't do it. The 10 year pricing review now is necessary-have been capped by CPI even if we tried to do smart things. We did try load leveling and then it got thrown out the window with (OWC) operating window change. There is a push for the blue mail to go into Saturday and leave the orange mail if it makes sense.

***To incentivize mailers is not smart and many of these products like periodicals are under water right now. We need to also get rid of the Monday attitude of our lives & employees...

***Tulino-We need appropriate incentives that give us something-we want to work with our customers to make revenue and make everyone richer. Quad Graphics last week said they were going to shift some to alternate delivery.  They want day certain and mostly Monday. We worked hard with them but we can't give it to them cheaper.

There are customers out there looking for alternatives.

***Q-where are we w/ DRT? (dispute resolution teams)

A-Tulino-it was to give each district an opportunity to address issues themselves. It has changed-is now becoming apparent that having ad hoc positions does not serve the organization. It has become a grievance process for NALC. We have had people put in those positions for the wrong reasons. The last time we had training 40% failed. Time to change the equation. We are going to have permanent positions.

Q-Violence in the workplace-joint statement.

A-new joint statement out that better reflects NAPS concerns. NAPS did not get out of it.

Q-has shop steward filing grievances-100 grievances/mo in Lakeland Fl VMF.

A-Doug will fix right away.

Q-10 year review period?

A-started with last legislation and this process started January 21st, 2017. Everyone gets a period of time to put in their brief. PRC will have it at the end of the year.

Q-Going back to craft-harder to keep supervisors due to demands. Pay is also difficult to retain membership.

A-Tulino-Every time seems like the worst-depending who is in charge. We know that anomalies were created in pay scale by 3% mandatory and the 4 year stretch with no raises. 5.8% used to be the average NPA pay. Our finances have skewed the results. This year we are trying to get there.

Phelan-a lot of it has to do with retention. This is what we are trying to get around w/ SWCs retention. It bothers me that we run 3 tours and we can't get staffing right in the plant. Do we really need a supervisor to come in at 4am-for Amazon-can't we trust our employees?

***Please don't set up supervisors to work 10 hours.

Do we go back to the days of relief supervisor? Can't all have Monday off.

We are even looking at Sundays. New Supervisor Program-is good-we have gone a long way in investing in our supervisors.

**Phelan-Informed Mobility-Megan committed after speaking to EAS organizations-provide phones that provides information and you can be detached -find carrier and see issues without looking at a computer. Can keep your machines at the forefront.

***We stink at training. We are going to start training at 4 levels=steps of all the training they need and this will tie into informed mobility. Pilot Sites-in NJ and NY with different level  offices.

Q-some offices supervisors working over -vacancy

A-interview and fill the job.

Q-Engagement-some to correct behavior

A-Need to see examples we can emulate.

Q-Career 204B's-won't apply for vacancies

A-we need to do a better job of telling them to go back to their jobs if they are not going to put in for them. They are living the best of both worlds and getting 17  pay and OT. Phelan-we are going to post jobs for people to put in and then if don't have the pool we will post to the outside-to avoid putting 204B's in. This does not help us because then we are short carriers. We need to fill positions, not just detail and take from craft and incur overtime.

Q-Redundant reports-not populating other programs-makes us waste time and feel we have to jump or be on the hot list.

A-Phelan-There will be no more mail condition report-anything left will show as delayed so we don't need to worry  about integrity and use extra people.

All UPS, DHL and Amazon scans will populate into your volume.

Many measurements are automatic-there will be some issues but we have the technology now and we are not doing a good job. We are there-we are very close. We are ready to use technology only.

Unauthorized OT-Tulino says he is going to win the battle re OT Admin that will make us happy.


Day 2-Saturday 8am

Chuck Mulidore-Nat’l Sec Tres.-

Membership-without members none of us would be here-we wouldn't need NAPS-

It is a privilege to represent NAPS members-

"It was an emotional moment for me to know that I was going to be working at NAPS HQ every day-thanks for the privilege of letting me work for you."

*Membership is important to us-everyone needs to be a recruiter. Members need us-they may not even realize that they need us-many come in knowing nothing about us.

Right now we have a little over 9100 non members-73% membership-lower than usual due to so many retirements.

-No one ever thinks they need information or will get in trouble.

-Membership allows insights and accurate information as to what is really going on with the USPS.

If we only got 1/2 to join-over $49,000 to NAPS HQ-this builds the prestige of our organization.

***When people get in trouble there is usually only you that can help them. Most are not bad people, just wrong place wrong time, bad advice, etc. Things happen to everyone at some point in career-It is a good feeling to help someone.

2 membership campaigns right now-1187 to all non-members, $25.00 campaign,

Best recruiters for NAPS-several in room.

1373 Associate members-this represents retired folks-this is a higher number-retirees are an asset if active.

Had issues from PNC bank that needed to be taken care of-branch funds not depositing correctly.

goal-4500 new members this year.

DDF-near and dear to my heart-one of Ivan's responsibilities-it is expensive because we have a lot of cases-the greatest advantage over UPMA is our defense fund. We had the bargain of a lifetime-he did it at very low cost for the love of us and NAPS-Charlie is now semi-retiring-we are going to have some costs and it will be more expensive. If anyone has gotten into a scrape or have a boss that doesn't like them-they know the value of NAPS.

Charlie bundles up his cases and never charges more than $3500 each-go to Ivan first for each case-then Chuck checks to see that each was a member-of the last 29 to be paid, 22 did not have a signed DDF representation form-Charlie represents what given and assumes representing a member because of time lines. We need to check-will be charged for non-member representation.

***Branches will be charged for legal costs for non-member representation. Money can and will be taken out of their DCO. Branches need to do due diligence regarding this. Don't risk your branches funds by not making sure these people are members.

One branch is currently being charged $3,900.

**Everyone thinks they are a great employee and have people that will take care of them if they are in trouble. We all know this is not true. EAS need NAPS.


Members are considered members as soon as NAPS gets the form.

**Q-mine-making it easier to get out of the union-this keeps many from signing up right away.

A-EAS can get out of the union anytime but need to follow the process and fill out the form-Covered in the ELM and can't be changed.

Many postmasters are not happy with the new organization-UPMA-they have no experience representing anyone but postmasters. DDF is different for them-you must pay them up front-$10,000-20,000 and they will only take cases they think they are likely to win.

**NAPS is like having car insurance or health insurance-if you need it-it is great to have. (Can't get it while house burning down)

**Area VP's have new table cloths and portfolios and pens for when they sign up-can set up tables to set up for recruitment. UPMA also doing this.

Jay Killackey-JFK3 Consulting

Managing Your Boss-

Most have a boss whether working or not-spouse, relationship, etc.

*Your boss is the most influential person in your life and they have the most control over you-they can be your biggest asset or your biggest problem.

What steps can you take to have a relationship with your boss-

***First know how to do your job, what is expected of you and develop yourself and your resources to get the job done.

Can Your boss count on you? What is your level of commitment? Do you get a pain in the pit of your stomach every time your boss calls?

What path did you travel to get to where you are today? (past experiences/jobs)

What is your competence level?

If you are not confident of your job, what training or resources might you need?

*Do you go to branch meetings and talk with your officers and get their expertise from the job? Most members represent a variety of job skills and experience.

You should know what your boss expects from you.

If you are not giving your boss what they are expecting, they certainly will let you know.

***You need to be a problem solver-not the creator of the problem.

A short email reporting what happened and what you did to successfully resolve the problem might just reassure your boss of your ability to manage through problems and then you might be viewed more as the leader you really are.

After the problem manifests itself, do not become part of the problem yourself. Never let your inaction to allow you to be pointed out as the root of the problem.

Report everything you have found out about the problem and bring what you believe is the best solution to you boss as part of the report.

Hold yourself accountable and don't blame others.

If they give you instruction then that is the time to tell them if you can't do it.

Do you take your job as seriously as your boss does? They expect you to care about your job.

*Communicate your successes with your boss.

Over prepare for meetings-know your numbers. Don't be looking at information for the first time in a meeting.

If you are visiting and will be near your bosses office doing something else, check in with them to see if they have a couple of minutes to talk.

***While most people are complaining, successful leaders are finding a way to work-around and solve problems. Successful people think, speak and act positively.

Do self evaluations-how can you make your work better?

***NAPS is the best resource for leadership in the Postal Service.

Tommy Roma-

Give to SPAC-Obama care is still with us as of yesterday-good-

***There are not very many Republicans that will talk to us-this administration seems focused on doing what they want-so we need your money to fight our battles.

Church services for tomorrow explained. Normal church being reconstructed.

NAPS Officer Duties and Responsibilities-Jim Warden, NY Area VP

-new info from Doug Tulino- Looking at LOC positions for districts for delivery and retail.

**Branch president is the face of the branch-the respect coming from membership and to the branch comes from how you, the president, conduct yourself, your knowledge and skillset. One way to demonstrate to members is running the branch meetings-need structure-agenda-quorum.

(Branch Secretary position is key-if you do not have a quorum need to put a sheet for the records and keep in the file. You need this for an IRS audits-need to prove you had a meeting-they can take away your IRS number. Use minutes to document issues.)

Stay within your established order of business unless there are unusual circumstances such as having a special guest.

Presidents’ responsibility-maintains order while allowing everyone an opportunity to speak on an issue.

Never get caught up in the discussion. Keep it professional and not antagonistic.

Monitors and watches for those who wish to speak on the current business being discussed.

Keeps the session moving and does not lose control to a long winded individual or with people repeating what has already been said.

It is the presidents’ responsibility to make sure that no one is rude or unruly-it is the presidents responsibility to maintain order and see that the guest is afforded every courtesy.

(One way to get people more involved is to have committees-example-membership committee, party, legislative, -this may get people to want to step up and become an officer.)


-The president develops a channel for open communication at various levels of postal management. Meets regularly-this is also mandated for them by HQ.

-The president communicates with higher level management on behalf of the branch and individual members.

-The president telephones or meets with the postal official in timely manner.-otherwise things could get worse.

***-Meeting Face to face is best-they can tell you whatever you want over the phone-cause more issues rather than resolve.

-The president presents the members case/represents.

-Good communication with all in leadership with the president is essential for the success of any branch.

Having an open communication channel and being able to meet with minimum wait time is vital to the success of the branch president.

Went over motions-and Roberts Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure-Presidents responsibility.

***Duties of a NAPS branch secretary-many branches have combined the the Treasurer with this job, but there is a lot of work.

Membership rolls, types of members, dues withholding, Form 1187, 1187A & 1188.

If member is no longer giving dues-in a non-pay status-then send them 2 notices and write Jovan to take off the dues check off list.

Correspondence-officer info, address changes, letters to NAPSHQ, member issues and branch dues. Many members end up in the wrong branch-need to be vigilant.

Secretary must keep up to date all records and ledgers-should be centrally kept so they don't take off with them.

Record retention-3-10 years. Always consult a lawyer or CPA if needed.

Keep meeting minutes-can generalize but need them in your files-or lose your nonprofit status-(we are not tax exempt).

**Duties of the branch treasurer-should have audit at least once a year.

Maintains the financial integrity of the branch, pays expenses, accounts for receipts, handles checking and savings accounts, documents all income and expenditures.

Prepares all financial reports and tax returns.

monitor branch dues, investment funds, collect funds at meetings, issuance of checks, verify deposit of dues check off. All withdrawals/checks should have 2 signatures. Each new year should have a new page.

Dividing the treasury amongst members is a violation!

A lot of branches have offices and the records should be kept outside of the persons house.  This is the history of the branch. NAPS HQ has lost most of the old records due to a flood in the home of the record keeper. This resulted in the loss of much historical data.

***Dillard Financial-Increasing Your Income While Being Retired-Steve Dillard and Joe Farino

Laddering Your Income-new income benefits for 2017

Testimonials from retirees-

As a Federal employee the income you make is what you are going to get for the rest of your life. You can't live on the same amount of money for the rest of your life. (inflation and costs up)

Build your retirement income-you will think differently throughout the course of your life.

We should all be contributing maximum to get the matching income. Take full advantage of the Roth IRA.

Difference between IRA or Roth IRA

Will you be able to adjust your income overtime?

Went over OPM Benefits Statement-we all get one between March and April of every  year. Make sure the SS# , hire date etc. are correct.

We are one of the only agencies that helps pay for benefits-why it shows the higher numbers than your salary on the OPM Benefits Statement.

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance-keep basic and can take into retirement. Get rid of Option B because it works against you later as get older-more expensive.

114,000 Federal employees are now part of Dillard Financial.

They will help educate each of us and assist though making changes, etc. and help to understand tax benefits.

Encouraged to take money into an annuity rather than lump sum or equal payments. Different kinds.

Do not allow your money to be locked up without full disclosure regarding possible penalties and future restrictions.

As of this year the federal government is going to be more strict with investment/retirement companies regarding full disclosure due to past bad practices by some firms.

The smarter you are with your money, the better you are going to be.

***TSP makes you an offer every year to take your TSP and give to Met Life for an annuity. 6 out of 10 employees make this mistake. That is one of the worst things you an ever do. Met Life will get about 60% of your money.

You want to be able to own your account and get an annuity. TSP offerings are very limited.

Understanding your FERS pension and your high-three. This is all very important to you and Dillard will do this analysis for you. They also have the software to do individual analysis of government benefits.

Jay Killackey is also doing business work for Dillard-can call and use him as well.

NAPS Executive Officer Round Table w/ Tommy Roma, Jim Warden, Hans Aglidian, Greg Murphy, Brian Wagner, Ivan Butts, Chuck Mulidore

Q & A

Q-DDF-providers-Charlie is ending at end of the year-where are we at w/ replacement?

A-(Brian) this will be the board decision-had 4 presentations after DDF-have requested another RFP-Request for Proposal. Will continue to discuss with board.

Q-When can we expect a follow up to our issues? Re questions we asked here and issues discussed-do not see much follow up.

A-(Brian) send us info on what you are interested in-send Chuck an email so we can follow up and give specifics.

Q-Re going into negotiations with USPS-are you aware of involuntary downgrades? --maintenance and some-other involuntary downgrades?

A-Is that in Sales? No-maintenance in Fl-will look into w Bob Quinlan.

Q-Is it a violation of labor laws to work someone over 12 hours? If they don't want to? Safety violation?

A-exempt can be worked not special exempt.-not regularly-there could be a safety violation-they will need to look into it. Need break between shifts.

Brian-we are still waiting, possibly at end of April, for NALC to be done and us to go to pay consultations.

***Under Title 39 they have the statutory requirement to provide enough pay to attract and retain employees.

***Richard Green emphasized that he is the only officer here still working-"this is our time-we as EAS have suffered enough and we have given back enough-and it is time for the USPS to make us whole. They have to make it right this time."

***"The Proof has to be in the-pudding."

Q-(Prescott-who was asked to lead us in the closing-prayer) Thanks to Puerto Rico for the hospitality and the officers for the training that we are to share with our branches.

A-(Tommy) if we use this info, we will get push back,  but we will be ahead of the game.

Did SPAC raffles

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