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NSP Graduation #7, Thursday 7/28/16 10am-2pm

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The event was decorated, had snacks and lunch and a bound printed book containing the program and graduate bios with pictures as well as quotes from the district leadership in it.

NPA status: (In a pre-meeting conversation both Larry and Dean assured me that every EAS in our district will receive at least a 2% NPA raise this year-FY 16-the focus is for every EAS to get a raise, as we have previously discussed. There are still 30 EAS in Los Angeles that they are working on to ensure they get an NPA raise and 5 districts in Cap Metro that are not at cell 4 yet. Larry also said he was contacted by our USPS COO regarding my “It’s a Jungle Out There” Postal Supervisor article where I quoted Larry.)

District Manager, Larry Munoz, congratulated the 23 new supervisors from all over the Sierra Coastal District on their accomplishment and introduced AVP Dean Granholm as the surprise keynote speaker (change in program).

AVP Dean Granholm-“You are the backbone of this organization-it is all about the people.”

Dean relayed that a focus on safety is also about the people-we have had 6 roll aways this year-more than ever before. 3 CCA’s 1 RCA, 2 Rural Route Carriers. “We need to use our tools-4584’s they are essential. Rollaways/run aways are completely preventable. We need to walk the talk and hold carriers accountable for violating basic rules. We need to report to save their lives and the lives of innocent people. Our role is to protect the interests of the Postal Service and not just warn the violating employees-we need to take action on them. Do not shirk the responsibility to report the carrier that finishes early-they are not your best carrier if they are not following safety rules.”

Dean said this was the first NSP graduation he has attended-“You made a big step.”

Advice: always stay in touch with your mentors, keep that partnership going-it is critical.

****Safety is our # one priority –service is # two and efficiency is # three.

***There should be no mail curtailment-only Advo can be delayed. Since we started this no curtailment of mail policy we have become nearly the best in the nation along with Eastern Area. Dean says he has heard from craft, unions, management all complaining about this policy but it has transformed our performance to the positive. Data doesn’t lie-Results are what matter and I want integrity, honesty and ethics in your results.

The USPS is growing-not going away-we will be around another 200 years. Last week Amazon met in DC with the USPS and said “No company handles data and product better than the Postal Service-the USPS is growing faster than any other parcel company.” We (USPS) have between 33-38% of market share.

***We need more facilities-Pacific Area is the fastest growing area of the country for parcels. We are over capacity at all of our facilities. We have added 9 new parcel processing machines in the last year and we are looking at adding a plant in Southern California.

We are also looking at putting machines into Pasadena-the old plant and have added machines in Northern CA as well.

***We are part of a growing company. Dean recalled that just a few years ago he had testified before Congress that the USPS was in a dire situation and needed to go to 5 day delivery and today we are thriving and need 7 day delivery. It has all changed!

**”Protect your job and protect the interests of the company. Treat your employees with respect and kindness and love every day. Also, do not neglect your family-love them.”

**Career advice-if you want to move ahead you will likely need to move about 4 times. Don’t be afraid to talk to mentors.

“Congratulations to all of you-You too can be like me if you set goals for yourself. I can’t believe I started in management in the 1985 Pass Program and I am now here in my old district as an AVP.”

A/ Sr. Plant Manager Daphne Glaspie

“Enjoy this time in your career-enjoy your successes!”

Postal Pulse Q10-Do you have a best friend at work? This refers to mentors-true mentors are honest-so take that honest feedback.

Make sure you have integrity in everything you do.

MPOO Mike Martino

Pacific and Western Area management met a couple of weeks ago and challenged each other. Pacific wants to beat them.

“How do you inspire trust? By helping them become better-treat them well 100% of the time.”

The mission of the USPS is Safety, Service and efficiency.

“Life is about winning, losing, regaining your confidence and perseverance.”

“How many people would desire to have a boss that they were afraid to talk to-who might blow up-who you don’t know how they are going to be-who is not supportive and who belittles them? NO ONE! Now as new supervisors you have the power not to be that boss.”

After lunch each graduate took a picture with Dean Granholm and Larry Munoz and then gave a 2-5 minute speech to the group.

Dean and Larry then closed with comments:

As expected for years-In Pacific Area-Our workforce is transforming and as many retire, we now have replaced them with 982 carriers with less than 2 years of experience-this provides us with an excellent opportunity to develop them so they become assets even though currently this inexperience contributes to our safety and efficiency issues.

These new employees have enthusiasm and appreciation for their jobs-they are not jaded like some of the 30 year plus ones. We need to earn their respect by giving accurate answers and show them we know our job or get back to them. Find ambition and motivate. Soon 40% of our workforce will have under 5 years experience.

Larry says:

“We have to lead with passion. Why wait-you are a leader-people are watching you-set a good example-never forget where you came from-your job is to motivate-coach and develop people-it is all about understanding our employees.”

-“Find your opportunities-do things that will help you, the team and your organization.”

-“Always challenge the status quo.”

-“Celebrate success-incremental success is good-do not need 100%-as long as going in the right direction.”

“This is why I am enjoying my job as a district manager!”

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