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UPMA First National Convention-August 5-9th 2017-Louisville, KY

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There is some good information in here that I have put in bold print that can be used to better represent our members and also to help educate some of our district leadership regarding what Megan Brennan, and top USPS leadership (is Day 2 of the meeting) tell us at these meetings. Having it in writing makes all the difference when you want to help EAS.

Co-Presidents Sean Accord and Toni Leonardi both went over convention agenda and status of the merger at this 1st UPMA convention-attendance down-need to strive to get more involved as actives. PMG and others will be here on Tuesday instead of today. Some elections this year and presidential one is next year-2 candidates announced. Term limits cause rotation off board. Now 3 year term limit. 4 cities running for 2019 convention and will each make a presentation.


**Bob Levi-Legislative rep-presentation:

-spoke about President Trump approval numbers and other non-postal info he shared-negative trivia about Trump.


-Only 2 members on Board of governors-Ron Stroman and Megan Brennan-no presidential appointees yet.


-Went over budget-reconciliation is reconciling the law to match the budget. Limited pool of money to cut from.


-***6% of our salary is at risk with this budget-This Year we cannot rely on a presidential veto of the 2018 House Budget Resolutions but many in -House in both parties don't support it. Will likely see many changes and deletions.


-High 5 would not be retroactive, but would be for new retirees-January 2018. see picture of slide.


-We have allies in law enforcement and air traffic controllers who would also be hit hard. This is for the entire federal community.


**We are focusing right now on budget resolutions that are expected to save Billions-expect action in September-end of September is the deadline.


***Postal optimism-Bob Levi thinks the legislation will move forward.


See slide of key elements-


Need to Address:


-Retiree pre-funding-without it the USPS would have been in the black


-Refund FERS surplus-USPS needs a refund


-Innovation & products-need to have these opportunities


-Rate fairness-need more flexibility in rates


PostPlan Moratorium-unique to UPMA-don't want anymore reclassifications or evaluations-especially EAS 18 offices.



HR 756 Postal Reform Act 2017: The most controversial part is Medicare integration-he emphasized is only for those over 65 -so not all retirees. 77% of current Medicare eligible retirees are already in medicare-23% elected not to enroll-he says many as they get older want to get into Medicare for what they feel would be virtually no health costs.


***The only want for the postal service to reap benefits is for all to be in Medicare so that the postal service has no more pre funding requirement.

-He says all employees would get lower health care costs due to this-

-Bill reduces the Board of Governors to 5 not 9 as it now is. (all member terms have expired and no presidential replacements so now it is only Megan and Ron Stroman)

-Universal Services Safeguards are most important for rural mail service-small post offices.

***No mention of MSPB.

Bill Is currently out of Oversight and Govt. reform committee and into Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce-would then go to house floor.

Major tweaking is going on right now around Medicare integration-would exclude Tri Care-military part-Trey Gowdy of S Carolina is now Chairman. October target.



**Postmasters and Managers Political Fund-exceeded expectations-especially without a forum or leadership conference.

New pins were created for our organization that reflects cumulative pins from NAPUS and The League.

"Don't like politics but I do like legislation."



**Richard Hui-e-learning now on UPMA website

All can get into website-the log on is the 4 digit number in your magazine plus first 2 letters of your last name.



**Hartley Alley-UPMA lawyer

-Spoke about his past-came to law late in life-been to supreme court and multiple complex cases-UPMA completely different-1996 first USPS cases.


-Alley admires people who have stuck with a career and are long time serving government employees. Wants to be sure that we are glad he represented them.



Discussed Hotels for 2019 convention do presentations-Shawn Whistn-Moheghen Sun in Connecticut- $149 a night

Signature Credit Union-CEO Rebecca Cuddy-used to be NAPUS credit union-working for the rights of our fellow members.




***David Ravenelle-UPMA National Director -

"Every Postal employee has the right to dignity and respect and the right to compensation that is transparent, fair and realistic and our members are the reason we advocate. We are the solution and the conduit for change-we can grow our organization together."


Presented the Star Chapter Award-effective leadership is the key-self nominated-legislative, genuine, activity that supports of 5 characteristics of a successful chapter. Will be 400 members-

Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Texas, S Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, N Carolina, Iowa.


***First National Chapter of the Year-winning behaviors-membership-5 activities to hold and gain membership-9 activities and participation at Career Awareness, etc...Alabama won


*Baltimore Convention presentation-2019-are direct flights from LAX via Alaska and American-$149-$189-all rooms in 1 hotel-10 min from airport.


*Atlanta Postal Credit Union-presentation-Chuck Head-25,000 members-large.



1:30 <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/4789> 


***Break out afternoon meetings-CA Pacific Area meeting:


Communicate w MPOO and team if not going to get some tasks completed. They are just trying to hold their people accountable and communicate-no one gets on you if you let them know-just get it done by someone-is a team effort.

-If it is on a list-those are the ones to get done.

-If have conflicting things to do then have MPOO prioritize-


+++We are exempt from any telecoms if you have something going or have a customer in the lobby or other issues-

-We are not sitting at desks and computers doing nothing-


Went over all relationships with District Managers-should be having regular meetings.

Some things are now last minute requests-an issue she is taking up with Larry Munoz-



***Candidate for President next year-Richard-gets 3 minutes to present-vision-what do I stand for -what is my drive-


            -passion/ integrity/people PIP-want to do it for the right reasons.


            -The president works for you-you have every right to know what I do every day-




            -What good is a title if you do nothing-I am available everywhere to talk to you and get things accomplished for you.



Jackie-Pacific Area Coordinator-will meet soon with Larry Munoz she already met and brought up better training-tell people to come to the convention-


            **I spoke about the best district-Sierra Coastal-Greg Wolny-progress in NPA and even more serious business nature of meetings now, which is good. Wolnyisms.


            **Charles Hearne (LA) spoke about getting members to attend career conference meetings-he signed up 38 people-going to San Diego next week-we need to get young folk involved because some retirees are going away.


++State Convention-Buena Park in April 2018-First Timers are comped. Will add a line about that to the registration sheet and about vegetarian meals. Also acknowledge veterans on the sheet for follow up.-Will do a direct mailing a month out.


***Candidate for President-Dan Hines-PM in Min-3 minutes to address each break out group


-He has had the opportunity to attend some meetings where he started to understand the issues that brought us together and are different


-He will do everything in his power to build membership-we must bring value to the members we have-need to offer events that get people involved in training and get involved at all-to increase their interest in the organization.

-Build up membership-what it means to them in their life-He will do his best to get to the CA convention next year.

-They need to respect our time-what we have to do-


Jackie continued working with group to**create Q's for Larry-NPA-how many EAS, Plan, Engagement,


+Election for Pacific Are Coordinator-Jackie -nominated Mary Fines-nominated by Charles-Declined -Jackie by acclamation.


+Shawn, co-president came in-will be at Palm Springs career awareness.



***Adverse Action class-Hartley Alley-UPMA lawyer

-no matter how hopeless a case looks-don't give up. Many times the other side makes mistakes or does not take it as seriously as you. Sometimes we win cases on procedural error or because the USPS did not give the EAS due process.

-Always take good notes-they may prove the letter issued is incorrect.

-Hartley does discovery and takes depositions.

-Everybody should be able to take a case through the process. -Fight all discipline-can turn out to be a problem.

-Anyone can be set up for discipline,

-You should mitigate everything.

-Never take a polygraph test.

-Sometimes they do not administer an agreement in good faith-need to push back.

-Comments regarding so many senior EAS getting discipline-some thoughts that trying to get out people making more money.


Most disciplinary Issues:


e travel issues, sharing pass words, taking per diem when not entitled, safety reports, theft cases, kiting money orders, stealing registry money, misuse of postal credit card, sex, hiring relatives, money stolen from cash drawers, using clerk passwords to access POS drawers. (sometimes they arrest postal employees for small amounts of money) not reporting serious accidents, (others brought up accidents that are your fault, falsifying clock rings, falsifying scans.)


-Sometimes they give you short notice and you are barely able to make it but try to meet with member before anyway. This time is important.

-if FF is over the phone due to large district-like Alaska-you need to have the client with you.

-Try not to have it over the phone-only for huge territory-you also need to take breaks after you prep them-never allow them to answer without a witness.

-**How much time do you have to wait for a rep? Like if say tomorrow <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/8904>  at 9

-Hartley says you need to stand firm as to when you as a rep are available and that if they cause you issues then this usually goes against them later.

-There is nothing that is so urgent that anyone needs to do a FF right away.

-Take very good notes from the interview. Contemporaneous notes-need to be the same day. Keep member from talking faster than you are writing, you can also just say-you have answered the question.

-**If are constrained from full participation in FF-Write to them-that you had legitimate questions and you have now hindered my ability to properly represent that EAS.


-**Having others in the room is only used as an intimidation procedure-having others in meeting-say for notes or as a witness is OK.


**Hartley says do not let anyone give written statements -not required to sign anything,

**Sending labor manager out to do FF's is OK-but the real chain of command must be followed for discipline.



++If you think it is going to be a removal or downgrade then make sure to tell people to come up with the money-borrow from family, etc,$3,000 or $6,000.

+++562.2-has to do with members without MSPB rights-it is new to us-let us know.


If not a member then sign them up-just not eligible for legal representation for a year.


Harley-after FF-if going to be witnesses involved-do not contact the witnesses and ask them anything about it.

-If think person will be walked out-make sure have emails of evidence.


**Be careful about getting someone to write witness statements-write the statement for them-and say if this is accurate could you sign it or if not what needs changed.


*Request to amend your electronic eopf. form 8000? on Blue Page-goes to mgr. LR and HR mgr.


**Stale-issues from in the past-starts to look ridiculous.Stand alone items. Just trying to hurt people when dredge from the past for discipline.



*Main Session: Multiple presentations for membership and legislative awards.

Kalahari Resort-presentation from Ohio for national convention-$150/nite



+++Brian Wagner-National President of NAPS


I am very honored to be here-I was here last year. We have so much in common-the rivalry is all with common goals-


Pay and benefits-NALC just settled contract-we are next to discuss pay-"if we are held to a higher standard then we need to be paid at a higher standard." (PMG and COO sitting in the room)


"We are all here for a common goal to be sure the lives of our members are better off."


Three most important things:


1-Title 39-pay of EAS needs to be comparable to private sector.


2-We need to have a pay differential.


3-The pay and benefits need to be good enough that they will attract the next generation of leaders


I applaud what you are doing here for your members-we need leaders. I travel and read a lot-"Leaders Eat Last"-great book on leadership.


Whatever you do-continue to be that leader-thank you for inviting me.


*Scholarship Program-awards


***Megan Brennan-PMG Presentation


Thank you for the opportunity to be here-congratulations on your first UPMA convention-that is a credit to your organization-You persevered-you collaborated and combined it is a credit to you.


**It is important that this organization thrive-we rely on you and your leadership.

-Thank you for the activities and the results from Business connect-you are an extension of our sales force-you identify solutions for our small and middle size customer.


-Showed slide regarding mail volume decline-accelerating more than expected-business is penalizing customers for mail-want digital-pre sort mail way down.


-First Class pays our Postal bills-periodicals-we read on line more and more now


We have a double digit growth in package vouume-but-250% needed in increase to make up that letter volume that we have lost.


mail mix-Priority Mail growth has continued but has slowed


            +++Parcel select is growing-but 3 customers only-Amazon, UPS and FedEx-all three are committed to bringing the volume back-re direct back to themselves


            We are going to try and make it more difficult for them to re direct with new contracts


            Increase in mobile shopping-she has ordered and gets all e information.


+++Service and competitive price point is the key for customer choice-Value proposition


            +++29% decline since 2007 in mail volume and package volume added is still low


            **We need the right product on the right trip and continue to make changes and adjustments


            +++We can slow the diversion but can't stop it-the Postal Service will be last mile


            ++Solvable with Legislation-due to long term legacy costs that need to be addressed.


            +++I thank UPMA-you have done an excellent job in advocating for our organization-those trips to Capitol Hill matter-every American is our customer-that resonates-


            You have done a tremendous job in advocating.


            **Right now we are doing 10 year pricing review-pricing methodology review-for us it is not working-we don't have sufficient revenue to cover costs-the gap is growing due to the price cap.


            **What we have is not workable for a company that has a universal service obligations and competition in every category.

We need to continue our advocacy with PRC also.


*It is critically important for us to get legislation-only want to return to financial sure footing and be viable in the future.


            $28B in new revenue and cost savings


            Thursday have Q 3 financial-$2.1B loss in volume


            Need to look for areas we can grow and slow the diversion


            Customers want instant access.


            ***We are best positioned to own the last mile-


            +++4 Pillars-our core objectives and the foundation of service


            1-Deliver a world class experience.-simplified-solutions (DMM simplifications) and a premiere experience- Innovate to deliver value for business mailers.


            2-Innovate to deliver value-informed delivery, shipping innovations, mail innovations.


            We need to promote informed delivery with our employees and our customers


            "Down time is now screen time”-we need to recognize we need a strategy-Informed Delivery is that strategy. We have 4M users so far-just enabled for parcels also.


            -Moving to Predictive Delivery***we need the sales team to get the large customers and mailers to use this and get us to 200M-we will start sharing more info on informed delivery.


3-Invest in our future-informed visibly, infrastructure investments and vehicle investments (we have been replacing some but this fall we have prototypes this fall with multiple suppliers and some alternate energy types-testing for ergonomics, safety and operating efficiencies-will be a multi-year process. We will continue to make smart investments


            4-Equip, Engage and Empower USPS Employees


            ****The intent is that you are not tethered to your desk-not that you have to be reading emails and texts all the time-just a means of communication so you can reach people.


            ****We need to move with pace-but the most important thing is employee engagement-

            Our work matters, or efforts are visible and we are noticed for our work.


            “Thank you-while we are challenged-there is a way forward-up to this organization to ensure the long term viability.”



            Taking questions:


            1-Informed delivery-needs better adverting and also PCC-need to have more postmasters and employees aware of-


            *****Dave and I just met with national PCC advisory committee-national PCC week 3rd week of Sept-need to get more postal involved-who better to interact with these customers-they are the ones that make the mail work and provide value-PCCs should become an extension of business connect.



            2-As Legislative chair I am wondering what you perceive as the day we run out of money?


            Part of the challenge is when you talk to public officials and show financial gaps they don't see the urgency because there is no disruption of mail-we will always deliver mail, pay our employees and our suppliers. We are going to decide what retirement payments we are going to make. We will take very means possible to conserve cash-we are not able to borrow.


            Be assured we will continue to deliver the mail but we can't pay all the bills due in September, 2017.


            ****"We need to be far more aggressive with consolidation efforts on the plant side-we will reposition transplanted employees."




            3-EAS 18 offices-last year you gave us good news-this year we are told remapping?


            My commitment for a year was not reevaluating EAS 18's-not discussing that now.


            4-Many postal programs do not move over to our phones-


            A-we are working on improving them-it is sub optimized not to have the aps on the phone.



            ++5-Thanks for employee engagement-problem is that we push it down to our employees in Colorado but not being treated this way-


            A-Every part of our organization not in lock step-we need to make sure the POOMs, PM's and DM's have the training  and I understand what you are saying-don't you have a new DM?



            +++6-We are working 10-11-12 hours a day-I want to be with my family and have VPN so I can do some of the work at home instead of at the office.


            ****A-"My priority is my family and then work-I want you to all do the same-I don't want you working from home-I think we need to address the workload and the expectation-I don't want you working 10-11 or 12 hours a day on any day.



            ***7-A/L restrictions by MPOO for holidays and December -


A-There are no black out days for EAS A/L-Send your 3971 to me right away!

-Identifying future leaders has to be a priority-we need to treat our EAS well

(this is not for those that have too much annual and are in a use it or lose it status-should have used earlier in year-not everyone can be off)



            8-What can we do to ensure employee safety-issue to drivers from outside


            We need to keep access points locked and contained-operating window has changed with night drops.



            9-shortage of LLV's and training of CCA's-Rural Academy could be better


            A-if you don't have LLV's then why using them-Rural Academy is better than it was.


            **Many of these things are not worthy our time here-this forum is not for local issues.

**When we are at these meetings need to address local issue locally and national here.



            10-OPM issues


            A-we are working at a level where we get things done-give your info



            11-Possibility to end FERS supplement? How soon? Do I need to retire soon?

A-Clearly if that bill passes it impacts all federal employees not just postal-there is strong opposition against the bill-not just parts. You need to make an informed decision about it and let your public officials know.



12-We have postmasters and managers delivering mail because we have a cap on CCA hiring-only possible way to get it delivered if you have employees out ill-takes 4 months.


A-+++I don't want you out delivering mail. The onboarding process should not take 4 months-we have the ability do it do faster (Western-Hawkeye district) Should be sharing employees-MPOO-


13-Alaska-I have been approached by 30+ year employees and when retire get no recognition or goodbye


A-Agree-last week email from 43 year employee-that is not right-we are trying to ensure we are getting those milestones-looking for 55 year pins etc.

We need to make sure that HR department knows-but if they-some employees don't want them- then have to honor that as well. We have a responsibility to recognize people.



14-We heard that excessing will stop-

A-I mentioned earlier about consolidation in plants-if job vacant 28 days notifications-why many pushed back to February-we are trying to be sure employees have landing-spots when we do the excessing. Management associations will be a part of this.


+++15-N Carolina-All of our parcel volume is between 4-7-we have to keep PSE's below 36 hours and have restrictions to getting the work done.


We need to look at the workload and staffing-you should be getting help from neighboring offices. Need to share resources.



+++16-Peak season-will we have access to extra vehicles?

A-Yes-but depending on workload-we will end the year with less mail and will end next year with less mail. Most come under evaluated time-need to use that. Last year we hired over 37,000 extra workers-we may not do that this year-cost of training and onboarding. During Dec. unscheduled sick leave goes down-more come to work.



+++17-Are you looking at using retirees other than peak season-knowledge?


Yes-we have been doing that for rural count and inspections-looking for ways to leverage that and use them more-less problems and less training needed.




Under staffing-competition for vacancies-competing with seasoned 17's-we never used to do that-we used to have ASP that had stages-


            1-agree must fill the vacancies-3,000 EAS vacancies

2-all for training and developing them-


Repositioning-if getting more laterals then not getting vacancies filled


+++We need to attend career conferences if interested in changing positions and encourage interested employees to do the same.



19-UPS-large packages as less than 10% of package mix-during holidays driven by consumers


All carriers are going to be at capacity in December and Fed Ex and UPS use us as overflow.



20-Career Awareness involvement of top officers-should allow off-but could not-


A-        To let you attend-We should be looking at having "pool" clerks from other offices



+++21-Mandated use of A3 incentivized me to retire early-we had to do them for every place we were under standard. Took 6 hours each. I left. Not the purpose of LSS or A3-they are to identify where need improvement-this was punitive and a punishment-it should have been a team and not individualized.


A-A 3’s not intended to be punitive-thanks for your service but sorry you retired-come up here later and we will do a selfie and post it. Should have had assistance and not taken a long time-in the field they take my words and take them out of context.


++++We need to take to heart that none of these efforts are made to be punitive-need to learn-call that person that can assist-also  we need to make sure employees are recognized-after 36 years everyone deserves better.



22-Tenness-bringing in new RC spots with no Rural Academy training-


A-We want safety and no one out without training-we need to pause and make sure all are properly trained. Do not use employees until trained.



23-EAS 19 postmaster-is that a new position?


A-I am not involved-that is a pay talk discussion.(Tony said it was)



+++++”Please note-I heard everything said- there will be action and follow up on everything we noted. “

            +++++”Do not assume we know things or that your DM knows-Please let us know of your concerns and what is going on. Tell us-we may not know.”



National Harbor Maryland presentation-Gaylord-$159/night + perks

Clara McCullar-Co President of Retirees-off in October 2017.



“Need to work for a cause-lead all toward right path while keeping them safe. You may never know the good you accomplish by just doing the right thing, honesty, Integrity, compassion, trustworthy, fair-core traits of any effective good leader-strong positive values are a must in our lives.”


Being actively involved is the key-knowledge and involvement is strength-encouraging each-other and talking to our lawmakers is strength.


We all have talents to share.


Read passages regarding-If doing life over-I would take fewer things seriously and take more chances-travel lighter and enjoy more of life.



Dave Williams-COO


            Leads the continuous improvement of the USPS and loves LSS, Employee Engagement and employees!


            **Thank you for the role you play and the value you bring to the USPS-you are a valuable part of our leadership team.


Our most important job as leaders is to make sure they go home safely.” Smart business moment. 30 fatalities this year. Hazards lead to fatalities.


Dave told the story of his father who passed early due to an industrial brick-laying accident when he was 6-out of 10 children. Mom was 28 years old-“so it tugs at my heart about safety.” Why I am so passionate that we are doing everything that we can-to be sure this does not happen to our employees. Seat Belts are the most important part of safety.


            ***If person in the back seat is not wearing a seat belt those in the front are 5x more likely to be a fatality in an accident.

**”Thanks for the great performance. We only exist for our customers.”


Our postmasters are important-role to provide great customer experience and value.


“We set all-time highs for service in marketing mail, periodicals, parcel select and scanning performance. This is a testimony to the great leadership you provide.”


I am passionate for how we continuously improve-we know all can even get better.

***”The comment about the A3 is my fault-I asked for them as a tool-(made face) a tool for us to get better-not a punishment or what we impose to try to get to people.”



**We have to get even better-we are minus-4B pieces of mail volume we relied on lost in one year-next year we expect to lose 4B more pieces-8 B total! Lose about $300M of revenue due to this.


1/2 of everything (money) we bring in for 1st Class goes to our infrastructure-marketing mail is down too.


Decline of letters and flats and more parcels-caught us off guard-this means negative revenue from what we were expecting.


****I am now extremely focused on making sure we are driving efficiencies-and our workload. Scheduling and staffing-changes being implemented since March.



Need to have scheduling and staffing changes to do more parcels and not letters like we used to do.


50% of our F4 have wrong days and the wrong start times-can you imagine?


Mail processing is 70%-in plants many have wrong schedules and days for OT –it will not be where it needs to be. Wrong days off too. 1/3 of total OT is due to wrong day off.


Wrong starting times-they should match arrival of workload-


***”44% of OT due to wrong schedules-would be irresponsible to continue this way- we need to adjust schedules.”



October 1st <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/25808>  new FY-need a running head start-Need to make sure the operational footprint matches the revenue.


Customer experience-everything is going to rise and fall on the customer experience.


            ***Amazon, UPS and Fed Ex will move when get a better customer experience.



***NPA-3.95 corporately-I want to be at 6.0


++3 indicators that can move in next 52 days-marketing mail and periodicals-if get a 92 on time.

In Q3 we did it and just need to continue and move up one cell

-scanning-can move up one more cell

-Just moved up a cell on parcel select

-Accident rate-at 15.43-really good gains possible-focus on the hazards and top accident causes. Dog bites, falls, heat related accidents and lifting.



***Will be above a 4.0 on NPA if do these-we have momentum going into September.


**“I was getting writer’s cramp taking notes on your questions to Megan.-I want to answer some myself-“:



1-***Treatment of postmasters-we are all leaders in this organization-employee engagement starts with engaged leadership-it starts with me-we need more engagement from EAS at all levels-engaged employees are enthused about their work and this is a leadership issue.



2-***MPOO-creating a whole new training course for them-have some training but not specific to them-they need to be taught core leadership principals that are missing.


3-Looking at staffing levels and # of people that report to our MPOOS-but need to lay out the leadership principals to all leaders-what we expect.


4-We are repositioning vehicles and excessing some that cost us more to keep on the road than they are worth-we are storing some for peak season and we will lease new ones.


5-**Excessing will be in February


6-***A3's-not meant to punish-my fault-I requested them and when I do that, it snowballs-in ways I did not intend.


7-We have committed to reducing telecoms-telling them to engage better but not to waste peoples time.


8-I have come to learn that my 15 min telecom becomes a 1 hr. with the DM and then goes up from there.


9-***Need to get rid of non-value added work.


            Q & A


Q1-Carrier Academy-not done in 8 hours because no vehicles


A-we have a 3% buffer for operational maintenance-email me what office you are in-vehicles belong to HQ not district now so Kevin McAdams wlll work on that.-email me you’re your issues to [email protected]



Q2-We need Postmaster trained in how to handle CDS carriers-keep out of trouble

A-It goes beyond CDS-there is an opportunity for us to close the knowledge gap.


Need to answer the office phones and be responsible to the operation.



Q3-Rule change in middle of our season-budgets-


A-I have committed to fair budgets for our offices so we can open our doors. We should have enough  budget at acceptable efficiency levels. Apparently there are 67 different (number of districts) ways to do it and so now taking them to HQ to tweak. Last budget adjustments for EAS 20 and 21 offices will take place next Monday <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28536> and be reflected in flash Sept 5th. <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28574>



Q4-Methodology for marketing and operations-scheduling


A-Scheduling staffing is an operations function-I meet with Area Marketing managers-I talk about eCCs and now am changing my message because we have 2 separate groups going down separate paths-need to go thru variations to be successful.



Q5-Offices being mandated to go in and capture 20% of routes open-creates carriers out till 8pm-9pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/28956>  because not using CCAs.

All Goes against TOE-told to do something because it is hurting their NPA.


***A-It is my job to make sure we have great leadership in the field-pivot is about 10% to capture under time. Need to look at start time for CCAs-too early or too late. Want carriers off street by 1800 so not on overtime. Need to capture under time-some districts must be trying for more than 10%-we should not be doing it if it is costing us money.


Q6-How do we right size the workload if we don't have as much control?


A-Need to reposition employees when have too many of one type of employee-look at our operational footprint.



Q7-Is any justification for clerks going to be looked at before they are excessed?


A-Yes-we look at things individually. We don't have a F4 national model. Much is locally determined-up to your district leadership-we need to get a better model for pool clerk operations.



Q8-Standardized packaging-red, green, etc.


A-Great idea-will give you credit.

Q9-Texas-custodial duties in RMPO-doing custodial duties


A-Just got an arbitration on that and will see how we need to implement that award-we will do whatever we have to do to comply.



“Thank for your questions and listening to me-it is only with your leadership we are doing so  well and I am so proud to be a part of your leadership team.”



Various presentations and announcements.


CA meeting 5-6 pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/30312>  in Charles room 570-vote on site 2019, legislation, dinner tickets for Wednesday, etc. Pizza-


Group of ~700 Delegates on Louisville Harbor Sunset Cruise 8-10:30pm <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/30421>





Jeff Williamson-Chief Human Resources <tel:202-268-2028>  and Executive VP USPS



-Went over the new tools and employee engagement I am easy to reach-call me<tel:202-268-2028> -



Q & A With Jeff:   


Q1-Employee Engagement was great but needs to be fulfilled-we have EAS out on stress and that is not something we need to deal with-we need to see change and accountability.


A-I could not agree more-that is why we are doing that-the fabric -are there people that are underperforming? But we do not treat them poorly-we mentor and coach- have people call me<tel:202-268-2028> have to do better? Yes, but there is a way to treat people correctly-the amount of stress and pressure that is on everybody-I would not work for a boss that treats me like that, We are working really hard to address this-you need to let us know who-call us.


It is unacceptable and none of us condone it-we have a long way to go-

If there is someone out there not doing what they need to be doing we will address it-it does not start at the top-just because we say it, it will not just happen-It is unit by unit and we have to do a better job. Josh will help you too. (was from someone in his Eastern Area and Josh was in the room)


The units that are in the top quartile-400 units that are as good at engaging their employees-that number doubled between the first and third surveys.

If any of you have a specific issue-call me- tel:202-268-2028



Q-What is the future of PMR's-they seem to be the forgotten stepchildren


A-I don't know-we have small units across the country-no one should be forgotten.

The commitment is we are going to go full end-some are purposeful and necessary because that is the only tie the community has-even though they produce no revenue to cover costs.


**I think sometimes we worry too much about legislation-we can try new products and what are they going to do-we worry and hold ourselves back sometimes with worry (“This is why I go last to speak and my boss is not here and doesn't hear what I say.”)



Q-Issue-"you don't have to worry about what we do-you up end my credit card if I don't take a class-an on line class-you have no idea what I do and why we don't take a class but you take away use privileges if we don’t take the class-I think you are disrespectful and a dictator.


A-**I agree-I did not want my comments to sound like a dictator or disrespectful-I apologize-we are trying to balance the needs of the business and the responsibility. But there are very few things we ask you to do that do not have a business need.

-We will look at those specific issues. We will evaluate it.



Q-PPPO postmaster promised equalization of our pay-don't forget


A-This will come up in pay talks-I have not forgotten about you.


Q-Care program-


A-We are going to take everything we have and end up together-some components were more mature than others.


If you are given work and not given instructions then call us-it just shows how inefficient we are-it has nothing to do with will-it is that the systems are so darn hard.


***I am not just saying things because I am up here-call me-I gave out my number-we will get you the resources-I am sorry you were struggling.



Q-Identifying where PTF's are and e reassign issues-there needs to be more transparency because as postmasters we need to know where they are on the list-and so do the employees-now is after day 21.


A-I could not agree more-I have had those issues-a clerk in my home post office.


***We have hidden behind the idea that HR info is sensitive-not all of it is-we in HR need to be more transparent. It is a combination of the system and how we train our employees.

Q-I am one of 462 offices that received your letter-engagement-

We have gone down in responses-I can no longer manage my office.


A-“I commend you-for being there-it shows you communicate.”



Q-Why are my employees being disciplined by managers that don't take the initiative-engagement?


A-Engagement is only partial-if the system fails you then is reflected there-


**Do your employees trust you? Do you trust your employees? It is about trust-If you don't believe we are doing things with the right intent.


**Engagement is about empowering employees-without empowerment is not good.


If this answer is not what you need then call me.



“Thank you, thank you, thank you-as we watch the agency evolve-remember you are the ones that make it happen.”

****“Empower you and I give you the ability to be the best you can be-you are the heart and soul of the organization.”


Write me, call me-I get a lot of them from you.



**Site selection results-Connecticut-2019


Editors awards-Publications-cover design, use of feature article, human interest article and use of photos.





Josh Colin-Eastern AVP-



Discussed Q's brought up from his area-




***In Quarter 1 HQ saw what we hadn't planned for-the revenue picture had shifted-we had planned a positive net income but even though parcel volume was still growing-letters and flats dropped-JP Morgan-banking, ATT-Direct TV and L Brand-Victoria’s Secret, Bed Bath and Beyond-all decided to get out of the mail all at one time-80% of Eastern volume disappeared-2B pieces of mail-we came out of December and looked at revenue and volume and performance. After Christmas-we saw mostly on rural side carriers leaving late and back late-we asked why-we had to look since volume was really down.

***Sometimes our MPOOs and other managers are over passionate and over-zealous leaders -sometimes push things down wrong-things should be based on an individual basis anyway.


You have come to Eastern-what keeps me up at night is the people piece-I care about People.


            ***Employee engagement is not the flavor of the month. Engagement and culture do not always align-you have to keep engaging all the time it does not stop-just like here-you came together as one organization this year because you realized change has to come.



***We are going to become a parcel delivery company-not letters and flats-if those do not come back.


I deal with data-Engagement to me is never anything new-it will take 5 years to see changes. I used to have an afro-it was different when I got into management-I believe in engagement-people can change.


***Sometimes the reason for why we do something has not been explained fully-we need to explain the why-not just because I say so. If you don't know why-the message is not really clear. We need to take the time to do this. An important part of Engagement is explaining why we request employees to do things-not just because we are boss and say so.


You always have to be respectful-There are 10 districts in Eastern-North is unhappy, south is happy-you need to know how to reach people-you have to go to career conferences-it is an investment.


We are most likely going to be a package delivery company-but we don't know if we have priced it right to be profitable. Packages are going to grow. Retail is disappearing.


e-commerce has taken over. We have to be efficient at what we do.


Went over Sunday delivery-huge cost-


Reviewed Eastern Area tools-took cumbersome tools and improved on them and have shared our work with all other areas. (7 total)



SEAT-Stationary Event Analysis Tool-we need to get the carriers back.


-We have to give everybody training on this-Southern Area is now getting on board.


New tool shows each Eastern Area District listed by day-without doing anything complicated you can see when the carrier is standing still-no pings- no scans-and the dollar value of the idle time-unless there is an apartment building you should be pinging-carriers-they are paid to be in motion other than 2 breaks and a 30 minute lunch-they are paid to be in motion-this is our brand.


***Now we have that number for every district and every employee. $14,000/day at 50% capture rate is a positive NPA.


For city and rural routes-the growth is in rural but city routes expand more.


**The things headquarters puts out (tools/programs) are not always user friendly. We are going to push this to desktop so you can see the data and then delete it.



***Package volume is down due to Amazon pulling out some areas where they are delivering-they are identifying where they can do it-they believe our network is not sustainable-even though we are doing our job, change will pass us by.



When we drill down-we will pull out data that shows the time carriers are trying to take from us.


Dims and rims takes a long time and is difficult-this new program eliminates that-can see stationary time of each carrier. This is not HQ-this is Eastern Area. We are sharing this with Southern-we have to put together a training package so that we can have engagement conversation with the employee-required statements and required exhibits.


Remember-Behavior drives engagement.


***”Thank you for all you do-Without you and your dedication we would not be where we are today.”



Bob Levi-UPMA convention donation record-$13,120 so far this morning.


Election of officers-are every year for active and retired-term limits and ensure all not off at same time. What we do best is working for our membership.


See election vote slides.


Star Chapter Awards-


Speeches from outgoing termed out (Some 2 years from past and now One Three year term) officers. All co-officers but active member president which will be next year for a 3 year term. 2 announced so far. (co-presidents for retirees are also off the board)


-All said it had been an honor and privilege to serve and grew to respect every member of the executive board, mostly through respectful disagreements, since that is how you engage and get to know people.


-We have passion and dedication-how many have been in touch with office while on A/L this week?-stand up-all did-annual leave is not the same for postmasters as it is for craft-(used to have convention leave)



-Speeches from winners and losers-all said all who ran were very good candidates who would represent you well. Ran respectful but vigorous campaigns-with style and grace

Installation of auxiliary officers-(all retired) see pic-work for postmasters and managers to support them.



Installation of Newly elected area coordinators-November 1st take office-purpose and goal-to improve working conditions of members. Remain vigilant to members needs and represent UPMA to the best of my ability.



Installation of Board-working for the welfare of the members.



2 announced candidates for president next year spoke about themselves and what they plan to do-nothing more important than the welfare of each individual member.



Dan Heins for President 2018-introducer says-he listens to the concern of members and acts in their best interest, when say is going to do something-integrity-does it-knowledge of UPMA and helps-possesses skills to guide as well as lead-



-We are 2 organizations coming together on shores of Ohio River-both have different styles and traditions but all want for the good of each member.


He will focus on training and career development-he has initiated an online learning center-will continue with that tradition-education.


Will bring financial accountability, having been sec /tres. has unique understanding of where money comes from and how we manage the money entrusted to us-transparency important-should be spending money for what is important-prioritize for the membership.


-Membership-give value and meaning to the members we currently have as well as get more-work with groups to serve best at the chapter level-face to face time with those members, word of mouth keeps people.


-Representation-one of the most important things that we do-we should have representatives that work with our state chapter reps to find ways to educate them when they do get in trouble.


-Legislation-pending will be legislation that will affect us-retired and active-need to always be vigilant on legislative front.


-I will encourage unity and foster common goals-create an organization of value for all of us-committed to make you proud and sail into the future.



Richard Hui-no introducer




Good afternoon-ask for your vote so I can become the next national president –originated from Hong Kong-at 17-Boston University majored in economics. Knows value of hard work and diligence.


-Married w children and become letter carrier and supv. Etc. to postmaster.


-When electing look at quality, passion, drive and determination-if you do not do things in correct way you are heading for issues--I have inspiration and drive-all the titles and accomplishments I have on paper are meaningless-we need to work-members need to see it-so many members not getting time off, leaving early for retirement, this is wrong and hurts me.


-I have PIP-Passion-Integrity/transparency and People-represent the way it is supposed to be done-correctly.



Shawn Accord-gave review of events from Friday <x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/41872>  on-


-Shawn spoke about the respect they have for Megan-she has always followed through with anything she has said she would.

-Some postmasters were getting excessing letters and some districts were not following policy and we would be paying millions of dollars so that has been halting until February.


****Cell phone program-request was not from our organization-not from postmasters to spend all that money on something you wonder why.....most did not want or need and is extra work.


-Family First-not work-this is where we need to be-and Megan reinforced it.


-First Timer thanks

- Recognize the national convention Kentucky chapter and raffle award winners from booths etc.

-Closing-patriotic song-sung by talented PM of New Jersey



Networking evening and Banquet entertainment/dinner

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