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Western Region Training Seminar Denver, CO August 11-13, 2017

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There is some good information in here that I have put in bold print that can be used to better represent our members and also to help educate some of our district leadership regarding what Megan Brennan, and top USPS leadership (is Day 2 of the meeting) tell us at these meetings. Having it in writing makes all the difference when you want to help EAS.

Seminar began with a prayer for an atmosphere of cooperation and kindness for all.

CO/WY  A/ District Manager-Kevin Romero

Thanked all for what they do-encouraged to mentor and pass on knowledge before you leave.

Thanks for what you do every day-what you do helps make this organization run.

Patricia Jackson-Kelley-Nat'l President for the Auxiliary-Shared accomplishments:

Improved website, monthly financial report, support of SPAC, Attended 100th anniversary of New Jersey State, Met w/ some congressional offices in CA.

Greg Graves-USPS Western Area VP

Went over some of the US history that is explained in the national anthem and how fortunate history was that they prevailed. Life could be totally different here if others had won. Never take life and what we have for granted.

Management makes a difference and I am one of your strongest advocates. Tested self- managed units in the past-there was insanity-anything went-hours skyrocketed. Management makes a difference.

We need to figure out how we can give the most support to those on the front line-supervisors and move the organization forward.

The financial condition of the USPS right now is different-First Class volume continues to decline.

January, 2017 started one of the worst periods ever in our history and the steep decline in mail/flat volume has continued since them-the tunnel has collapsed ahead.

We have restrictions because we have contracts-but we need to cut back-

Our current productivity is not going to get us there-we now need to over communicate-as leaders we have to create hope-we are a $60B business and will hold at that-our infrastructure is $70B.

Working on legislation is key-

Postal Pulse survey is coming up-get everyone to fill out the survey and to tell the truth-that gives us a map to be better.

Our problem is that we have unions that don't trust us-based on what we did with the information in the past. (USPS used it in pay negotiations to the detriment of their members) We learned a hard lesson and will never do that again.

We are stronger when we are able to give our opinion. No one will compromise confidentiality.

Safety-should not be a number on a compensable target. People are important-safety is about bringing people home healthy each day.

Larry Munoz-USPS A/Pacific Area VP

We are holding Career Conferences every Sunday to encourage, find and develop new leaders. We are blessed with talented people-we have economists and lawyers.

Attendance is good-if you want to be developed and have other career opportunities you should attend one.

My commitment to you is to fill all EAS vacancies in Pacific Area-help us expedite those interviews and get all filled before peak season.

**Engagement-where we are in the surveys-We in Pacific Area have trained 4100 on engagement training. Almost all done. Exceptional training.

A lot of work needs to be done-this is a number one priority for me in Pacific Area-if all engaged then our task is easier.


**My goal and commitment is for everyone to get an NPA this year and next year.

I am a strong supporter of NAPS and still pay my NAPS dues.

Went over large sale in Pacific-LA: Greatest Of All Time-GOAT-this company specializes in high profile used shoes from celebrities-was using FedEx and UPS-due to leads got new revenue.

Our priority is to develop people and develop future leaders.

I am very proud of our relationship.

Brian Wagner, NAPS President

It is important that we have our leaders here to listen to us.

This is a great opportunity and great program. Thanks for being here.

Our officers are dedicated-we are great!

I was at the UPMA 1st convention in Louisville where our first convention was.

Ice cream of day is butterscotch.

Loretta Toliver-USPS Manger USPS Employee Engagement Programs

We are teaching 1.5 day classes to improve the work environment in all units-developing the possibilities within each person.

Engagement is how we do what we do every day-is not an add-on to our workload-it is tweaking working with others so we do it well.

Engagement does not trump our mission. Engagement is a way to carry out our mission.

The last program lasted 17 years as VOE

1994-the VO survey asked if are you satisfied with your pay-so when negotiations came then the union leadership was told this. Unions boycotted it even after done.

We need to be talking to these employees too and getting them to fill it out-part of engagement is having conversations-

Originally the ambassador’s job has been cut back due to finances-but 60% of attendees have said they have used it.

Most ask when their boss will be given the training.

Focus on that which is under your control.

Pacific Area completed Ambassador training for all EAS for Engagement

CEW-Bargaining unit employees are now getting the same training.

Another class taught by ambassadors is coming to help.

Looking for people that want to be a part of this-Coaching for Positive Relationships-

People want to be acknowledged on a personal level-

"If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life-"we want employees to want to come to work and love their job.

Engagement of the Year-We want to make sure that if there is someone who has done something fabulous-we want to acknowledge them.

EMVP-Engagement Most Valuable Player-peer to peer recognition

Certified Engaged Team-469 of them

***We have directors of Employee Engagement-positions not details-is not a flavor-it is not going away. It is a culture change. Does not have to take a long time as some say.

Coach on how to build better relationships

Q7-that is the most provocative question-do not believe their opinions count-people are 59% more engaged if they feel their opinion counts.

Engagement does not trump mission-for example- maybe can't put up curtains

****Engagement is a part of our future-is now part of classes and e Career KSA's and interview questions.

*****Questions are raised regarding promotions of those who do not manage through elements of engagement. People ask how they get promoted.

Q6-there is someone at work who encourages my development.

Every single one of us is motivated by something different.

Respect is something we can give-do not have to be well liked every day-like a family-

Q 1-Ralph Petty-took survey and has results

A-Some of us have worked for tyrants-

Some people can't talk because there are bosses in the room.

Accountability has turned into a negative because associated with discipline but it is really just about a conversation and trying to assist.

Q-HQ employees not told about and not taking the engagement courses-

A-we advertise every week-people should look at Kelvin Williams weekly emails to the field-

was mandatory-now recommended-and because of one person no one knows it exists.

Q-Few here knew what you were talking about and shows we are not engaged-so how can we use it and filter it down-it looks like they just want the numbers from the craft and not EAS-

A-We see it too-the ones that won't give the class because it is too expensive-some want to do it through beatings-

We should not be seeing emails that say-"get this report in by noon or see me in my office at 1."-we share those with Dave Williams in HQ for follow up.

Engagement is not a thing-it is our way of life for the future-like other companies.

Q-Sarah-where is the accountability?

Is there a way to send it up the ladder when we see discrepancies?

Yes-there is a feedback mechanism

Q-Supervisors have less time to interact with employees in the office-can try on the street-too many reports and no time.

A-we are also working on the telecom issue-it takes up all of our day.

Q-you said Engagement will be part of vacancy announcements?

Yes-and engagement drives safety.

640,000 employees- 40,000 are EAS=330,000 are managed by a disengaged manager

Q-Comment on us taking the initiative in driving engagement even if our manager is not engaged.

Q-Myrna-We have to do more with that engagement ourselves-need to take the time to have meetings with our district manager, our POOMs, etc. We need to speak up about it as leaders. It is not about taking the class-if your managers are not leading by these principals the we need to have the courage to stand up.We have a voice as leaders and must use it-our opinion matters.

A-agree-it is up to local leadership and individuals to stand up

Q-Louis-what we have is not working and we need to change the environment-our postal leaders live engagement and many have changed their thought process to respect this-it is the people underneath them. We need to see how much we have been engaged with -true leaders care about people and not just the numbers-if we promoted better and not just on numbers.

Q-Hayes-When you walk on the floor and see things should pick things up-but mostly we should let people have access to us and not ask for appointments or coming into the office.

Q-I agree with the philosophy but I see mgt does not care-I have been told it is my job to find vehicles, employees, etc.Issues not being solved.

A-yes-no one wants our jobs-do not want to step up-

Q-engagement is working in his plant-do little things and lead by example-it will make life easier. Once start implementing things get better.

Engagement is a way to get the mission done.


We have been steadily increasing our commitment to SPAC financially.

Thanks for what you help do-it helps get all of us to political events-we in the field have a tremendous impact. For each person going is seen as 10 votes-if send 10 is seen as 100 votes.

These are the kinds of deceptions we are trying to battle with.

Gave out awards for SPAC for month of July, 2017.

Some legislators have skewed ideas about the USPS.-showed video clip of Senator Rand Paul.

Vendors all spoke-re what they do and are offering.

Joseph Bruce-USPS Manager Human Resources HQ-

Responsible for the hiring and selection process-“I am the guy you can yell at

I am in charge of testing and Shared Services Department.”

Brought in eCareer to take over for 991-now eCareer is not technologically there-

all of our Human resources systems have hit their time line. I am here today to give you a preview of what we have planned for the future to replace eCareer.

**USPS has partnered with Cornerstone On Demand to replace all the separate HR systems all into one suite. Will be able to get information and make selections much more efficiently.

**CSOD Module.

We will replace LMS system to provide better training and interconnect with records-will let you know your training and information.

Recruiting, On Boarding, Learning, Performance, Compensation, Succession, Connect, Reporting

***It will identify skills and allow us to move you up in the organization after identified.

It will have a closed social media system.

Will be able to provide mobile capability for hiring.

Unified skills bank-so we can see if employees have skills we were not aware of and will assist us in getting them into details.

Integration with social media and allow quicker hiring.

Result-Should hire the best employees that we can and vet them-all in a reduced timespan.

130,000 hired since October-

Q-on hiring re can't tell them how many hours and what working

A-Yes-working on that

Q-Cost of living in certain areas not conducive to hiring-.$17 does not cut it.

A-yes, these are problems we are trying to work through.

***Q-Hays-The way people talk to you no matter what their capacity is-some telecoms are beat down sessions-talk to in disrespectful manner because they are our superior. This is a culture that is unacceptable. I encourage those of you to speak up.

Yes-people should not be allowed to bully and disrespect-things cannot change in a day but we hear it still-need to identify who these mangers are.

Q-Bridget-the messages we hear is causing our people to leave.-engagement not happening.

We encourage leadership to take personal things in account-we do have operational issues but we should have a culture where it is minimal.

***Q-retention-I am looking at benefit for next 30 years but retention is looking at today-not 30 years. I am getting messages that I need to keep employees.

We need to do our best to get employees to succeed-if you have helped-then it is OK to let them go. We have people that write to me that after 3 years they left-all need training that they deserve. We are looking for 30 year employees. We should be making efforts to make sure all employees succeed-

***they are our failure if they leave because we did not train them or assist them.

Q-should not have put retention on NPA

Q-It takes more effort with Millennials-they have no work ethic-they want to challenge you, don't abide by rules and regulations

We are hiring in people that are a challenge to retain.

A-we are updating the test-bringing in people from the HQ level

Q-All rural route office-bring in as RC and leave to be CCA's-is this hurting our numbers with retention even though staying in organization.

Will have to take a look at it.

Q-Maintenance training-have hurt it so bad I can't retain them

A-See me after

Q-F1 shows our PSE's working just a few hours-how can retain

A-can't tell you what we are doing but we will look at that.

****Larry Munoz pledged this morning to fill all Pacific Area EAS vacancies-1500 EAS 17 positions nationally-vacant. We are making sure we get as many internal employees as we can and if go outside will go to the veterans. We should be mentoring to try and get them even though there are challenges right now. Next week we are sending mailings to bargaining employees to fill the positions.

EAP and Western Region Legal

Kimberly Ray-OIG

Jewel Taylor-Legal for OIG to detect waste, fraud and abuse.

No Fear Act-trained annually on-

It is the responsibility of every supervisor to ensure and promote an environment that is unfearful.

Went over EEO and Reasonable Accommodation

See slides

***Official time-allow them Official time to put together the case etc. and respond

Want to be sure employees are trained.

USPS Office of OIG Special Inquiries Division-Workplace Environment

20 employees for nation

***Workplace should be stress-free and adversity free work environment.

Work with district HR managers-

**EAP unit

EAP-spare us the power point-

Free short time intervention counseling and free leadership coaching direction (low utilized service to identify deficits and encourage strengths.)

Each group of sessions goes 2-6 months-each incident starts a new group of sessions.

This can cost $100-$160 for 45 minutes for a therapeutic hour

***Brian Odom Western Region Office-he is the lawyer for Western

I defend you as a manager against employee claim or OSHA

I was asked to discuss hostile work environment and harassment since Pacific Area requested that as a need.

If give craft employee orders and they will not comply-we need to learn to talk to employees whether we like it or not-employees will be difficult-

 They want to make you sweat.-over 99% of our employees are hard working

You must be consistent when handling employees-

Good, solid hard workers-

We are held to a different standard than craft employees.

Should be patient, let employees know how are supposed to be doing things, we can control how we act.

Documentation-can send yourself an email-

Maintain confidentiality.

Q-Request for a number to call and there is no return phone call.

A-is on handout

Q-Problem is that we hired a new staff


Q-Higher standards-however if we had more support-harassing and intimidating them-craft making more than us-

A-I agree 100% with that-if we build good solid cases-because it is what it is-for me it is a drawing a line in the sand-I believe in employee engagement-can't turn it on a dime-that message has not worked its way down through the ranks of management.

Q-What if you have an EAP guy that needs EAP-he comes to talk about his issues

a-I will address the individual

If any employees at all there should be a chain of command.

Call the 1-800 number-

Q-What recourse do supervisors have when people are filing bogus EEO's against us?

A-the way is to win them-if feel not based on anything legitimate.

It is our job to be managers and defend those claims-

***Dennis Del Pizzo-Medicare Part B Health Insurance Specialist-

Teach us: Medicare and how it operates as people approach retirement so we can assist our members

Medicare=Health insurance for 65 and older or if have certain diseases.

4 parts-see slides

At 65-Part A & B are most common

For Federal employees we have options and choices and unless legislation takes them away you have a choice.

Explain Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage

Dillard presentation-Dan

(Outside during vendors-Lengthy discussion with Bruce and John from HQ re issues-see pics of 5 of us)


Attorney-Tom Muther


Represent in disciplinary adverse actions and administrative complaints.


Focused on federal employment law since 1985.


When representing-less is more-give up little information.


His firm will have you as a retainer client and then help you respond


The proposal letter is the most important letter you will see-they have to lay it out.


**Everything has to be in there-proposal letter-they can't add more later.


They must give you a copy of their evidence-not just see it.


**Our agency (USPS) is extraordinarily bad at this-they don't provide the evidence-they must provide all if you ask for it.


It helps you provide a due process argument that is helpful down the road.


Ask for an extension-if they openly refuse then can use it later.


Arguments you can use:

The charge

Due process

Penalty arguments


MSPB has become more of a rubber stamp for penalties unless there is disparate treatment.


***He explained well how if the case revolves around NAPS representation etc. then it is NAPS that must defend and make arguments-not a judge or official forum argument.


You need to be able to tell the employee if he has no real defense and will lose-not doing the individual any good if you tell them you can do something that is not likely.


Resigning before they fire you is a better bet.


Make the client write the letter since they know their job and case.


When you write incorrect information or information on how to make a better case against the employee then you are not helping them.

If the agency already has made up their mind and there is nothing you are going to write in that letter that will change their mind.


If you have an affirmative defense or mitigating factors that are unknown to the agency then you need to note it.


He is not a fan of oral replies-since give up information-


Currently not a full sitting MSPB board-so there is no quick appeal process now-was taking 6 months-now could take 3 years-in limbo forever.


Douglas Factors-most important is if there are mitigating circumstances that explain the actions.


Q (Hays) Board is backlogged-so does the employee still stay on the roles the entire time?

A-If win-the judge orders that they be paid on interim relief pending appeal-f lose then out of work pending the appeal.

You are out of work pending the appeal.-you are out of luck until awarded.


Q-12 mos. in a position before MSPB-if took downgrade-not getting 12 months.

A-If are veteran then get it-but if not then do not have those appeal rights.


Q-can take to district court?

A-never seen it.


Q-(Hays)For clarity-go to an administrative position for 1 year and go back to supervisory-not entitled to MSPB.

A-Yes-that is correct.



A-No-Would be  mixed case. Can file one or another.


Q-650 and EEO they will hear the job action first.

A-Yes-NAPS does not do mixed cases.


Q-Decision letter states that the employee has MSPB rights but they don't?

A-an agency cannot confer MSP rrights on employees that don't have it-their mistake does not give you rights.


Engagement in the USPS-Patty Hansen-Engagement Ambassador

Pacific Area should be proud of what they have done-had 4,222 completed for EAS.


Retirees can come in and see how the classes are-just reach out and say they want to attend.


This is also being offered to craft employees


The state of manager engagement-

The initial roll out did not do what we expected.


Did Ambassador program work?


Many say why bother filling it out because nothing will get done anyway-no one listens.


Jeff in HQ says Engagement will not be on your NPA because it affects your performance. We want to hear the truth-Not like old VOE where had to be positive.

The only way we can make some changes is from hearing from our people.


As compared to the rest of businesses USPS is still not doing well, but it is up.


Sierra Coastal district has created meaningful change in scores-also Alaska.


****EAS 17 supervisors are still the least engaged across all elements.


Employees that go through the course have 60% increase in productivity.


Should have recognition every week where nothing but good things are said.


Should also encourage other employees.


Best friend at work -least answered question-if have one less likely to call in sick.


***65% of USPS employees are currently eligible to retire now or in near future. We need to train the new leaders to utilize engagement in the future.


Negotiation Skills-John Aceves


5 skills:


Compromise, De-emphasis-what is most important, Retreat, Enforcement, Direct Approach


***If we are going to write the rules-then we should enforce them as NAPS representatives-example-choice of representative


Listening, speaking, writing and timing-skill sets we should have.


Face to face meetings are most important-can see body language and possible rolling of the eyes, etc.


-Some people are being promoted to high level positions but they do not have the qualities we would expect in a manager.

-Do not pre judge.

-Do not speak when you are angry.


-Verify, verify what you write.


Engagement question-There is someone at work who encourages my development

My supervisor, or someone at work seems to care about me

I receive regular complements


****According to Gallup-a manager most important role is to engage the hearts, minds and talents of his or her people.

****Megan says managers should engage and empower employees to bring their best selves to work every day.

***Hold those accountable who hold you accountable.



Chuck Roberts-Generations: Exploring Our Bias


****Maslow Hierarchy of Needs


We all have safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs-see slides.


We can use this to how our boss wants us to do things.


**We judge others by clothes, etc.

-value systems are started to be created early by 5-by 10-90% of values are set-by 20 all done--takes hard work to change.

-value integrity character, sacrifice, respect and family.


Key events and rise and fall of birth rate-define generations


Most of group in class was baby boomer-defined by hard work, long hours, optimistic,  collaborative, dedication to the job, workaholic. They were first to start to change American politics, technology, etc.


Generation X wants to work less/fewer hours, title means less, wants balance in job, wants home life, less dedicated or loyal to employer.


Generation Y-short attention span, live for today, want monetary gains, have confidence, want personal balance, developing solutions to problems is important to them.


***Western Region Training Seminar Legislative update: Ivan Butts


Legislation on table-2018 will be a challenge because we have a lot of our champions up for re-election-we need to get behind them and support them.


Resolution 15-to maintain 6 day delivery

Resolution 31-Return to Service Standards as of July 1, 2012-standards decreased after OWC.

S.371 and HR 1057-Stop Act of 2017-regarding opioids in the mail-but contains legislation-rooted in Fed Ex and UPS to get us out of the package business. We would need new technology and would impose new charges-would drive shippers away. All we need to do is work with those countries. NAPS not in support of.

HR 760-Postal Service should be allowed to reinvest revenue generated or saved to pay off debt-it is also in other bill.

HR 3257-To make all federal employees at will employees-(like the 7500 we have without MSPB rights).Against this.

HR 3200-taxpayer funded pension disclosure act-a confidentiality issue-we are against.

S873-TSP Modernization Act-to give access and give flexibility.


HR-756-Postal Reform legislation-been trying since 2006 to get it-we support it-will stop us from reporting those quarterly losses.

“This bill adds MSPB rights-for 7500 employees -would change the culture of Sales HQ employees.”


Medicare integration-biggest piece of contention in this legislation.


Meeting with your District Leadership


***Went over having monthly district meetings-

-go in organized with what was discussed in your local meeting-

-Be organized if more than 1 with you to speak

-Allow them to answer

-No threats

-Stick to timeline

-Prioritize items and only have enough to get all resolved within the time scheduled

-Take written notes so there is clarity on what discussed.-keep these-Brian goes and finds notes from years ago.

-Share the minutes with your membership.



Sacramento has monthly meetings-need to have dialogue between NAPS and the district-do not go over their head. It is incumbent on us to deal with things at the lowest levels so as not to embarrass our district and let them solve the issue quickly.


National Officers presentation-

Chuck and Brian-branch officer duties and responsibilities



-leads by example-always professional

-Directs and controls the meeting

-Sets the tone and maintains order

-Establish the agenda and pace of agenda items

-Introduce speakers and have a bio


-President must know the by-laws and constitution of branch/national-and by-laws


-Must have a quorum-make sure meeting it-some branches can't get 5 members


-Stay within the order of business


-Set up committees


-***The branch president is charged with representation and creating relationships with management within the district and area. See slides on each responsibility.


Minutes are very important-see slides


Record retention is 7 years


Q-members in a non-pay status-

A-Get carried as a member and are charged $3.50/per pay period. Can take them off the rolls or will pay per capita. If take off the rolls then are representing a non-member.


Q-How notify?

Send a certified letter for dues-if refuse to pay then send NAPS HQ a letter to take off-only exception is if they are on active duty in the military.


Q-Branch treasurer-asked how money comes for distribution list. Need info how money audited

A get outside audit


Q-How do you do yearly audit?

A-Can do with a committee with people not affiliated with the treasurer or outside audit.


Q-When branches merge what happens to the money?

A-Need an audit of other branch and can't spend the money-



- told us about PNC bank-he fired them and partnered with Signature credit union-they had to restructure to accommodate a group as large as ours-Louis is on the board.

-New website-hired group working on this for many months-found a group that did them for associations-still under construction-from Canada

Will be better user friendly and mobile friendly and can do registrations on it.


Membership-good news-as of June-have 1314 associates and 25793 regular members-whole bunch of people members of NAPS with so many new promotions.

Out at career conferences-and have membership drive going on.


Year to date-1781 new members across the country-429 are from Western Region-

109 rocky Mountain

221 Pacific area new members-top number


TSP presentation-rules and regulations


Officer Q & A


"This is your time to take your best shot."-Marilyn


Brian-Pay talks


Q-Marilyn Jones-Br 39-Pres-LA-lots of cases of sexual harassment-happening all over not just LA-the new PSE's and CCA's are sharing information on how to get paid through this claim-members are out pending investigations-we are not saying our members are not guilty-just information that needs shared.

A-Can't tell them not to file if feel sexually harassed. No one should be taking a CCA to lunch or in their car-should be professional. Brian wants what we have.


***Q-SWC Committee-status

We were doing it in the northeast to see what supervisors are doing on a daily basis-Jimmy Warden, Tommy Roma are working on it-it does not look promising-we had hoped to get details on what was going on with the day of a supervisor but our own members did not provide the information


Q-not what i am talking about-we have extra workload-this was supposed to be done by our members

A-Then who was providing oversight? They did not follow up-maybe we need to bring it up to other places.

People want to be on committees but they don't follow through.

SWCs is a broken model-what the USPS continues to want from supervisors-too much in too little time.


Q-How far on the list is this?

We may need to think outside the box on how we approach this with the USPS

We need staffing-it needs to be separate from pay talks.


Q-Members come back asking about RIF's and early outs

A-people google stuff-find 2013 article-(was Dillard according to HQ)

Dave Williams said 70% of the staffing schedules are wrong-but does not mean RIF-

People are taking fake news and making real news

They are always looking at something different.


Q-Pay talks?

A-NALC ratified contract-by Sept 21 NAPS and UPMA have to get a pay package-they have a general idea what our issues are. They must meet 3 statutory requirements

1-comparable to the private sector-supervisor similar

2-differential in pay for supervisor-5% differential -a judge ruled should be 20% but was overturned by USPS-many disparities. Some districts will only give you 3% and we want 5%-we are trying to close the gap-in business is much less differential in pay-make sure people want to put in for job-many want to go back to craft or downgrade.

3-Entice qualified employees

Told Jeff Williamson last week-Engagement is not working and the fact that we are losing money right now should not affect it.

They want to keep NPA and even put other Feds on it-


Q-Concerned about manipulating discipline and the way people are getting discipline-goes on the books as suspension. NAPS should push back-

A-we should watch what we wish for-they would still use as progressive-should try to mitigate down to nothing.

Vince did that so that managers would not be embarrassed by being out.


Q-Shareholders meeting-get opinion on meetings-do we have anyone there?

A-we are not in favor of sitting there and having the union saying things about managers and the USPS agreeing-we don't want to sit there.

****We don't want anyone saying anyone is a liar-they need to be put on notice-

Should be requesting a NAPS only consultative meeting. Megan would support separate meetings.


***Q-What would be NAPS recourse on jobs that are posted and least qualified gets hired

level 18-6 month employee got job.

A-Best suited not best qualified is the rule-need to question the selecting official.

We are posting now and if no one gets them will be posted to the outside-we will end up with the supervisor at McDonalds-


Q-mine-Postal phones-keep messaging professional-don't use for non-postal even though is allowed-not to be tethered to boss-is supposed to be for our personal use-UPMA meeting this came up that the phones were not requested by League or NAPUS and have had more negative than positive impact on EAS.


Q-promotion procedures-need to be revised

A-they have been made as near to postal policy as possible-we need to revise these-it is a government operation-


Q-How do I get SPAC credit for raffles?

A-You only get half the credit but there is a form-


Q-How do I not get my SPAC pin?

A-We can put you on a list. We send them out.


Brian said we have an outstanding executive board-

Marilyn thanked all and then did the Auxiliary raffle


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